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Mere Angne Mein 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti coming home and thinking Raghav did not come till now, my plan will flop. Everyone come there and get shocked seeing her. Shanti acts to faint and Shivam gets water for her. Riya comes home and she too faints. Chanda sprinkles water on Riya. Shanti says before Riya starts her drama, I will put blame on her. Raghav comes and gets glad seeing Shanti. She cries and hugs him. He asks where did you go, what happened. She says what to say, Riya… Riya acts and asks Shanti is she fine. Shanti says I was kidnapped. Riya warns Shanti that she took pic of the goons and saw their faces too. Riya tells them that she risked her life and saved Shanti, ask her. Shanti thinks to not blame Riya, as Riya has the pics. Shanti says two men kidnapped me, Sujeev saved me. Riya thinks Shanti

made new plan.

Raghav asks Shanti where did you go, tell me. Shanti says I took tablet and slept, then I have seen Riya, I did not see her face, but the height and personality was same, and there was a man, Anupam, I mean someone like Anupam, they tied me, I got conscious and saw that I was locked in some room. Riya tells Shanti that when I tried finding you, I got to know you were in Dharamshala, Sarla spoke to you in Banaras’ Dharamshala. Sarla says don’t frame me. Riya asks did you not call Dadi ji. Sarla starts laughing and says yes, I called, but not for Amma, there are poor old women there, I thought to give them blankets.

Shanti says Riya is again blaming me. Riya says why, I saved your life. She asks Shanti to tell Raghav how goons have thrown kerosene on me, and then I risked my life to save Shanti. Sarla says I know Shanti was locked there in your house and blames Riya and Anupam.

Riya asks her not to say anything about her dad. Raghav asks Sarla to shut up, and Riya be quiet, we got Shanti, and its enough now, let Shanti rest. Riya thinks thank God I saved myself and Anupam, else Shanti was making plan to kick me out of here.

Shanti sees Riya smiling and thinks everything was going on fine as I thought, but…. FB shows Riya getting the sword and shifting Shanti somewhere else. She asks the men to tie Shanti fast. Shanti says she is my bahu, its fine if she kidnapped me, but my heart is big, leave her, Riya is very clever, you don’t want anyone to doubt you. Riya says no, I came to save you, if you feel I did this, I will give Agnipariksha. She throws the sword and gets kerosene. She puts kerosene on herself and says I will burn myself. Bansi and Rajendra ask her to stop.

Shanti says she is just acting. Riya says no, I m not acting, you will go to jail. Shanti says you have done this. Riya did not do anything. She asks the men to say did I get Shanti’s kidnapping done, say truth. Bansi says Amma ji, I can’t take risk, we will tell, Riya did not make us do anything. Riya asks who told you to take my Papa’s name. Bansi and Rajendra run away. Shanti looks at Riya. FB ends.

Raghav gives water to Shanti. Shanti thinks I will not leave Riya. Riya says that’s what I want, that no family member leave me.

Pari plans to scare Vyom. Nimmi comes there and Pari makes the vase fall. She blames Nimmi and asks her is she not applying sindoor. Nimmi asks Vyom did he get hurt. Sharmili asks them to shut up, and tell me how did this vase fall down, its not abshagun. Pari says Nimmi does not apply sindoor, that’s why this is happening, see I apply sindoor of Sujeev’s name, did anything happen to him. Vyom gets angry.

Sarla blames Riya. Riya says I did not do anything, fine if you think I did Shanti’s kidnapping, I should get punished, kerosene oil is fallen on me already, I will burn myself. She ignites matchstick. Shivam worriedly stops Riya and asks her not to add more troubles. He puts water on her and gets angry, asking her to burn herself now. He leaves.

Raghav says its not easy to burn yourself like this, I m requesting you again, be out of all this. Shanti says I m feeling good now, I have come home.

