Mere Angne Mein 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Shanti and Nimmi to do all the work, the prosperity will come back with this big order. She asks Kaushalya and Nimmi why are they upset. She asks Nimmi why did she like the guy in 2 mins, will she marry anyone, she should have some shame. Shanti and Nimmi go to market to buy vegs.

Kaushalya stays annoyed with Riya. Pari asks Sarla whats happening, you look happy. Sarla says I m happy, you trapped a rich guy in your love. Pari asks did you have doubts. Sarla says no, its sure that Shanti Sadan’s happiness will get eclipse. Pari calls her smart. Sarla laughs and asks her to be with Varun in Shanti sammelan, he should feel you did all arrangements. Pari says I m best in showing off, you become beautiful, I will talk to Varun. She goes. Sarla thinks

I will fulfill my promise and ruin Shanti Sadan’s happiness and peace. She recalls bribing the Rishi and making Shanti scared. She asks Rishi not to be around the house again. FB ends. Sarla says I want to see their insult.

Varun/Pramod asks his men to take care of all the work. Pari calls him. Pari irritates him. Pramod says I m in tension. She asks why. He says its Sammelan today. She says I will make everything fine. He says I m busy, I will talk later. She says fine, love you, take care. He ends call. Shanti and everyone come in Sammelan. Riya says Shivam will come with Amit. They all like the arrangements done by Riya.

Shanti gets pleased. Pari says its about my husband’s image, do things well. Riya says he will become your husbands after marriages, I know my work. Nimmi taunts Pari. She asks where is Varun, did he leave all work on Pari. Pari says jealous womens.

Shanti asks where is harmonium. Kaushalya says I m calling Varun, he is not answering. Pramod spoils Varun’s pic. He says Badri will come, don’t let him come near stage. He sees Shanti and turns away. Shanti sees real Varun Kumar’s pic. He makes excuse and runs saying minister is coming. She asks for harmonium. He pulls off the posters. She calls Varun. Pramod answers. She sees him. He acts to talk to someone else. She gets confused.

The man asks Riya to come and announce, Varun said you have to announce and start singing. Kaushalya says my harmonium did not come. The man gets the harmonium. Shanti says you have to get it here and stops him. It falls down. Shanti picks it and takes it for Kaushalya. Pramod thinks this old woman will die with harmonium. He asks Riya to start singing, Varun wrote everything in it. Riya says fine, I will read once.

Riya goes on stage and welcomes everyone in Shanti Sammelan. She says we will start this with bhajan mandli, welcome Kaushalya. Shanti gets harmonium. Pari tells Sarla to sing, and get fame. Sarla says I will sing today and play harmonium. Riya asks Shanti to come on stage and light diya to inaugurate the function. They all clap as Shanti lights the diya. Pari calls Varun. Pramod talks to her and says I m checking arrangements. He lies to her. Nimmi smiles seeing Shanti. Riya asks Shanti to say two words for them.

Shanti greets everyone and says world runs by peace, my family, Riya organized this event, Kaushalya will sing bhajan on peace. Sarla asks Nimmi to click their pics, Amma looks superstar today. Nimmi takes Riya’s phone. She takes the pics. Everyone sit. Kaushalya greets everyone and starts singing. Sarla plays harmonium. Kaushalya sings O palan haare….. Pramod comes there and looks on. He thinks of the man’s words.

Shanti asks Riya what happened, tell me. Riya says harmonium has bomb, it will blast. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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