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Mere Angne Mein 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti doing tilak and aarti to Riya and Shivam as they have got their first salary. She plays shank. Riya smiles. Riya welcomes them. She talks to Sarla and asks her to come tomorrow on time, its Dussehra. Sarla says fine, even I m waiting for tomorrow. Preeti smiles. Nimmi comes to her and sees her lost. She acts like Shanti and teases her. Nimmi says you always see the dreams of Mohit. Preeti smiles. Nimmi says I think he looks so so. Preeti says he will be handsome, and look like hero, innocent eyes, sweet heart and lovely smile.

Nimmi asks did she meet him. Preeti says no, but I m sure he will be handsome, as he talks so well. Nimmi teases her and Preeti pulls her ears. Nimmi says sorry, and runs. Preeti beats her and they laugh. its morning, Shanti and Nimmi

prepare aarti plate. Riya also comes to help them. Shanti asks her to go office, she will do puja. She asks her will her boss change his mind. Riya says no, he will give salary and laughs. Shanti asks them to go and get salaries, they will see Raavan Dahan in evening.

She makes them have curd and sugar, and sends Riya, Shivam and Preeti to office. Sarla is irritated to wear sale saree today. She wakes up Amit and scolds him. She asks for his salary. Ashok comes and Sarla scolds Ashok too. Amit says he has fever, so he was sleeping, he was doing dharna and bhajan for her return. She gets glad. She says Riya is giving salary to Shanti, and Shanti will be sitting peacefully in the swing. Amit says he has sent Rani to Allahabad. Mata ji gets hurt and Vyom comes to her. She says she has given him one work and he could not do it. He asks whats mistake if power went. She says Pari has to meet Sujeev, she went. He says calm down, this time no mistake will happen.

Shanti gets the people to play dhol. She goes and sits on the swing. Preeti comes home and Shanti welcomes her. She does her tilak. Preeti happily gives her salary to Shanti. The neighbors look on. Shanti asks Preeti to help Kaushalya. Sarla looks on. Nimmi asks Preeti to come, her turn is over now. Shivam and Riya come home and see the dhol band.

Shanti says she has done this to spread happiness, its Dusshehra and she wanted to make Riya happy by welcoming her with band. She does their aarti and welcomes them. Riya sits with Shanti. Shanti waits to get her salary. Sarla says get happy Riya, Shanti has a big heart. Shivam gives his salary to Shanti. Shanti asks him to give it to Kaushalya as always, she runs the home. They all get shocked. Shivam gives salary to Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks him to give it to Shanti only. Shanti says fine, and takes his salary. She says see how much Kaushalya values me.

Riya just sits and does not give anything. She gets up as Raghav comes. Raghav gives his salary and relaxes. Shanti waits for Riya’s salary. Nimmi and Preeti bet whether Riya will give her salary to Shanti or not. Sarla says she will also bet. Nimmi asks Shivam. Shivam says Riya will give salary to Shanti. Nimmi says I don’t think so. He asks her to be quiet. Kaushalya asks Riya to go to Shanti, she will get tea. Anupam calls Riya. Riya says she will talk later and ends call. Shivam signs Riya about salary.

Riya says I got salary today. Shanti smiles. Riya gives the envelop. Shanti smiles and blesses Riya. She says she is very happy that she has given her salary to me. Shanti says you will never regret to give me salary. Nimmi makes faces. Riya says she has surprise for Dadi. She gets a call and man says he has reached there at Shanti Sadan. Raghav says great, money and surprise. Shivam asks Riya whats the surprise, she did not even tell her. Riya says it’s a surprise, wait.

The man comes and gives insurance papers. He asks Riya to check. Riya says its perfect. She tells Raghav that she wants Shanti to have medical insurance, as she was ill in Sarla’s tension. The man says he did all procedure, and wants payment. Riya says sure. She asks Shanti to give her 30000rs. They all get shocked. Shanti looks at her. Sarla laughs. Shivam worries. Riya says this policy covers all medical conditions. Raghav says great, Shivam has found a diamond, really. He says Riya will want her pocket money too, tell me how much Anupam used to give you. Riya says 5000rs. Raghav asks Shanti to give her 5000rs. Shanti asks 5000rs? Sarla laughs.

Raghav says she is habitual, give her money as her dad used to give her. Shanti gives the money with her heart sinking. Raghav says I wish Sarla laughs always like this. Nimmi signs Shivam to come. Nimmi says I told you, now I feel you married right girl. Raghav tells Riya that she did a great work. He asks Kaushalya to say she is proud of Riya. They get glad. Raghav says we all are proud of you. Kaushalya says you thought right. Raghav says he can see right person to manage Shanti’s work. Shanti holds a fake smile infront of Raghav. The man asks for money. Shanti gives 30000rs to him and gets angry. Nimmi and Preeti smile. Shanti looks at Riya and holds anger.

Vyom sees Pari and smiles. He meets her and she is annoyed as he did not meet her at his home yesterday. He apologizes to her. Shanti does the aarti and is angry. Nimmi is happy. Sarla taunts her and says she is joking. Shivam says his friends are waiting, he will meet them. Raghav says I have some work, drop me on the way. They leave. Shanti asks everyone to go, she will be at home. Sarla asks them to come. They all leave.

Mama ji and Mata ji hide and talk about Sujeev and Pari. Shanti says this should have not happened today, if I let this go, then i can’t rule in Shanti Sadan, which I can’t let this happen, I want everyone’s salary. Kaushalya and everyone come home and get shocked seeing Shanti in white clothes. Sarla asks why is she doing Shraddh and whose. Shanti names herself. They get shocked.

Sarla tells Shanti that she can see Kaushalya sitting on her swing. Shanti says no, I will show her place, you just see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wating for this for like 4 months finally

  2. Well done Riya and going forward dont let that old hag to rule the roost.

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