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Mere Angne Mein 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit taking a garland. He makes Preeti wear the garland, while she struggles. She cries. Nimmi says I want to see Preeti. Shanti asks Shivam to check the guests. She shows Mama. The lady asks Shanti how will they apply haldi to Preeti infront of Mama. Shanti says I don’t know how to make him leave. She asks Shivam to make Mama leave by some excuse. The ladies ask for snacks and tea.

Mohit asks Preeti to make him wear garlands. He wears garlands and smiles. Shanti waits for Mama to leave. Mama dances as the ladies sing haldi song. Kaushalya, Shanti and everyone make faces. Shanti calls him shameless. Mama asks Sarla to dance with him. Sarla makes excuses. She goes to Rani and asks about Amit, he would be getting beaten, come with me. Rani goes.

The lady

inspector beats Amit in jail. Amit cries in pain and asks why are you beating me. The lady inspector says your wife and mum have troubled me a lot, they did fake complaint so much times, this time I got you and I will not leave you. He says wait, listen to me. She asks what. He asks for orange juice, samosa, kachori with green chutney, jalebi and wine. Inspector gets angry and says Amit feels this is his sasural. She beats him more.

Mohit ties the ghatbandhan. Shanti tells Mama that girls are shy to dance with you. He says I m fine, I will dance with you. She says I can’t dance, Sharmili called and she is asking for you. Mama gets worried. Mohit takes mangalsutra and says you are just mine Preeti ji. He makes Preeti wear mangalsutra. She signs no and cries.

The lady asks Shanti to send Mama first, mahurat is passing. Shanti says this is Preeti’s Mama Sasur, we will serve him tea and send him. She asks Shivam to drop Mama home. She asks Mama to go. Mama says but Sarla ji. Shanti says she is busy. Mama says even Shivam will have work, I have back ache, I will rest for some time. Shivam scolds Mama and says I will take you to doctor. Shanti sends him.

Mohit ignites fire in the small havan kund. He plays recording of mantras…. Nimmi dances while women sing. Shanti smiles. Bindu gets the smell and says its like havan kund burning. Shanti asks burning smell, and checks around in home. Mohit frees Preeti’s hands and says you can’t go, its our marriage. She cries and struggles. He ties her again. Shanti says maybe its from Mishra’s house, they have satyanarayan puja. Sarla says finish haldi soon, how much makeup will Preeti do. She asks Nimmi to bring Preeti. She asks video grapher to start his work. She asks Kaushalya to finish the rasam on time, call Preeti fast. Nimmi goes upstairs. She gets shocked seeing Preeti with Mohit. She shouts and knocks the door. Sarla asks Shanti to finish this soon. She asks Riya to get Preeti. She says I will also gift something to Preeti. Riya hears Nimmi crying. Preeti tries to free herself from Mohit. Riya comes there and gets shocked seeing Mohit forcing Preeti for marriage.

She knocks the door. Nimmi says we will break glass. Riya says no, if anyone knows, it will be big issue. Mohit lifts Preeti and takes wedding rounds with her. Preeti struggles. Riya tries to open the door, but its chained and locked.

Shivam asks Mama where to drop you. Mama sees a lady and asks Shivam to drive. The girl scolds Makdi Mama. Shivam says she is calling you. Mama says she is not calling me, you keep driving. Shivam says we will fall, what are you doing. Mama says I will tell you, keep driving.

The ladies dance happily. Rani cries, and Prabha asks her why does she look upset. Rani says its all fine. Prabha asks where is Amit, did he not come. Rani tells Sarla that it won’t be of any use. Sarla calls lady inspector and gets scolding. Mama asks Shivam to drop him. Bindu looks upstairs and Shanti stops her. Sarla argues with Bindu. Shanti scolds Bindu. Nandu looks on. Shanti says I will see where is Preeti.

Mama comes home and says I went and you got worried jiji. Sharmili says why will I worry, I was in peace. He says Amma ji said she is worrying for me. Sharmili says I did not call them. Mama says why did she lie to me. Vyom says maybe Shanti lied to send you, why are you getting us insulted. Mama says I just danced there with Sarla. Sharmili scolds him. Vyom says he won’t change. Sharmili sends Mama to work. She asks Vyom is it still burning, I will get chandan and send for you.

Riya and Nimmi try to get the door opened. Shanti and Sarla hear them and come running towards the room. They both get shocked seeing Mohit forcely marrying Preeti.

Kaushalya gets shocked seeing Preeti’s state, and Mohit fallen on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Hindus can marry like that ? No agreement from both partners ? This is stupid as anyone can marry by doing one sided things

  3. Stupid bahus & cunning dadi& bua

  4. I hope mohit does not die nor Preeti marries the other guy

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