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Mere Angne Mein 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam and Riya having a talk. He says no one did such thing till now, you are like Kaushalya. She cries and says you compared me with mummy ji, I can’t become like her, if I become 1 % like her, I will feel I have won you. He kisses her forehead and they smile.

Nandu goes to Preeti’s room, and wakes her up. He says I need to say something. She asks are you leaving from my life. He says its your birthday, tell me what do you want, I will get it. She asks do you remember my birthday. He says yes. She asks him to get a three tier cake, a clerk can’t afford to get such a cake, it costs 4500rs. He says I don’t know much English, but don’t challenge me, I m afraid to see you losing. She asks really, fine, I want that cake in my birthday, lets see if you can get

it. She goes to sleep.

Pari and Sarla ask Rani to work. Nirmala asks Pari to make green tea herself, and not bother Rani. Sarla argues with her. Shanti calls Sarla. Sarla says I m very busy. Shanti tells about Preeti’s birthday party. Sarla says Pari’s husband is in mental hospital, so is this Pari’s mistake, why don’t you celebrate Pari’s birthday. Pari hears this and thinks to ruin Preeti’s birthday party.

Amit gets flowers for Ashok and Nirmala. Sarla throws the flowers and scolds Nirmala for asking Amit to get flowers. She says I have just permitted you to marry, not do any Rasleela. Rani says Sarla did not let my suhaagraat happen, she is enemy of suhaagraat. Sarla asks Nirmala not to be with Rani. She acts sweet to Nirmala and asks her not to wear so much jewelry at home, Ashok does not like gold, he gets worried, you give this to me, I will keep this safe. Nirmala says no, I will keep it with me, I will give to you if I feel so. Rani asks Sarla do you want Nirmala’s jewelry too. Sarla asks are you challenging me, I will get her jewelry till tomorrow morning.

Nimmi cries and thinks of Vyom and his death. Shanti and Kaushalya cry seeing Nimmi crying in darkness. Shanti cries talking to her husband’s pic and feels sad for Nimmi. She worries for Nimmi’s future, how will she spend her life, how will she stay alone. She sees Nimmi and cries. Kaushalya and Raghav too see Nimmi crying, and get sad. Raghav consoles Kaushalya. Kaushalya says Nimmi got alone, who will wipe her tears, happiness won’t come back in her life, how will she live. Raghav says if days aren’t good, days won’t be bad, Shanti and I are here to look after Nimmi, see how Shanti gets old Nimmi back. Shanti calls out Nimmi. Nimmi wipes her tears and goes to Shanti. Shanti asks her to come and sleep with her on her bed.

Nandu thinks how to get so much money, 4500rs for a cake…. He thinks to get help from Ramesh. He recalls the ad to win a price for doing some task. He looks for that newspaper. He calls on the number provided in the ad. He says I called to compete, I m ready to keep apple on my head and get it shot, I want prize. The man says but we kept a man already. Nandu gets sad.

Its morning, Shanti makes Nimmi clean the house. She asks Kaushalya to make food first. Raghav reads news and tells Shanti that if man keeps apple on head and stands courageous till apple gets shot, he will win 5000rs. Shanti asks who will risk his life for 5000rs. Riya tells Nandu that she has a new saree, he can give it to Preeti. Nandu says thanks, I m thinking to give gift to Preeti with my hard earned money. Preeti looks on. Riya asks do you have money. He says I will arrange money, heart is seen of gifting person, not the gift.

Shanti asks Nandu to take Preeti out. Nandu says I was thinking to go to temple with Preeti. Shanti asks Preeti to leave. Preeti thinks everyone is busy here and no one remembers my birthday. She asks Kaushalya whats the date today. Kaushalya says don’t know, I did not see newspaper, all dates are same. Preeti says yes, what will you do. She leaves. Shanti laughs and asks them to do work soon. Pari calls Shanti and asks about the arrangements. Shanti asks them to come soon. Pari says I don’t have any Dadi to celebrate my birthday and ends call. Pari and Sarla laugh. Pari orders a cake for Preeti, and says write on it Happy Birthday Mrs. Clerk. She says Preeti you see how I turn your birthday into sad one.

Riya gets a call and tells everyone that Nandu took part in that apple competition. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Poor Nandu priti is so mean?

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