Mere Angne Mein 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanda smoking in her room. She stops smoking and light incense stick. Shanti is glad to get a sanskari bahu like Chanda. She makes Riya leave from kitchen, and tells Kaushalya that I m very happy,. why do you look worried. Kaushalya says I did not tell Raghav about Shivam’s marriage. Raghav calls her and asks Kaushalya about the saree color for Shanti. He then talks to Shanti asking her choice. Shanti asks him to get anything by his choice. She is about to tell about Shivam’s marriage, and call ends. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to worry.

Riya sees an aarti plate falling, and picks the kumkum. Kaushalya knocks the door and asks Shivam to have milk. Shivam asks her to leave him alone. He says I have agreed to what you said, now leave him alone, I don’t want to have

food. She leaves. Riya comes to Shivam. He asks what are you doing here, leave from here. She says its about my life, you have to talk to me. She sees the room things broken and says I know you are helpless to marry, so you broke all this. He says I m celebrating for second marriage, look here and breaks more things. He asks is this enough for you. She says this is right way to celebrate. He asks her to leave. She cries and asks him not to do this. She folds hand to request. He asks her to stop it.

She says you will regret after marrying Chanda. He says we will see who regrets. She goes out. He shuts the door. She holds the door and cries. She goes, and leaves her kumkum hand marks at the door glass. Ashok tells the man that he stopped making samosas, now go. Nirmala comes and asks why, I will make samosas. Ashok asks her to go. She says let me work first, then I will go, I know you are annoyed with me, I crossed my limit, forgive me, I felt bad that Sarla was scolding you. He says I like any way Sarla talks to me, even if she scolds me, I love her, I don’t want any stranger woman to interfere, be careful next time.

Nandu waits for Preeti’s call. Ramesh asks him to have patience. Nandu says I know my wife, she won’t call, I will call her. He calls Preeti. He says I m busy in work, I may not come today, don’t worry. She says even if you don’t come forever, I won’t care. She ends call. Nandu gets sad and tells what Preeti said. Ramesh asks Nandu to get the bike keys and start learning driving.

Riya recalls Shivam’s words and cries. Shivam also thinks of her. Hamari adhuri kahani…………plays………… someone comes inside home, and makes a vase fall. Shanti hears the sound and comes out. Shanti loks around and sees Riya’s handmarks on Shivam’s door. She hears a sound again and asks who is it. She runs out to see. Riya wakes up and asks who came. Shanti calls everyone and says someone has come here, but I did not find him, look for him. Shivam says there is no one. Chanda says I was awake, I did not see anyone. Shanti says I have seen red marks on Shivam’s room door, whose hand marks are that. Shivam says maybe any family member’s, don’t worry Riya is outside here, go and sleep.

Shanti asks Chanda not to sleep alone tonight and sleep to my room. Shanti thinks did I get old, no my ears are not so weak, I really heard some voice. She hears some sound again and goes out to see. She sees someone going in white clothes, and chants mantras. She sees lemon and green chillies, and thinks did Riya do any black magic. She says so you are doing all this, you felt you will scare me and I will cancel marriage, you don’t know. Riya asks why will I do all this, you are mistake, go and sleep. Riya says that lemon and green chillies were for pickle. Shanti says call any ghost, I will get Shivam married. She goes.

Its morning, Shanti asks Kaushalya what happened, and does arrangements so that her house does not get affected by black magic. Chanda gets something, and says when Shanti’s doubt increases, Riya’s bidaai will happen soon. She keeps black magic things in Shanti’s room. Shanti makes Swastik and says now I will see who does black magic in my house.

Raghav calls home and says I m coming home in few hours. Riya attends call and thanks Lord, thinking just Raghav can stop this marriage, I have to get him on my side.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode

  2. Stupid shivam

  3. hey anyone dil mil gaye fan here

  4. hey any one dil mil gaye fan

  5. hey anyone dil mil gaye fan

    1. dil mill gaye of star one????dat was my fav. serial

  6. its better not to watch this serial …so now a days i just read the written episode by doing this my stress level decreases by 16 minute .hhahahhahahaah ……..bullshit ……

  7. every one is so stupid except Shanti who is getting her one else see what Shanti is doing. with hearing the recording every one should understand what dadi is doing. she is the one who make Priti married to that chapdasi. they used to call her shashikala. don’t Shivem know his dadi.. at least Priti should relilize that she is the only one who went out even Riya told her to wait she will accompany her.Riya is not doing anything to save her marriage only keep crying and asking help from Bunty who have no clue of giving any advice. waiting for miracle only to happen. Shivem is a great stupid have no sense how to take care of situation. Koshalya is so blind don’t see what dadi and Sarla doing her greed she have no real feeling for none of her children. only kha meri kasam. making kasem without any value. what motive chanda have? her phone call look like she is in love with someone else. why she is doing all this drama. if shivem will merry with Chanda. should be end of the show.

  8. ann shabnam shahzad

    I am just waiting for dadi and sarla ‘s truth to be exposed infront of the family
    At first I used to feel sorry for preeti but now lam disgusted with her behaviour

  9. It so boring now same old techniques and everybody so foolish at home . The writer should change the script with something interesting and change kaushlaya as a smart mom .

  10. Already this story line got spoilt… i never mind about that. but dont make nandu SRK and that cheap preeti as Anuska(rabne banade jodi) … please….

  11. Rachna Sharma

    Why can’t we see online episodes…serial is really getting bored day by day…Riya’s role is really disgusting ..wat is she doing …nothing is clear…this serial is showing …Lie Triumphs..writer should improve the story…otherwise very soon viewers will stop watching this show..

  12. So much dragging nd nonsense . Riya dows evrything good for thr family md in the end they all wil stand against her. Nt evn shivam supports her. Lyk they r all one family nd she is an alien. Only ragjav hav sense nd he is seen nowhere. I guess he wil com right tym nd stop the mrg. I really wish riya to leave the house nd let chanda rob them nd leave. Then only they will learn a lesson. Really feel bad for nandu. Preethi shld be slapped tight. Someone shld really inject some sense to her. She is becoming sarla jr. Nimmy is really brave fightng against pari. Proud of her.

  13. Worst serial ever. But it will run for decades. That is Star Plus style

  14. Worst seriel where Riya is good for nothing … director just making its worst

  15. typical indian series , which describe all the difference between ages

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