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The Episode starts with Sarla having big hopes to get treasure if its found in Shanti Sadan. Amit asks what will you do if Shanti does not give you, Riya will not give us anything. Sarla says I will file case, its my dad’s house. She asks him to note the foot massager machine and others. He says I want a big flat and notes it, adding that I will book a big BMW. She says we don’t have money to pay now. He says we will get car now and pay later. She laughs and asks him to book car. He calls someone and asks him to send car, he will pay in few days.

Shanti looks on and prays that she gets the treasure. The man brings the ration and gives bill to Kaushalya. He says its 5000rs plus. Shanti is shocked and says I don’t care. Kaushalya asks how can this happen, and checks the bill. She says

I think he is fooling me, tell me what to do. She calls Nimmi and shows her. The man says I won’t take wrong amount. Kaushalya and Nimmi check items. Nimmi says amount is right and rushes to see if anyone got treasure. The man says I left my shop, I will go now. Kaushalya asks Shanti for keys. Shanti says I don’t have keys, Riya has it. Kaushalya looks for the keys.

The man asks Shanti does she know about treasure. She says don’t know. Kaushalya says keys are not here, take money later. He asks does Riya keep keys, oh, she will keep keys as she earns. Kaushalya calls Riya, while she is busy in her presentation. She disconnects the call as boss asks her not to let this interference come between work. Riya says sorry. Shivam looks on, as she gives the presentation. The man asks Kaushalya for money. Shanti asks what shall I do, Kaushalya and Riya knows this. She smiles. Kaushalya says I will send money in evening, I will talk to your boss. The man says boss is strict, I will take ration back. Kaushalya worries.

Ashok asks Nirmala not to cry. She says I care, I don’t like losing name and they also spoil your name. He says I trust you. Sarla asks and do you trust me or not? Ashok gets shocked seeing Sarla is stylish clothes and posing with a car. He asks her where is she going and whose car is this. She says no one’s, I m going to buy this soon, I m taking test drive right now. She asks do I look rich. He asks did she fall or did something fall on her, what is she saying. She says I m saying truth. He asks what treasure did you get. She says I will say later, but whats happening here. Nirmala asks her to have samosas. Sarla says now I will have five star pastries, you also keep it. She shows her style and taunts Nirmala. Nirmala says I m not thief and gets annoyed.

Ashok argues with Sarla. Sarla asks Nirmala to pack samosas for her driver and takes money from the box. Nirmala gives the samosas. Sarla sees Ashok holding Nirmala, when she slipped and gets angry. Ashok worries. Sarla scolds Ashok and Nirmala. She falls and asks him to hold her. She says I m seeing dreams for everyone and you are doing this, else I will make you watchman. She asks Nirmala to stop falling. She leaves in the car.

Kaushalya looks for the keys in kitchen. She asks Shanti to help her. She says just solve this problem. Shanti goes to kitchen. Kaushalya says Raghav’s name will get spoiled. Shanti says I know, I m scared of his insult, this never happened in my rule, see how careless is Riya, did she do this intentionally. She says Riya has taken the keys, so you are not getting it, she made Raghav against me, she can do anything against you, I will not tell anything. Kaushalya asks for help. Shanti says I m moving from my Dharm because of you, get the money from my room’s Lord’s pic. She sends Kaushalya and takes some dry fruits. Kaushalya gets the money. Shanti says I have hidden these 15000rs, I know such problem will come, take 5000rs from this and keep 10000rs back, when Riya make you dance again, take money from this amount. Kaushalya cries and salutes her. Shanti asks her to hold her saree pallu infront of her and gives her money as her blessing. She says such day did not come in my rule, this is first problem in Riya’s rule, congrats, I stopped your insult, swear you will never forget this day.

Mohit starts his radio show. He says I m in love with someone, is this a crime, I feel very lonely today, you all are my friends. He is drunk and cries. He tells about his love story and plays the song. Mohit’s boss gets angry knowing Mohit is drunk. He asks the man to kick out Mohit. The man says let it be, show will be hit, Mohit is drunk but he is saying sweet things, heartbroken lovers will hear him. The boss says yes, his love can be of our use, take care of his food and wine.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that nothing can happen now, go and save your respect. Kaushalya goes and gives 5000rs. The man says you lie so much, you had money and wasted so much time. Kaushalya says take money and leave. Nimmi comes running and collides with the man. She scolds him and comes home. She says just our house is there to be checked, if treasure is found here, it will be fun. Sarla comes and says I will have more fun then. She asks Kaushalya what is all this. Shanti says Riya has taken keys, Kaushalya got ration, she did not have money and Riya did not answer her calls, its good I m here, else Raghav’s respect would have got ruined, I helped her by giving her money. Sarla says leave all this, I will do your Aradhna. Shanti gets glad. Kaushalya says Shanti is everything for me. Shanti thinks I did good deeds to get such a bahu and smiles.

Riya ends the presentation. Everyone clap. The boss praises her a lot and says you are the best. Shivam smiles. Sarla asks Nimmi not to stand here and hear the elders’ talk. She asks her to take samosas and give everyone. Kaushalya says I did not made food today, I will get tea. Sarla asks why did you not make food, and calls out Nimmi asking her to keep 4-6 samosas for her.

Shivam hugs Riya and they smile. He asks how did she give such presentation without preparation. She says I know, I m the best. He says we will go for lunch. They leave. Sarla tells Shanti that she has seen a guy for Preeti, he is from good and rich family. Shanti says Preeti will marry where her fate has it. Sarla asks her to think once and tries convincing Shanti. Sarla tells her about Vyom, Pari is happy in that house, and Preeti will be happy too, Pari said Vyom is a nice guy. Shanti agrees and says it will be favor from you. Sarla says I m doing this for my brother, I know how much I got insulted here, still I have big heart and doing this for Preeti. Shanti says if this happen, all insult will turn in respect. Sarla says Preeti lost her name, we know about it. Shanti asks Sarla to tell Kaushalya. Sarla tells Kaushalya that she got a nice proposal for Preeti. Kaushalya gets glad.

Sarla says family is good, but don’t tell anyone, if they know Preeti’s love story, they will refuse for marriage. Kaushalya says its wrong to lie, they will know it some day, if they send Preeti back. Sarla says we will tell them some day. Kaushalya agrees. Sarla says I will talk to Pari’s inlaws, the guy is very nice, Preeti will rule there. Kaushalya gets glad and thanks her. Kaushalya goes to make pakodas.

Sarla asks the man did they get treasure. He says no, they are just passing time. Sarla gets glad. Riya says I forgot to call Kaushalya. Shivam asks her to call. Riya calls her and Kaushalya gets angry on her. Riya says sorry, I was in presentation. Kaushalya says about ration she ordered today, and you did not leave keys here, I just asked money, not keys, you did not leave keys and money. Riya says but I have keys to you in your hands. Kaushalya says I got mad finding home, I did not get keys. She says Shanti helped me today and ends call. Riya says Kaushalya did not have keys and gets thinking.

The boss scolds Riya and Shivam argues. Boss asks Shivam why does he take things personally. Boss says I will consider all these mistakes while calculating your salary.

Update Credit to: Amena

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