Mere Angne Mein 22nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya apologizing to Sarla. Riya thinks to show reports to doctor. Preeti says she did not talk to Mohit till now. Mohit comes there as sadhu. Shanti asks Preeti to give food to sadhu. Riya tells Shanti that she has to go for urgent meeting. Preeti goes to give food/Bhiksha to sadhu and Mohit winks at her. Shanti asks Riya to go. Preeti asks Sadhu what is he doing. He removes his moustache and she asks what is he doing here, nervously dropping the food. Riya and Sarla come there. Riya picks the fruits. Preeti asks Riya to go.

Kaushalya sends Riya to drop Sarla, and she will clean this. Preeti requests Mohit to go. Mohit holds her hand. She says Shanti will not leave me. Mohit says you have to come to meet me, else I will make an entry again. Kaushalha brings

Bhiksha and he leaves. Kaushalya goes and Nimmi looks on. Shanti asks Preeti why did she get late.

Pari thinks Vyom is her key now and talks to Vyom. She cries and asks does he not love her, he has changed, she will die. She gets hurt and he cares for her. She hugs him. He says anyone will come, and takes her. Riya and Sarla are on the way. Riya thinks what happened to Bua. Sarla gets down the rickshaw and leaves. Sarla comes home and Rani gives her fav food. Sarla argues. Ashok calls Sarla and she scolds him for going to pray and not being here. Rani says where is Amit, why did he not come and gets sad seeing his pic. Rani gets an idea.

Vyom asks Pari what is she doing. Pari says she is tired of work, why does he not love her now, she loves only him. She hugs him and he moves her away. She asks him to respond to her, and reminds their love. She cries. He looks at her and leaves. She thinks she will control Vyom now.

Preeti tells Nimmi about Mohit. She says Mohit wants me to meet him. Nimmi makes Preeti call Mohit. Preeti calls Mohit. He does some shayari. She says sorry, there is tension at home and she can’t meet him. She switches off the phone. He says its time to show his Aashiqui. Rani goes to photography shop and asks the man to make photocopy of Amit’s pic. A lady comes and asks Rani is Amit remarrying. Rani beats her. The lady curses Rani that Amit will surely bring a new wife. Rani scolds her.

Riya shows reports to the doctor. She says we are told this patient has cancer, so I got this for second opinion. The doctor says its cancer. Riya feels she was doubting on Sarla and thanks him. He says sit, why did you get this report here, you came very late, this patient would have died till now. She asks what. He says according to this report, there is no hope. Riya says our Bua is fine, she Is not critical. The doctor says this report shows multiple organ failure, patient will be on life support, patient can’t walk, this report is one month old, if patient is alive, then she is either Lord or this report is wrong. She thanks him.

Shivam brings fruits and says 500rs spent. Shanti says fine, give the fruits to Sarla. Nimmi takes an apple and Shanti stops her, asking her to keep fruit back, its for Sarla. Kaushalya says Shivam, you had meeting today. Shivam asks which meeting. Shanti says Riya said, did she fool us. Shivam says no, meeting is there, she called me and I was busy. He says he will give fruits and come. Kaushalya asks Shivam to tell Riya to come home on time. He says fine and goes.

Bindu comes to Sarla’s home and hugs her crying. Sarla asks her to leave. Bindu says she will pray that Sarla dies, and then get Ashok married again. Sarla says she will blame Bindu for her death and beats her. Bindu leaves. Riya says it means Bua lied as she lied at my marriage time, Shanti Sadan was getting mortgaged, I will not let my home sell, I will end Bua’s drama, my drama starts now.

Shanti says I have seen Shivam lying for Riya. Kaushalya says I will ask Riya. Shanti says this is your problem. She cries for Sarla.

Rani cries and is on the way. Riya calls her and asks for her help. Rani asks her to come home. Riya says I can’t come there. Shivam is also on the way and calls Riya. Riya calls Rani to some playground. Rani asks why, did Sarla do anything, I m scared. Riya says meet me soon, its important. Rani says I will come. Shivam gets her number busy, and thinks whats Riya doing, why did she lie at home.

Preeti switches on her phone and is confused. Sharmili shows the jewelry. Mama jokes. Vyom is worried and says Pari was seeing all this. Sharmili says so what, let her get jealous. Vyom says Pari can run away, we should keep her well. Sharmili says be good to her. Mama says till Pari is in this house, Sujeev is married. Sharmili says we will get money monthly, don’t come in Pari’s love, I can’t trust you. Sujeev feels he ruined Pari’s life, foolish. She gives a chain and says give it to Pari, tell her you got it for her.

Sarla gets the goon’s call. She says she is arranging money, don’t do anything to Amit. Amit frees the ropes and runs away, while goons are busy. Sarla calls Shanti and asks will she arrange 5 lakhs till tomorrow. Shanti says yes, calm down, take rest. Riya and Rani meet. Riya praises her and says its good you understood, don’t feel bad, Amit is missing, so I m worried. Riya sees Shivam going and they hide faces. Riya says don’t worry, Amit can’t marry anyone else. Rani says its good Sarla’s drama will be exposed. Shivam comes to them. Riya and Rani get tensed seeing him.

Pari breaks a plate in anger and gets hurt. Vyom worries and says he will bring band aid. She acts to cry and smiles seeing him caring. She asks what about wound he gave on her heart. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. He gifts her gold chain and she gets glad. She asks him to make her wear it, as her finger is hurt. He makes her wear the chain and says it looks good on you. She thanks him and says you are very good.

The goons get angry as Amit has run away. Sujeev comes to Pari, and Vyom hides. He asks for ginger tea. She says she will wash utensils first. He gets angry and breaks crockery. She screams and says fine, I will make you have tea. She puts tea powder and sugar on Sujeev. She throws ginger on him and says Swaha. Sujeev stops her and asks what happened to her, is she fine, she should be treated, she is getting mad. She says yes, I m mad. Sujeev turns and Vyom hides. Sujeev leaves.

Shivam asks Riya why is she not picking call. Riya says phone was in bag. Shivam asks about meeting. Riya says she went to Bunty to give meeting files. He asks why did she meet Rani here. Rani says whom will Riya talk, everyone hear at home, so I called her. He gives fruits to Rani and asks her to give it to Sarla. He asks Riya will she come with him, or talk to Rani. Riya says I m coming, and asks Rani to take care. Shivam and Riya leave.

Mohit comes to meet Preeti. She worries seeing Kaushalya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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