Mere Angne Mein 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking the lady the price of the house if she is keeping it mortgaged. The lady says I can just give 3 lakhs, I just came to take jewelry, I don’t buy house. Shanti says give higher amount, I need money. Riya asks Shanti not to tell the lady that house is getting auctioned, else lady will not give the money. Bunty asks Riya what is the matter of auction. Shanti takes Riya and Bunty, and ties them, saying you both want to tell about auction.

Riya and Bunty say its wrong with the aunty, its unfair, if we can’t pay back money, it will be her loss. Shanti says it won’t be loss, we will pay money. She fixes tape to their mouths. The lady asks Shanti where is Bunty. Shanti asks her to take house papers and get 3 lakhs, Bunty is with Riya, they are chatting.

The lady says this is Xerox copy of the house papers. Shanti says fine, I will give you original copy tomorrow when you get money. The lady leaves. Nimmi hugs Shanti and says I m impressed seeing this avatar of yours. Shanti kisses her. Kaushalya asks Shanti why did she not tell her about auction, its wrong. Shanti says nothing will happen, we will free house, we will get our house, go and prepare for bhandaar.

Sarla sees the room messed up and beats Amit. He says I have done all the work and got money from Nirmala, its all mine. Sarla beats him and scolds. Amit says I will use the money well. Sarla says what will you do. Amit ties her by rope to the chair and says I will buy Shanti Sadan and make it Amit Sadan, rest here. Sarla says no, it will be Sarla Sadan. He asks her to be here and leaves. Sarla shouts Amit.

Shanti frees Riya and Bunty. Riya and Bunty ask Shanti what did she do this, its big fraud. Shanti says its not fraud, I will save the house, Bunty swear on Riya you will not let this to your aunty, I will save my house, I will do whatever needed, its right for me, I did not wish to keep jewelry mortgaged, you focus on bhandaar. Bunty says I will not let anything to aunty, and leaves.

Rani and Nirmala come back home and see Sarla tied. Rani asks did any theft happen here and goes to check the house. Nirmala thinks my papers could be stolen and rushes to check. Rani frees Sarla. Nirmala asks who was at home, it was just Amit, did he do this. Rani asks are you mad, why will he do this. Sarla says Nirmala is right, he has done this, he tied me here and left with money. She calls inspector madam and tells her that her son has stolen the money from home, and asks her to catch him, I will send his pic. She sends Amit’s pic and says I will get him caught, Rani will pay money to me. Rani says Amit will buy house for you, its good.

Sarla says I told Amma that my money got stolen, what will happen now. Sarla says someone did magic on my son, he was not like this before. She calls Amit. Rani says its call from police station. Inspector madam asks Rani about Amit’s matter. Rani says I will tell you, it was Amit’s money, he wanted to use it for business, Sarla has taken it from him, he took money to make new house for Sarla, not himself. Inspector madam scolds her for dragging police in personal matters, and asks her to manage her mum in law.

Kaushalya, Nimmi and Riya cut the vegs to prepare dishes for bhandaar. Shanti supervises them. She asks Kaushalya to call Sarla for help. Kaushalya calls Sarla and asks are you coming. Sarla says I will get late, I will send Pari. Kaushalya tells this to Shanti. Nimmi angrily murmurs. Nandu helps them. Shanti asks Preeti to come and help them. Nimmi tells Shanti that she will manage.

Its morning, Preeti argues with Shanti and does not help anyone. Shanti scolds her. Nimmi says Sarla and Pari did not come as there is work here. Shanti says maybe they had some work. Bunty’s aunt comes and gives money to Shanti. Shanti gives her the house papers. Kaushalya cries. The lady leaves. Shanti and Preeti sit counting money. Shanti asks all of them to go and deliver food at Bhandaar, get money on time, I want to throw money on Sharma’s face before auction. Kaushalya makes everyone have curd and sugar. Shanti asks them to succeed and get more orders. She cries seeing the house.

Shanti tries to stop auction. Sharma says sorry, you have no right on this house now. Shanti cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Looks the writers are doing the best to ruin it and throw the show into the trash just like many other shows.No watching this one

  2. I hope that shanti saves her home otherwise will sarla put them up in her house. I don’t think sarla will get nirmala’s house and now her monies gone too. Ruining what could have been a good serial.

  3. What’ll happen next? Where will shanti & co go? Sarla got her taste of her own medicine.

  4. What’ll happen next? Where will shanti & co go? Sarla got her taste of her own medicine. Amit won’t help her.

  5. What????what???how can this be?and who can think like this? Is how you can best describe this God forsaken serial

  6. Who cares .. what Shanthi , sarala.. damn

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