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Mere Angne Mein 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya and Bunty coming to tailor. He says uniforms are ready and he will send home. She says she will get uniforms and deliver to Shivam as well. Riya gets glad to go Shivam’s home. Shanti welcomes Sarla by showering flowers on her and surprises her with the birthday decorations. Sarla gets glad. Shanti taunts Shivam and asks him to touch his elder brother Amit’s feet. Shivam taunts Amit silently. Raghav fails to hear them. The pandit ji starts the puja. Sarla sits and does the puja. Shanti pays the pandit and then calls the piano players to play some good pleasing music.

Shanti gives 5000rs to Sarla from Raghav’s side. She gives two sarees to her and asks Sarla why did she look upset. Shanti gifts a gold necklace to Sarla from her side. Shanti lies to everyone

that she does not have money to buy gift set and its just gold plated one. Shanti asks Ashok what did he gift Sarla. Sarla says he gave nylon saree. Shanti tells Sarla that its real gold set and smiles. Nimmi and Preeti take the snacks. Ashok comes and asks what did Kaushalya cook today and recipes. She tells him how she made the new snacks.

She asks is he annoyed. He says nothing, I was thinking about the world, I could not gift gold earring to Sarla and bought this silver anklet. Kaushalya says its beautiful, she will be happy. He says no, Sarla was thinking mum will give gold and her heart broke here too, I did not like it, I try lot to make her happy but fail. She says person should be satisfied. He says she does not have satisfaction. Pari comes and greets Shanti. Pari says her earrings are also gold plated.

Kaushalya tells Sarla that her necklace looks good. Shanti gets annoyed and asks Kaushalya to come and check whether its gold necklace or gold plated. Sarla does drama and says I told you mum to ask Kaushalya and gift me. Raghav asks Kaushalya not to tell anything wrong. Shanti asks Kaushalya to sing a song. Kaushalya sings Bada dikh diye tere lakhan ne………She cries and sees Raghav.

Riya calls Shivam and tells him that she is coming to give his uniform. Shivam asks her to wait far from his home, he will come. Shanti gets the huge cake and shows Sarla. Shivam thinks how to meet Riya. Raghav asks her to come. Shivam says everyone will know about my job. Everyone sing happy birthday to you. Sarla cuts the cake and makes everyone have it. Shivam comes out and sees Riya standing away from his home. Shivam asks why does she do social service. She says she is helping him. He takes uniform and asks her to go. She calls him rude. He says fine, I m rude and asks her to leave. She asks him to check the bag well, the clothes’ fitting. He says good night and leaves. She laughs.

Shanti asks Sarla to show girl’s pic. Amit signs no to Sarla. Shanti insists.Sarla says she forgot at home. Riya’s pic falls from her purse. Shivam hides his uniform and throws the bag in the dustbin outside his home. Shanti says you forgot you got the pic and gets shocked seeing Riya. Shanti says she will die but not let Amit marry this girl. They all get shocked. Shanti tears the pic and throws it. Riya says she can’t believe. Bunty says what.

Sarla asks why did she tear pic. Ashok says Sarla did not tell me anything. Raghav says mum will have reason to refuse to the girl. Preeti and Nimmi smile seeing Sarla and Shanti argue. Shivam signs them not to smile. Sarla and Amit get annoyed and Shanti asks Sarla not to cry. Sarla says Amit chose the girl, I spoke to her dad, what can I do if he likes her. Shanti says Riya is not a nice girl. Raghav asks her to listen to mum once. Sarla says Kaushalya might be happy seeing this. Sarla leaves with her family. Shanti cries and says I did so much for her birthday and she went crying. Raghav consoles her.

Riya says she has gifted flower in the bag. Bunty says impression will not get down. Riya says she is nervous, I don’t know how will he react. Bunty says he will get two roses for your one rose.

Sarla and her family come home. Amit says why did she show the pic to Nani and everyone was laughing seeing her insult. Sarla says Shanti will decide their marriage. The neighbor girl tries to hear Amit. Sarla says Shanti gives them money, she will not forget her mum. Amit argues and says he will not obey Shanti. Sarla says if Riya is like Shanti is saying, then what. Amit says don’t take Nani’s side. He says Shanti does not like anyone.

Ashok looks on as Amit and Sarla argue. The girl finds an excuse to meet Amit. Ashok taunts Amit for saying his Nani is bad. Amit asks him not to interfere in his life. Ashok scolds him. Amit asks Sarla to choose between money or son. The girl comes and asks Amit what happened. Sarla asks her to leave. The girl gifts a handmade table cover to Sarla. Sarla says fine, I accept this, go now. The girl leaves. Pari takes the phone and goes.

Shanti says Sarla cried and went, I can’t bear this. Raghav asks did anyone tell Sarla anything. Shanti starts her drama and Raghav calms her. Kaushalya fans air to her and says she will talk to Sarla. Shanti says call Sarla here. Raghav says she is angry, we will talk to her tomorrow. Shanti says no one hears me, Sarla got annoyed by their taunts. Raghav asks her to rest. Shivam, Preeti and Nimmi get sad. Nimmi says Dadi does not love us. Pari calls the rich guy and wishes he becomes her husband.

She says her mum is putting pressure on her for marriage. He asks her to marry if any NRI proposal came. She says she does not want to marry any NRI. He does not understand and says she can call him anytime. She gets angry and Sarla asks her whom is she talking. Pari does not tell her. Kaushalya talks to Raghav and says times have changed, if Amit likes the girl, what can we do. Raghav says mum will think something.

Riya tells Bunty can’t we know any other way. Bunty says about compatibility test. She asks Riya to sleep now. Riya says she is not getting sleep, is it any serious, I think I m in love and laughs.

Shanti says she will drink water by Sarla’s hand or die.

Update Credit to: Amena

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