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Mere Angne Mein 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok seeing Sarla and Amit fuming on him. He asks Rani not to serve him food. He gets upset. Nimmi and Preeti decorate the home and think of gifting Riya. Preeti says we don’t have money. Nimmi says she has an idea, she can design something nice. Shanti would not know. Shanti comes and asks what. They make excuse. Shivam comes and brings more flowers. Kaushalya says she will make garlands, its first Hartalika Teej of her bahu, she will do the best. Shivam smiles and goes.

Bua comes to Riya. Riya says she did not find about fast on internet and asks Bua to tell details. Bua says she will tell everything and asks her to beware of Shanti. Anupam comes and says Riya said Shanti is nice. Riya says Shanti loves me, Kaushalya is strict there, not Shanti. She says

I did not like when Kaushalya scolded Anupam for sweets. Bua says I can’t be wrong in knowing people, Kaushalya is like cow, she is innocent, Raghav and Kaushalya respect me a lot and goes to see Suman.

Anupam says Raghav has gave 5 lakhs with respect, does anyone do this in today’s times, prepare for the fast. Riya says I have done all arrangements, and Bua is giving me tips. Kaushalya asks Nimmi and Preeti to get few items. She asks for Gajras too. Shanti stares at Kaushalya. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to make list. Kaushalya reminds all the items again. Shanti gives money to Nimmi and says all the purse is empty now. Nimmi goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go and wear any good saree, she can change many sarees today, suhaagan should look good. Kaushalya says she will go and change.

Shanti says I will call Riya later and sends Kaushalya. She asks Preeti to go with Kaushalya. Riya tells Bua to let her get ready well, as its her first Teej. Bua says your inlaws did not call, Shanti did not say when will they come to take you, and reminds what she said about puja. Riya hugs her and says I remember everything, so I wore good clothes. Bua says its first Nirjala fast, tell me if you feel hungry, we used to do work at home and fields and kept fast also, still we were strong. Riya says yes, if I get dizzy, I will tell you. She jokes and they laugh.

Bunty likes the bhujiya and Bua comes there. Bua says they have to keep food as bhog first. Bunty says this is made separate for us, its not for Prasad. Bua scolds Sahil and Bunty. Riya gets ready and says perfect. She then messages Shivam and sends her pic. He smiles and compliments her. Kaushalya tries some sarees. She tells Preeti that Indian wear is the best and Raghav always decides her sarees in Teej function. She asks Preeti to click the sarees pic and send Raghav to get his opinion. Preeti says pics are not going and call is not connecting, as he is out of coverage area. Kaushalya says she will wear the saree Raghav chose last time. Preeti says its beautiful. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Preeti to go, as she has to get ready now.

Raghav comes back to station and sits in his cabin. He gets the pic of Kaushalya’s saree. His staff man asks for leave as its Hartalika fast today. Raghav says my daughter has sent this pic. The man says maybe Bhabhi ji is asking you. Raghav smiles and messages his choice. Sahil and Bunty like the sweets. Sahil excitedly asks Riya to try and makes her eat the Bhujiya. Riya cries in shock. Sahil asks is this tasty. She spits it and asks are you mad, its my fast. Bunty scolds Sahil and asks is he idiot. Anupam says he is young, he did not do this intentionally. Sahil says I did not do anything. Riya says it was my first fast. Suman and Bua come there and look on. Riya cries and tells Bua that Sahil has ruined her fast, what will she tell to Shivam and Shanti now.

