Mere Angne Mein 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani thinking Amit needs treatment as of now. She apologizes to Shanti and says I will not stop Amit’s marriage. Shivam says its not your mistake, you love Amit and did not wish him to remarry. Amit says why are you saying this, the world is laughing on me. Shivam says Rani loves you, give her a chance. Shanti says its all over now, Rani and Amit got divorced, Amit is marrying Aarti now, you leave. Shivam goes.

Shanti apologizes to Amit. Aarti cries and asks Lord not to let this sin happen, she is already married, she can’t break promise. Shivam sees her crying. She says don’t punish me. He asks what punishment are you talking about, why are you crying. She says I m not crying. He looks at her and says you can say if you don’t want to marry, its no use for you

and Amit, your tears are showing you don’t want to marry, I will talk to Raghav, he won’t let this marriage happen. She thinks he understood me, shall I tell him about me, maybe he can help.

Rani says I did wrong, I should be punished, I will do Amit’s marriage arrangements. Shanti says no, he has his family, we don’t need you. Rani asks her not to snatch her rights. She threatens to kill herself. Shivam stops her and asks did she go mad. Rani says keep yourself in my place, I permitted Amit to marry. Shivam asks Shanti to give permission to Rani. Shanti says how can this happen, fine, but I will keep an eye on Rani, if she does anything then see…. Rani says I promise I won’t do anything, my happiness is in Amit’s happiness. Shanti says enough, you all leave now, Amit take rest. Rani thanks them. Pari asks did Amit get jaundice by bullet shot. Shivam says I will call doctor and goes. Rani gets lep and keeps it. Shanti takes Amit along. Rani goes.

Preeti asks Kaushalya where is her focus. Kaushalya says see what happened today. Nimmi says we should be happy, we will get rid of Charni. Shivam says doctor said, he is asking for hot water. Kaushalya asks Shivam to learn from Amit, Rani is alive and he found a new girl. He asks what’s your problem, my thinking is different. He goes. Preeti says Shanti agreed for Amit, she did not agree for Shivam. Kaushalya asks is this in my hands, she always does this. Preeti asks her to find girl and fix relation, convince Raghav, then everyone will agree. Kaushalya agrees. She ties some money in Preeti’s pallu.

Aarti thinks its time to take decision, I will do what’s right. Shanti comes to her. She says I know you want to say, I forced you to say yes, I knew Amit likes you, you also like him, you always praised Amit, you will get your house, you saved Amit’s life, thanks, you won’t meet Amit till marriage, once marriage happens, you will be staying with him forever. She goes. Aarti worries. Doctor says its small wound, I gave him injection, give him painkillers on time. He goes. Pari says I m excited, all my dreams got successful, I want you to come on chariot, every arrangement will be made. He agrees. Pari makes demands.

Amit gives money to Nimmi, asking her to design lahenga for Charni. Prabha stops Ashok and says Shanti fixed Amit’s second marriage. Ashok gets shocked and asks who said this. She says everyone is talking about it, go and see. He says I won’t let this happen. Pari makes list of things. Constable calls Amit and asks him to come fast and return inspector’s revolver. Amit asks him to come and pick it.

Kaushalya congratulates Charni for becoming Sarla’s bahu, she is Shanti’s fav. Aarti says no, she acts strict, you are her fav, she loves you a lot. Kaushalya says Shanti is Lord for me. She goes. Shanti asks Amit to take rest and stay at night. Amit says no, I have new job, I have to manage work. Shanti says fine. Amit asks her to give him permission, I got a gift for Charni, I will give her if you say. Shanti permits him. Aarti looks on.

Kaushalya begs to Shanti about Shivam’s second marriage. She sits doing tapasya. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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