Vyom takes Nimmi to the house temple and fills sindoor in her maang. Everyone get shocked. Sharmili says there is no need to do this, Nimmi is your wife, there is no shagun or abshagun. Vyom tells Nimmi that till you are in this house, we are husband and wife, you will apply sindoor in your maang, even if you regard me husband or not. Pari cries and goes. Vyom and Nimmi go too. Mama tells Sharmili that you won. Sharmili says yes, Pari got trapped in her own web. Nimmi goes to her room and recalls Vyom’s words. She cries. Vyom comes there with sindoor box and says apply it daily without forgetting. She says no need to give me orders, I will apply if I want. He says hello, I m not giving you any option, if you don’t apply sindoor, then I will fill sindoor in your maang every day. Pari gears them and thinks what I thought and what happened, they got closer while fighting, I have to do something and make Vyom kick out Nimmi.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that I m very happy seeing you. She cries. Shanti says now Kaushalya has shed tears, now I feel I have come back home, if there is bahu like you in every house, then every house will become heaven. She sees her huge portrait and asks whats this, you all love me so much except someone, I m very happy.

Nimmi washes her face and comes. She says maybe Vyom was saying right, I did not apply sindoor, so this is happening with him. Raghav asks Sahnti to sit, and give this photo. He sends photo to her room. Shanti smiles.

Shanti tells Raghav that I have got many enemies on me, don’t know who is waiting for my death, call lawyer, I will name Shanti Sadan to you and your children’s name. Sarla gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena thx SOON update keliye

  2. HI …Adu..roz..noori..Gd EVE first……………today EPISODE was just bakwas & noutanki..tha…..

    1. Nautanki tha….lekin Riya got saved…I am glad that her brain started working……I like to watch Riya’s nautanki rather than Shanthi’s…….next it will be policewaala drama…meine bhi on location video dhekha….

      1. Ye roz. …NEXT..tu…police..wala..DRAMA..hi…hogha…patha…nahi…aur……band .howa..lekin…roz… ……..shivam..nahi…’…usse…dekhti…hoon…mera…khoon….kholta…hai..

  3. Good commentor

    Good happened with sarla

  4. Good eve Jaz,Noori,Adi,Fathi and all….

    1. and Thankz Amena for the fast updates

  5. kash sarla shanti k against hojaaye???? sarla shanti ki wafadaar sb paisou k liye hai agar sarla ko paise hi nai milenge toh q wafadaafi kare? sarla jese logou k sath aise hi hona chaiye.. or shanti devi jese logou k sath us k apne hi against hojaenge to accha hai… ria k liye raasta asaan hoga…


    2. Haa Noori…u were late……..

  6. Shanti will never change .

  7. Why don’t the writers change the script. Always Riya getting blamed. Don’t you think now everyone should get to know the truth about what happened at the wedding, how shanti and sarla spoilt mohit’s reputation. If they want TRP to increase, maybe they should bring about some positive changes.

  8. Hi JAZ ROZ NOORI Lovely
    SARLA Jaisi Aurat Paise keliye Agar ZAROORAT pade TOH
    APNI Maa ke GUDHDE Bhi Bechdalthi.
    Aaj KA EPISODE mai
    RIYA KI AKALMANDHI Dikhaye Director.
    EK EPISODE mai EK Sequence mai PARI Boli thi SARLA KO
    “Main Kyun Dekoongi Tumko ZINDAGI MAI,
    Meri SHAADI Hone KE BAAD MAI Chelijaaungi Phir MUDKAR Bhi NAHI Dekhoongi”.
    Good Morning in ADVANCE to ALL The Members of This Comments GROUP.

  9. haan jaz thodi bzi thi… ab aagayi hu na hum sb comments de k mere angne me writter ki dhajjiyan udayenge?

    1. hehe Noori….zaroor udayenge thaaki vo aaj se kabhi koyi twist Shanthi ke favour me nahi banaaye (hope my hindi is crct o.O )

  10. Good morning Jaz,Adi,Noori,Fathi and alllll
    You all are true…Shanthi will learn a lesson when Sarla starts fighting wid her for Shanthi Sadan…bt Sarla will plan smthng….hmmm

  11. Maybe the story writers will embark on a mixture of traditional verses contemporary styles of story telling and introduce something entertaining for us. Changes in Sarla will open Shanti’s eyes . Ofcourse we all want the criminals Shanti, Sarla and Preeti’s lies be exposed before MAM turns into a lively serial! (I think I’m expecting too much from MAM writers!)

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