Bua pacifies Riya and scolds Sahil. Suman defends Sahil. Sahil accepts his mistake and apologizes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to inform Riya, as Shivam is leaving now. Riya cries in her room. Anupam and Bua pacify Riya. Sahil says I did not know about your fast, I m sorry. Kaushalya calls Riya and says she is sending Shivam to call her home, and tells about Nirjala fast she has to keep today for the Hartalika fast tomorrow. Riya is about to tell Kaushalya that her fast broke and does not say. Riya ends the call. Bua and Anupam ask Riya not to worry and take her to temple.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Shivam and send him to get Riya fast. Ashok tells Amit that he can’t help him. Amit fumes and throws the plates. Sarla asks did they start in morning. Ashok says I m your father. Amit says I will break this house. Ashok reminds its govt house. Sarla takes the food plate from Ashok. Ashok says you will regret one day Sarla. Pari taunts Rani eveb when Rani is cooking since morning.

Ashok supports Rani and asks Pari to be in limits. Amit supports Pari and calls Rani his maid. Ashok asks Rani to have food. Rani says she has kept Nirjala fast for Amit. Amit leaves. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she is thinking to get Chandrahaar made for Sarla. Kaushalya says making it in Diwali is auspicious. Shanti thinks to teach Kaushalya a memorable lesson. The jeweler comes to Shanti Sadan. Shanti calls Raghav and asks where is he. He says he is reaching their lane and will co me in 2-3mins. The jeweler shows some designs. Shanti sees Raghav coming home and asks Kaushalya to make tea. Kaushalya signs Shanti to ask is she really asking for tea. Shanti asks will she not make tea. She asks her to go and make tea.

She says she will make Chandrahaar now itself. Kaushalya says now itself, not waiting till Diwali. Shanti starts acting and says fine, I will make Chandrahaar on Diwali, I thought to give order now. Kaushalya says Sarla will be happy to gift on Diwali. Raghav comes and looks on. Raghav tells Shanti to get Chandrahaar made and not take anyone’s opinion. Shanti provokes Raghav. He says his decision is final, if anyone comes in between his relation with Shanti and Sarla, he will not bear it. Kaushalya hears this and cries.

Shivam says he is going to get Riya. Shanti asks Kaushalya to bring sugar and curd. Shivam refuses to have curd and leaves. Shanti asks Kaushalya to think and talk, as Raghav misunderstood her. Kaushalya says yes, teach me to talk properly, I don’t know what to say and when. Shanti smiles and thinks its Kaushalya’s punishment for making Raghav against her. Pari talks to Vyom and lies to him that she has kept Nirjala fast for him, and to be husband should gift her. He says he will gift her his love. She thinks he has changed and eats snacks, and lies she is getting weak being hungry and fasting. She says she wants a 2 rs thread instead his gift. He says fine, meet me near your home. She says she has low energy and will come in some time. Rani hears this and thinks.

Kaushalya cries and says she can’t talk to Raghav for his long life. She calls Preeti and thinks to send Preeti to tell Raghav. Preeti cries seeing Kaushalya crying. Kaushalya asks Preeti to ask Raghav about her saree for Teej, she can’t talk and see Raghav, pandit ji has said stars are not going fine, so I have to be away, you explain this to Raghav, as misunderstandings are starting, I m doing for his long life.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to wear any saree from Riya’s cupboard. Kaushalya says how can I take Riya’s saree. Shanti sends her and thinks now Riya’s saree will become a big problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really I can’t tolerate this dadi. Sasikala.
    Great vamp of this show.
    Engreze chale gaye par santi ko chod gaya…
    Woh divide and rule plan apply kar …

  2. They better change timing to half hour.. Its very long

  3. How long is Shanti and Sarala Puran going to continue? It’s high time for a payback!!!
    Otherwise all this planning and evilness is making me sick..

  4. Hey dis shashikala is non tolerable pls get her real face in front of riya

  5. Dadi and Sarala’s game plan must be exposed. I hope they will do it in smart way. Riya is educated smart she should be the one to expose and give courage to her sisters in law and mother in law. She must use new technology to collect all the games played by the Dadi Sarala combi. Make a ice CD act very innocent and give them a big shock which will open Raghav’s eyes and let him discover how his mother and sister took full advantage of sincere love for his mother. Exposing should be Spectacular!

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