Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the old man saying I m the groom, I have to marry the girl. Everyone gets shocked. Preeti thinks it will be fun now. Nimmi cries. Shanti stops her. She scolds the man and asks him to see the girl’s age. He says what about age, I m alone and want to marry. She says you got gifts for her every day. She scolds him. The man says I know this girl’s husband left her, your grandson married a divorcee, I know everything, I came to get related to you, you won’t get a son in law like me. Nimmi scolds him.

He says everyone is spitting on your name because of your divorcee bahu, I came to get related to do good to your family. Shanti gets angry. Amit tears Golu’s book. Golu asks him to stop it, are you mad, you have torn my book, I will not leave you. Amit says fine, kill

me, I can’t live without Rani. Golu says if you touch my things, none will be bad than me. Amit says Nimmi does not love you, leave it now, Shanti Sadan people will beat you. Preeti asks the man to talk with peace. The man says everyone knows left over woman, divorcee and widow have no respect, I came here to lessen your burden. Shanti slaps him and says I also did a favor on you. The man gets angry and insults Shanti.

Kaushalya scolds him. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get stick fast. The man insults them more. Preeti gets glad and thinks I had to keep gun on Nimmi’s shoulder and target Aarti. He asks Shanti to give her girl to him. Shivam comes and slaps the man. He scolds him. He beats the man and asks what’s your problem if I married a divorcee, I will not leave you.

A man calls Golu and informs about Shivam beating the old man. Golu asks what, Shanti Sadan, I m coming. Golu tells Amit that his family is doing things again. Amit says Shanti does such things, I will also come. Golu asks him to stay back in station. Shanti stops Shivam and says if this old man dies, you will go jail. Shivam asks her not to come in between. He pushes the man. Golu comes there and looks on. The man goes. Golu asks constable to arrest Shivam. Shanti says its not Shivam’s mistake. Golu says he has broken laws. Nimmi asks him to be away. Golu says I m in uniform, if you misbehave, I have to arrest you too. She says I m not scared of you. She argues with him. Shivam asks Nimmi not to get into this and goes.

Shanti stops Nimmi and asks her to be quiet. Preeti thinks why is anyone not saying anything to Charni. Kaushalya scolds Aarti. Preeti smiles. Chandra asks Kaushalya not to worry, he will see what he can do. Shanti says Raghav would have seen your true face. She takes the baby and gets angry. She curses Aarti. Aarti cries and leaves from home. Preeti says I wish she doesn’t come back. Amit asks Shivam why did you do this. Shivam says free me once, I will not leave that man. Golu says then you will get much punished. Amit asks Shivam to drink juice and get cooled.

Golu recalls Nimmi and thinks I will not get my love, this family does not let me talk with love, I think I should get transfer. Chandra comes and requests Golu to leave Shivam, I spoke to minister. Golu asks who minister. Chandra says if I call minister from here, you will lose your uniform. Golu asks why is he getting angry. Chandra says fine, look at this boy, its not his mistake, leave him, else I will call minister. Golu says I m born police officer, I will not be scared of any minister. He throws the phone. Chandra threatens to burn him. Golu says I m hearing your nonsense. Aarti comes. Golu asks Amit to shut this Maharaj in lockup.

Aarti asks whom else will you arrest, I m real culprit, if Shivam did not marry me, people would have not seen his family this way. Chandra thinks how did she come, I had to make impression on Shanti. He asks her why did she come here. Amit thinks Shivam got a nice wife who came to police station for him, Rani always tried to send me to police station. Aarti asks Golu which brother would stay quiet hearing Nimmi’s insult, that old man got a proposal for Nimmi, he insulted everyone on refusing to him, Shivam did right. Golu gets shocked. Shivam asks her to go home. Aarti says you have to arrest me too, its my mistake too. Shivam says go home. Golu asks Amit to leave Shivam. Shivam and Amit get shocked.

Shivam asks Aarti to come along. Aarti asks him not to care for her. He says I m also showing humanity. She asks him to leave her. He holds her hand and says you have to live and die with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sickening storlyline, feels like Kumkum Bhagya where they drag the storyline on and on. I don’t think the truth will ever come out and I sincerely believe the witches (especially Preeti) will not get what they deserve.

  2. Is the end of the show any near?

  3. Shanti says she has seen the world and can read people. puff . She wouldn’t know lies from truth even if it came and bit her on the butt. Her hatred is clouding her judgment. Khusya, she is from another planet. Shivan has done this and he needs to grow a pair and stand up for Arti and not let her fight alone.

  4. This show is going off air in the first week of August…. around 7th…. let’s hope the culprits get what they deserve and that Shanti recovers her good sense

  5. i am from sl. pls tell me the repeat telecast time

  6. great news that the show is gonna be off air. i never come into this space. first time i tried reading the comments hoping to get news about the show ending. thanks a lot misha. thats a great relief. this is the most disgusting show i have seen ever in any channels…. i dont even see.. even if i accidentally happen to just a see a single scene i feel so irritated…. not a single scene or actor is worth watching. we should really appreciate the makers for successfully dragging a serial for so long without a female lead…

  7. Hi everyone ,i love this show,but everday onather drama,but why,i hope to end this serial,so shanti sadan will lice in are u amena,are u ok or something coz u late to update

  8. No updates for last two days ?
    It seems no one is interested anymore 🙂

  9. Please leave update Amena
    At least padh toh lenge hum
    Kyunke dekhna bahot irritating hogaya hai
    Please Amena

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