Mere Angne Mein 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti scolding Amit. Amit does drama and says I wanted to see your face before dying. He thinks she should agree now. Pari jokes. Shanti says Amit and I won’t die. She goes to take gun. Amit shoots and says don’t come ahead. Preeti asks Shanti to agree. Shanti asks her to go home, feed food to Nandu, why did she come. Shanti scolds Preeti. Amit says this time, I decided, get me married else I will die, if you don’t agree then I will shoot myself. He counts. Shanti does not agree. He thinks I m afraid to die.

Rani tells ladies that she has come for her rights, Amit cheated her and is remarrying. She says I will force his family, are you with me. Ladies support me. Amit counts more. Shanti looks on and smiles. She thinks what to do, if I say yes to him, everyone

will say they will remarry. Rani and ladies are on the way. Amit says I will die now. Preeti and Kaushalya ask Shanti to agree. Everyone stop Amit. Rani and the ladies come there. Shanti asks Rani not to do drama at her house. Rani threatens to call police. The ladies make funeral. Kaushalya says don’t get between this. Shanti says its my house.

Amit thinks how did Rani know my and Ajay’s plan, I will convince Shanti. Amit asks Shanti why did she call Rani for drama. Kaushalya scolds Amit. Aarti gets a stick to beat Amit. Amit holds her and twists her hand. She falls in his arms. They all look on.

Amit says get me married, bride is also here. Shanti says why did you give divorce. Amit says I did not value marriage, now I understand love and feelings, I will marry right girl. Shanti scolds Rani. Amit also blames Rani for ruining his life, I will marry right girl now, that girl is Charni. They all get shocked.

Kaushalya says you are saying wrong. Preeti says this is right, Charni will go from our lives. Rani and Amit threaten to die. Shanti asks them to listen. Rani sits in the woods. She asks Kaushalya not to stop her. Amit says Rani can do anything. Rani says I will burn myself. Pari scolds Charni and asks her to stop tears. She asks her to say yes and save Amit’s life. Aarti says how can I marry him. Pari says why, he is handsome and has govt job, you both are fair, what’s problem, you both are foolish. Amit says I will respect you, love you much. Rani says Charni you will be sitting here some day. Amit says don’t listen to her, say yes. Aarti shouts I can’t marry Amit.

Amit says say truth, you love me. Aarti says no, I can’t marry you. Shanti says now there is decision taken. Amit says she loves me, she is shy. Aarti cries and says I don’t want to marry you. Pari says please. Amit says then no use to live, I m dying. Shanti tries to stop him. He gets shot on his hand. They all get shocked. Amit asks them to come close. Pari says Shanti will be responsible if anything happens to Amit. Aarti asks Amit to marry Rani. Rani lights fire to the woods. They all get shocked.

Nimmi gets water pot and drops it. Shanti asks them to get water. Amit asks Shanti to say yes. Shanti says yes. They all get shocked. Shanti says Charni is also ready. Charni says I m not ready. Shanti asks why. Nimmi puts water on fire and blows it fire. Amit asks Shanti to make Aarti say yes. Shivam comes home. Shanti asks Aarti to pay for her favors and say yes, she loves them and respects, this house did big favor on them. Shivam gets shocked seeing this.

Shanti says Amit loves you a lot, marry him, you will also love him. She says Aarti has said yes and drops Amit’s gun. Rani says I will give my life, I have some work. She goes and raises hand on Charni. Shivam holds Rani’s hand and says no. Rani says this girl ruined my life, why does she not refuse, I m Amit’s wife. Shanti says you have divorced Amit. Rani says he cheated me and took divorce, if Charni says yes, I will give my life. Shanti asks Rani and Amit to die. She says Amit has bleeding, you are just saying your thing. Aarti cries and goes. Amit says I swear I will keep you happy. Aarti recalls Shanti’s words and cries.

Shanti asks Aarti not to meet Amit till marriage. Aarti asks Shanti to listen. Aarti thinks to do what’s right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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