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Mere Angne Mein 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti talking to pandit, decorator and the ladies. She praises Chanda and introduces her. Chanda talks to Shivam. Riya sees Shivam and asks decorator to use Genda phool, as Shivam likes it. Shanti tells Shivam that people are doing black magic, Lord should protect you, and makes him wear a metal bracelet. Shanti asks Preeti to call parlor girl.

Riya attends Raghav’s call on landline. He says I will be coming home in 2 hours. Riya thanks Lord and says just Raghav can help me now, I have to get him to my side. Shivam is leaving and Shanti asks him to come back soon. Kaushalya asks him to take from office, as haldi function will be there in 2 days.

Nandu talks to Ramesh and is restless to call Preeti. Ramesh asks him to control his feelings, else forget to get

Preeti. Nandu calls Kaushalya and asks for Preeti.Kaushalya says Preeti went to parlor. Ramesh asks him to drive the bike now, as he has learnt driving at night. Shanti goes to her room and gets shocked seeing the black magic things. Shanti calls Kaushalya and asks her to sweep all this, someone is doing black magic. She chants mantras and takes the black magic things outside. Riya looks on. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get incense sticks. Chanda smiles.

Kaushalya stares at Riya and chants mantras. Amit shows the wedding invitation card of Shivam and Chanda and asks Sarla to get money. Sarla likes the card. Amit asks Rani to see the card. Rani asks him not to get in these things. Sarla asks Rani to go and do her work. Amit says Shivam is getting remarried, I also want to get remarried. Rani scolds him. Sarla says I will get Amit remarry infront of Rani. Ashok comes and asks whose marriage card is this. Sarla says Shivam and Chanda. Ashok gets shocked.

Ashok asks Sarla to be afraid of love. Sarla and Amit joke and laugh. Shanti calls Sarla and asks about card. Sarla says its printed. Shanti asks her to come home, as she called DJ at home. Nandu gets into his modern look, by removing his moustache, and getting new hairdo. He wears trendy clothes. Ramesh asks him to have confidence and meet Preeti. Nandi sees Preeti coming. Nandu drives the bike and strikes Preeti. She asks are you mad. She says Nandu you, what is this look, whose scooty are you driving. He asks do you know me, sorry, I m Lucky, whatever happened, I m sorry, go home soon, else your beauty will get dull. She looks at him puzzled. Nandu gets a rickshaw for her, and says it was nice meeting you beautiful. He leaves.

Pari says everything would have been fine if Nimmi did not come here, Lord help me in kicking out Nimmi. Sharmili throws dusting cloth on her and asks her to do the work, wash the house with free running water. Pari says I wanted to marry in rich families, now I m bearing this. Shivam gets vegs and gives Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I was saying you can’t go out to office after haldi, give leave application and distribute cards. Riya says I will help in printing and distributing cards. Shivam goes. Riya thinks whatever they all do, I won’t let this marriage happen.

Vyom asks Pari why are you crying. She asks him not to talk. He says you cheated me, I m staying with Nimmi because of you. She says you were dying to marry Nimmi. He says you married Sujeev. She says yes, but… Sujeev comes and asks whats happening. Vyom goes. Sujeev scolds Pari for stealing things. Pari says I broke your trust. He asks her to end her work and then meet him, he has to talk something imp.

Shanti dances on Bawari hogai………… Sarla comes and dances with Shanti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to come. They all dance. Riya looks on. The ladies taunt Riya. Riya says I m very happy, you all won’t believe. She also dances. Shanti stares at her. Riya sits aside and cries. Shanti says once Shivam married, Riya’s drama will get over. Shanti taunts on Riya and says Anupam will feel bad if I don’t go to invite him.

Sarla gives Shivam’s invitation card to Anupam. Riya thinks why did Raghav go to Delhi, how will I stop marriage now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rab ne bana di jodi track for Preethi-Nandu,,,,,LOL,,,,,,
    and Shanthi-Sarla-Kaushalya evil trio ka taunts kum thi kya,,,,ab neighbourhood ladies also started taunting Riya,,,next the entire village will come and taunt her,,,,,When will they show her in a bold avatar,,,taking revenge frm Shrivastavas

  2. yeh serial plz koi band karwa dooooooo………………

  3. hahahaha nandu lol when will marriage happen I want it to happen iam fedup of riya cries on every episode now I want shaadi to happen so that she can stop cry and move on in her life

  4. Nandu preeti ki jodi gatiya hair.Nandu ko mahan & hero vananeki liye preeti ko negative vandaiya gatiya log.preeti ko negative nai vanana chaiyee thaa.Shivam-chanda ki shadi rokne mein Riya-preeti sath hote thoo kitna accha hota.crap show

  5. Mere angne mein aaj kal itna boring ho gaya hai….. Iss serial ko band karvana chahiye tha par wo log dehleez jaise ache serial ko band kar rahe hai… pagal ho gaye hai star plus waale??

    1. Sachme its boring

  6. parvinder singh

    agree with mrunal

    disgusting serial

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