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Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya, Shivam and Nimmi doing arrangements of surprise birthday party. Neighbor lady comes and talks to Shanti. Riya takes the girl and manages her. The girl gets quiet. The lady asks Kaushalya does she not want to become Dadi. Shanti says the girl got quiet in Riya’s lap. Riya says yes, see she is so cute. The lady says I will leave now. Riya asks her to get girl again. Nandu takes Preeti out. He thinks to become Lucky and call Preeti at garage, he will keep Preeti busy. He asks Preeti to wait. She asks him to come fast, else she will leave. He goes and messages Preeti, that he is waiting for her in garage. She replies okay, I m coming.

She calls Nandu and says I m going to meet my friend, go home, I will come later. She leaves. The man calls Nandu and asks him to

come, if he wants to keep apple on his head, that man has run away. Nandu thinks how to go now, if Preeti reaches home before me then…

Shanti and everyone sing happy birthday Preeti and fix decorations and balloons. Shanti says its late, they did not come, end all this soon.

Sarla gets ready and goes to Nirmala to ask for her necklace. She starts acting and asks Nirmala to do something. Nirmala thinks if I give my necklace to her and get Ashok, its not bad.

Nandu reaches the place and calls garage saying I will reach soon. The man gives him 5000rs and takes his phone. Riya calls Nandu. The man says Nandu is sitting with apple on his head, talk later. She gets shocked. Kaushalya asks what happened. Riya says I think Nandu took part in apple competition. Shanti asks what, he is preparing to go, Shivam go fast and get him. Riya goes with Shivam. Raghav asks whats the need for Nandu to do this. Shanti says its all for money. Nirmala gives her necklace and earrings to Sarla, and compliments her. Sarla laughs. Nirmala says I will also get ready, I will go with you. Sarla says no, that’s my Maayka, what will people say. Pari asks Sarla for money, as she ordered cake. Sarla and Pari leave. Nirmala gets angry as Sarla did not take her.

Preeti goes to garage and smiles seeing happy birthday written with flowers. She calls out Lucky. The boy says sorry, he went to deliver a car. She says fine, tell him that I had come.

Nandu keeps apple on his head and sits. The man is blindfolded and shoots at apple. Everyone clap. Shivam asks Nandu what was he doing, is he fine. He hugs Nandu. He says Preeti is very lucky to get a husband like you, why did you do this. Nandu says lovers always keep life in palm and walk, I got prize of 5000rs. He asks Riya to get 3 tier cake for Preeti, she wants that in gift. Shivam asks where is Preeti. Nandu says she went to her friend. Shivam says we will leave for home and asks Riya to buy cake. Sarla and Pari come home with cake. Sarla gets jealous seeing decorations and asks Pari to turn happy birthday into sad one. Pari says don’t worry, I got this cake.

Sarla asks where is Nandu. Shanti says Nandu is doing a lot to make Preeti happy. Shivam gets Nandu home, and everyone get relieved. Raghav asks Nandu that you are strange, don’t risk life for money. Shanti says tell Preeti to be happy in your income. Preeti comes home and everyone give her surprise. They all surprise Preeti. Preeti smiles and likes the surprise. They all sing and dance on aati rahegi bahaare………… Kaushalya and Preeti dance on piya tose……. Everyone clap. Riya says there is special performance for Preeti. Riya gets everyone to dance on Ladki beautiful kay gayi chull….. Pari gets the cake and says now see my magics. Riya goes to kitchen to get water and asks for whom did you get this cake. Pari says for Preeti.

Preeti gets glad seeing the cake. Nandu says I got what you wanted. Preeti throws the cake. Raghav says there is one solution now, Preeti won’t stay in this house. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raghav’s decision in the pre cap seems to be right but it seems Pari is the cause of all evils. It would have been better if Pari was punished by Sujeev instead of Vyom. It’s high time the evil mother sarla and evil daughter Pari face the comeuppance of their evil deeds. Some positive change in MAM will make the serial more interesting ! Of course the idea of the birthday celebration was good for family togetherness. But wish Sarla and Pari’s negative thoughts and actions………

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