Mere Angne Mein 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Sarla shocked seeing Mohit force marrying Preeti. Shanti breaks the glass door by throwing a stone. Preeti runs and beats Mohit with the vase. He gets hit on the head and faints. They all look on shocked. Kaushalya is worried thinking why did everyone not bringing Preeti. Bindu says Kaushalya looks scared, did Preeti run. Renu stops her. Kaushalya asks Rani to take a glass of water for Shanti. Bindu says I did not hear it. Rani argues. Prabha asks Rani not to argue for this family. Kaushalya calls Ashok and asks him to come soon.

Preeti takes keys from Mohit’s pocket and opens the lock. She cries and Shanti hugs her. Sarla asks did he die…. Look at him. Shanti checks and says he is alive. Riya asks shall we call police. Shanti says you want to ruin

Preeti’s marriage. Kaushalya comes there. Shanti asks Preeti to freshen up and smile. Kaushalya gets shocked. She sees Mohit and faints. They all hold her. Shanti says another problem now. Nandu comes. Shanti asks him to get water. Riya sprinkles water on Kaushalya. Nimmi says Prabha and Bindu are coming. Shanti asks Sarla and Nimmi to cover up Mohit. Shanti says Kaushalya is working hard, so she fainted. Bindu asks why is this havan burning here. Prabha laughs and asks did Preeti get married. Shanti scolds them and says they did puja to get rid of them. Bindu asks about the room messed up. Nimmi asks whats your problem, this is my room, we should get big puja done. Bindu says you said Preeti is getting makeup done, but here…. They see the ghat bandhan and ask about it.

Shanti scolds them and sends them. Shanti asks Riya and Sarla to keep Mohit here. Sarla says I will keep an eye on him, how did he come inside home. Shanti says Riya has brought him, see this saree, he has worn ghunghat, it was not parlor lady. She blames Riya. The guests ask Shanti is she doing Preeti’s haldi or not. Shanti tells Riya that I will see you later. She asks Nimmi to get Preeti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go downstairs. She sends Nandu and Riya too, and asks them to keep smiling. Sarla says I will stay here. Shanti says I have to go, don’t smile, you don’t have to show anyone your teeth. She goes. Sarla calls Bansi and asks him to come fast, he has to take some party from here, hide from everyone and come slowly.

Pari goes and asks Vyom how is he feeling. He rests and says very good, I will feel more better when Preeti comes here. Pari says I m jealous and Preeti should get burning sensation too…. He looks at her puzzled. Riya sits to apply haldi to Preeti, and Kaushalya stops her. Shanti looks on. Prabha asks why is Kaushalya stopping Riya. Bindu asks did Riya do anything. Shanti tries to give excuse of old traditions. She praises Riya infront of them, and tells Kaushalya to let Riya apply haldi. Riya applies haldi to Preeti. The guests leave as they have to prepare for holi. Rani applies haldi to Nimmi too and says you will get married soon too. She asks Riya to apply haldi too. Riya applies haldi to Nimmi. Kaushalya sends Preeti to room with Rani and Sonal. Shanti stops Riya and asks why did she get Mohit. Riya says I did not know about Mohit, I thought he is Neeta. Kaushalya asks do you think we are fools, you really did not know.

Riya says yes, I did not see his face. Kaushalya asks Riya to tell Shanti why did she get angry. Shanti asks what happened. Riya says Kaushalya has seen me talking to Mohit. Shanti starts overacting. She cries and asks Kaushalya to show Riya her mistakes. Kaushalya says I did mistake to become mum for Riya, I will just think of my daughter Preeti now, I did mistake, I will not forgive Riya, its enough now. Riya cries and says I did not know Mohit is coming with me. Kaushalya says fine, be away from Preeti and her marriage, I curse myself today to make you my bahu. Riya gets shocked. Kaushalya says if I ask you to leave, my son will be sad, if you stay here, my daughter’s life will be ruined, what shall I do. Shanti smiles. She says I will not let Preeti’s marriage break, give some food to Preeti, she will be worried, go. Kaushalya goes. Shanti thinks this Mohit’s incident made Riya’s exit sure. Riya cries.

Riya stops Kaushalya and throws the shagun water away. Kaushalya scolds her and asks what did you do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Preeti maries Mohit and nimmi marries vyom. Kaushaliya khota (donkey)

    1. Amisha I agree with you kaushalaya is a donkey goodness man she is behaving so bad to Riya and she had said to riyas dad on riyas wedding day that oh I wil tak very good care of you daughter that was a pure lie

  2. riya shd react smartly,against the odds of khusia shanti etc
    interesting let’s see what happen next

  3. I think its better if riya thrown out of shant sadan may she can get brain she does nat behave like educated girl of 21 century

  4. hate Kaushalaya…wen did she considered Riya as her daughter …frm the day one onwards she z troubling Riya

  5. First time sarla’s assistants will do one good onething by taking Mohit from shantisadan.
    Kausalya is over reacting on Riya.
    I’m feeling Preeti will get married to Nandu. Nandu is also cunning , this shouldn’t happen at all.
    I think Nimmi goes to Vyom.

  6. Kya ho raha ye,..riya kya bewakuf kaam kar rahi ho bina dekhe mohit ko le ayi ab bina bole shagun ka pani pheka tum ne b than li hai shanti sadan c bahar jane ki..,..ab shadi kis ki hogi

  7. In the spoiler I read it said that in holi shanti loses out to kick Riya out of SS. Also Riya will find out that shanti is behind all the wrong doings happening and Riya’s truthfulness will come out. Don’t know whether this will happen though.

  8. Why Riya is getting protective and caring for these SELFISH people in shanti sadan , specially kaushalya. They don’t deserve her and her love. Kaushalya always insults and hurts riya without her mistakes after getting brainwash by amaji and sarla .

  9. I am so happy Preeti gave a good wack to Mohit. He belongs in jail, because of stupid shanti he be back to harass preet.

  10. I think Preeti will get married to Nandu coz during pregnancy test they accidentally saud husband name as Nandu (i think the reason was nandu marriage with preeti) and forsute nimmi will get married to Vyom, coz today’s episode her haldi is already dome (in joking way but still it was haldi)

    1. No way I don’t want Preti get married to that dumb Nandu. I hope she get married to Mohit cause they love each other ???

  11. Come on. Move on

  12. Kaushaliya is worse than Shanti. Kaushaliya can be compared to a chameleon . She changes her colour without any brain!

  13. kaushallia is the kuti of this show

  14. I also think preeti will get marry to nandu n nimmi to vyom….but I don’t want preeti to get marry to nandu…..

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