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Mere Angne Mein 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla waiting for Bansi and Rajendra’s call. Nirmala comes home and Sarla gets shocked. She asks how did you come. Nirmala asks why, should anything happen to me. Sarla says no, I was thinking you got under stampede on the road. She calls Bansi and scolds them for not doing the work.

Pari comes and asks Sarla to give money for new clothes. Sarla asks Pari to go and beg to Shanti, go and get something, its Janmashtami, Shanti will gift anything. Pari comes to Shanti Sadan. everyone is glad to celebrate Janmashtami. Riya thinks I can’t hide this from Shivam for more. Nimmi compliments Kaushalya. Sarla asks Nimmi is she not looking beautiful. Nimmi says you are already beautiful. Shanti asks them to start puja.

Sarla shows her old torn saree and asks demands

one new one from Shanti. Shanti gives the new saree to Riya, and gets emotional. Riya likes the saree. Shanti asks Riya to move the swing of Kanha ji, you will take the family ahead, this time is very auspicious, we can get our happiness back, Raghav can get his job and Shivam can also get govt job. She asks them to get the basket. they all do the rituals and clap.

Riya makes Kanha ji bath by milk and does more rituals. Kaushalya and Nimmi sing and dance. Pari goes upstairs to check everyone’s purses and steal money. She says Preeti is so poor to just have 30rs. Riya and Shanti dress the kanha idol. Pari checks Riya’s purse and gets some medicines. She checks the prescription and smiles.

Shanti asks Riya to come and move the swing. Riya moves the swing. Everyone sing and clap. Preeti comes there. Riya and Shivam do the puja. Nimmi says we did not know you will come. Shanti makes all of them pray. Pari comes there and thinks now it will be fun, Riya is becoming Shanti’s fav, now I will show her. She keeps medicines and prescription there. Shanti asks whose medicine is this. Pari acts like she did not know. she checks the prescription. Preeti asks what happened, is it any poison. Pari says worse than poison, Shanti was dreaming to get Shivam’s child, not that dream can’t be fulfilled, this letter has Riya’s name written on it, this medicine stops pregnancy. Everyone get shocked.

Riya cries and asks Shivam to trust her, I was going to tell you. He asks what were you going to say, you have hidden such imp thing, that’s why you did not let me touch your purse. Kaushalya asks what did you do Riya, you broke our trust. Sarla thinks why did Pari do this, Riya was doing right. Shanti asks Shivam about his promise, did Riya study to do this, she does not want a child. Riya says I want a child, but not now, I m not ready. Kaushalya says you should have told us. Riya says I wanted to say. Kaushalya says we were waiting for good news.

Riya says I was afraid of your reactions. Shanti asks why are you not ready, I will wash your feet. Riya says try to understand, how can I think to plan my baby, I was afraid to think of this responsibility. Shanti asks did we die, when Shivam was born, Raghav’s salary was less, children get their fate, who are you, who gave you right to stop child from coming in the world, this should be everyone’s decision, its big sin that you did not say this to Shivam. Kaushalya says I feel Riya is not good and just pretends, why did you not tell me, I challenged bhajan mandli ladies, I will not see Raghav’s face if you both don’t get a child in one year.

Shivam goes. Riya comes. Shanti says I wish to kick you out of house again. Sarla says you get satisfied by Kanha ji as of now. Sarla and Pari leave. Shivam removes all baby pics. Riya asks him to understand, I m not ready for baby. He asks why did you not tell me, I m nowhere in your thinking, the baby decision should be mutual, I think you could understand my family till now. She says I don’t want baby now, I had pressure on me. He says sorry to put pressure on you, do anything, I m sad that you did not tell me anything, its your life and your decisions, do anything. He goes.

Shanti cries and says I don’t think we can see next generation. Kaushalya says don’t say this. Shanti says I will not hear baby’s cry in my house in one year.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. just disgusting!!! Regressive, outdated stuff and all this brainwash is hurting even the current generation.

  2. Why nobody even questioned Pari? Stupidity at its best.

  3. Please show some positivity. Like raghav/shanti finding out its their own that’s made him lose his job. The fact that sarla got Ashok married to nirmala. Why always shanti shown getting her way? Please please show something different.

  4. I agree AB nobody will say anything to
    Pari for going through the bags. All they will remember is what Riya’s done. At least show what normal everyday people say if someone goes through your bag.

  5. Why no one said anything to Pari.? Where’s Raghav? Why is he never shown at times like this? I think that nimmi didn’t go through with the abortion from the look on her face when Riya was being blamed.

  6. Pari is worst character and shameless.She being so shameless or not even bother her own life what she is mother sarla , pari same so worst and shameless women or characters….

  7. so boring to see Sarla and PAri characters.Worst characters.Wish they show Sarla and pari was throw out of the house and given them some issue which they cannot come out of it and realise what they are…

  8. How some one force when the person concerned is not ready. Totally irrelevant.

  9. Its right to say that Riya can decide but Shivam also has right to know what she is doing. Riya’s character is always shown in a dilemma. She has to be firm. Not always rona n say sorry n then as usual. She shd also tell Shanti of Ashok’s marriage. This again will b problem for her. Elders do mistake and get away n young suffer.

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