Mere Angne Mein 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shivam that she will get Sarla home and make Shanti glad. Shivam asks her not to dream, as Dadi will never get pleased by Riya. Riya asks him not to discourage her by negative talk. Their arguments continue. He goes to sleep. Shanti is sleeping and dreams of Yamraj coming to take her and she is running away. She wakes up and shouts. Riya and Kaushalya come to see Shanti. Shanti does not tell them anything. She asks them to go and sleep. Riya and Kaushalya refuse to leave Shanti alone. Shanti says I don’t need anyone, I m capable enough. Riya says we will sleep here. Shanti says Nimmi will sleep with me. Nimmi says I went outside to have water. Riya and Kaushalya take care of Shanti. Shanti gets angry and says this would have not happened if Nimmi was in my


Its morning, Riya asks Shivam to take items, and she will go to Sarla’s house by rickshaw. She calls the rickshaw man and asks where are you, I gave you money in advance. The man says I just dropped you. She says I m standing outside Shanti Sadan. He asks you are Namita right. She says no. he says sorry, I dropped someone else. Riya says its fine, thanks. She thinks why did Nimmi go to take Sarla, did Dadi tell the same to Nimmi, is Nimmi competing for head of family race with me.

Shanti thinks what was the dream, and prays that dream does not get true, she does not want to lose her family. The ladies ask when to leave for visarjan. Kaushalya says I m waiting for Sarla. Shanti says person gets soft by age, but Sarla does not get any sense. Kaushalya asks what to do now. Shanti asks why are you asking me, you told Riya and Nimmi that you will get Sarla. Riya says Sarla will come, I have sent Nimmi to get Sarla, I got late while getting items. Kaushalya says I was also sending Nimmi. Shanti says don’t know when will Nimmi come, I will go and rest.

Riya gets Bunty’s call and asks her not to worry, I will get Shivam there, I m going for visarjan now. Sarla keeps Srivastav family pics models in her cupboard and says Amma, I will ruin your family peace, I got insulted in Shanti Sadan, now its your turn to get insulted, I will take revenge, and start with Preeti. Rani looks on and thinks Sarla has gone mad, it will be a new drama. Nimmi comes there. Sarla argues with Rani. Nimmi asks Sarla to come for visarjan. Sarla refuses and says I know you don’t want me to come there. Nimmi says I joke like that. Sarla says I will never come. Nimmi says its imp, Dadi will not taunt me that I don’t worry for you.

Sarla says you came to please Shanti, for your benefit. Nimmi tries to convince her. Sarla moves her away from cupboard and scolds her. Shivam gets a call from his friend. The man asks him to teach cricket to his nephew. Shivam says fine, send him to me, I was thinking to coach kids , did you talk to school for sports teacher job. The man says they want experienced teacher with certificate. Shivam says I m playing since years, I don’t have degree, I don’t want any job. I m teaching your nephew for free and asking for small favour. He gets angry and throws phone. He tells Riya that everyone wants certificates. Riya asks him to give certificate by doing online course. Shivam says you know I m useless so you are saying this.

Riya asks him why is he angry. He says I believe on my talent. She says I believe your talent, think if system is such, we have to give certificates. Kaushalya calls Riya. Riya says I will give accounts to mummy, think well what to do, I know everything will get fine, smile now. She goes. He thinks Riya can talk positive, but I know Riya is hurt, I m not working and cursing my fate.

Shanti calls Nimmi. She asks for Sarla. Sarla does not talk. Nimmi says Bua does not want to talk. Shanti says tell her I m dying. Sarla talks to Shanti. She says I will not come to Shanti Sadan, you did not do anything for me, don’t I have respect. She cries. Shanti says you will understand I m right. Sarla says I don’t want to find out. Shanti tells her dream of Yamraj snatching her and everything. She asks Sarla to come. Sarla thinks Amma is dreaming of what I m thinking.

Shanti asks her to come. Sarla says I won’t come, I have to go temple with Ashok. Shanti says come later and ends call. She worries for Sarla and says I just got fine, Lord don’t let anything happen to my family. Sarla tells Nimmi that she will come later. Nimmi tells Sarla to say Shanti that you came because of me. She goes. Sarla says I will not forgive Amma ever, I will show what I will do of Raghav’s family.

A rishi comes to Shanti’s house. Rishi asks Shanti how long will she get scared of the bad dream. Shanti asks how do you know of my bad dream. He says big problem is going to come on your family. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. rekha vaghela

    Suhani and sns updates… Hello telly updates team wake up…

  2. Has sarla sent the Rishi? Have they forgot about the house documents that they’ve given to the lady?

  3. pata nahi kya honewala hai..

  4. pata nahi kya honewala hai..i am quit scared, nd quite exited

  5. Wat a rubbish serial……iss serial ko kbhi bhi dekhne ya padhne k baad achha feel nai hota chahe ek mnth k bd bhi dekho prsn get depressed by seeing dis …negativity hi h bs isme………i m seriously requsting star plus to stop dis serial
    I hav no wrds to xplain wat i feel aftr watching dis…totally screwd [email protected]@

  6. Wat a rubbish serial……iss serial ko kbhi bhi dekhne ya padhne k baad achha feel nai hota chahe ek mnth k bd bhi dekho prsn get depressed by seeing dis …negativity hi h bs isme………i m seriously requsting star plus to stop dis serial
    I hav no wrds to xplain wat i feel aftr watching dis…totally screwd [email protected]@

  7. it’s a best n my favourite serial i have ever u all.keep it’re doing really well…

  8. Hmmm jisme kb kya ho rha h kisi ko kch smjh hi ni aata h ………..

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