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Mere Angne Mein 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shivam that Shanti just had roti and salt. He says I can’t see her like that. He gets a call from Prashant and talks about presentation. Riya says we shall make it and not give chance to boss to tell us anything. They both sit to work and make presentation. Sharmili pinches herself and says I m thinking is this reality or dream. Mama says Pari is saying right, if that girl is not like you thought then…. Pari hears them. Mama says if that girl is from bad family, then what, we don’t want road side bahus.

Sharmili asks how can this happen, Pari did not see pic. Mama says yes, but If she knows that girl. Sharmili says I have to think of something. Pari says wow mummies, you gave good ideas.

Shivam takes blessings from Shanti. Nandu gets his

boss’ call and says I will reach on time. Everyone is busy in some work. Nandu asks Preeti shall I get warm water to wash utensils, you are washing with cold water. Preeti asks why does he care and sends him. He takes Shanti’s blessings and goes. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Shanti took sanyaas, not radio. She plays radio and they hear about some treasure hidden in Moghalsarai. Nimmi says if this treasure is in Shanti Sadan, it will be fun. Shanti hears this and goes to her room.

Mohit’s mum calls Shanti Sadan. Preeti answers call. Mohit’s mum thinks its Kaushalya and starts humiliating her. Preeti gets shocked. His mum says I will never make Preeti my bahu, I will not leave you all if Preeti gets after Mohit. Preeti cries and goes to her room. Riya gets her boss’ call and says I m leaving now. Kaushalya asks for money to get ration. Riya says I m going office, take these keys, I don’t like to keep these keys, take money. Shanti says I gave responsibility to you Riya, its fine, what shall I do. Shanti thinks they will sell this house in few months if they spend like this. Riya asks Kaushalya to take money. Kaushalya asks her to help and takes her. She keeps the keys there. Shanti looks at the keys.

Preeti cries in her room. Nimmi asks did Mohit do anything again, tell me what happened, calm down. Preeti says Mohit’s mum called and assumed me Maa, she insulted a lot. Nimmi asks what. Preeti says its good Maa did not answer call, else she would have been very sad. Nimmi pacifies her. Preeti says I will answer calls all the time now. Nimmi gets angry and says I will not leave her. Preeti says I can’t scold her, I don’t know doing all this. Nimmi says I don’t know what you want, on whose side are you, clear this confusion, don’t be scared, become like Shanti.

Shanti sits quiet and recalls how she has kept the keys in Riya’s purse. She smiles. Sarla shows keys to Rani and says I will not give it to it. She asks her to use less ration. She gives her less sugar. Rani says you drink tea 7-8 times a day. Amit talks to someone about agency work. He asks about the girl and says I will keep her on work. He tells Sarla that this is not good life, what is this to sell soaps and powders. Prabha comes with sweets. She says congrats and gives her good news. She apologizes to Sarla. Sarla gets puzzled. Bindu comes and gives sweets. Sarla thinks did they know I m making Preeti marry Vyom. She asks whats the matter. Prabha tells her that there is big treasure in Shanti Sadan’s lane, maybe its in your Amma’s house. Sarla starts laughing and hugs Prabha and Bindu happy. Amit gets thinking and smiles.

Preeti recalls Mohit and his mum’s words. She gets sad. Kaushalya comes there and asks Nimmi and Preeti to work. Nimmi says I m thinking why did Shanti not react about treasure news, did she really take sanyaas, people run after money. Kaushalya says Shanti is not like that, I trust her on her devotion. She says I wish Shanti gets back in family life again. Nimmi says when treasure is found. Dadi will leave sanyaas. Kaushalya tells Nimmi that I used to see detective series at her time of birth, so you became spy like this.

Sarla says I m so happy, I will think how to spend money. She scolds Prabha and Bindu and asks them to get lost. She calls Rani a maid. Bindu tells Sarla not to fly before becoming rich. Sarla takes sweets boxes and sends them. She dances that we will become rich. Rani and Amit get glad. Sarla thinks to go Shanti Sadan and get treasure. She laughs.

Nirmala sees Ashok sleeping on the chair, and sunlight falling over him. She stops sunlight with her saree end and keeps a kerchief over his face. Ashok wakes up and hears a man buying samosas and taunting Nirmala. Ashok scolds the man. The man talks bad about Ashok and Nirmala. Ashok raises hand angrily. Nirmala stops him. Ashok asks the man to leave.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi to make halwa and eat. Nimmi asks Preeti to give badam. Kaushalya guides them on making halwa. Nimmi says you will also have it right and laughs. Kaushalya answers call and asks the man to send ration at home. Shanti worries hearing the ration amounts. Kaushalya tells Shanti what all she ordered, and Shanti ignores her.

Sarla asks Amit to write all the things they have to buy. She tells about microwave. He notes down and says you confused me. She says I will get gold teeth and have diamonds in them, so that they glow at night. She says we will be rich soon and makes many plans.

Rani comes and keeps knife at Amit. Amit and Sarla get scared and stop her. Rani says I will kill Amit if he hugs Riya. Amit says I will explain, trust me, you are my wife. He says I will not hug Riya, I will get friendly with her as she has power in her hands. Rani hugs him. Amit acts sweet to her. He asks her to make tea. He tells Sarla that this is the plan, Rani will talk to Riya well, it will be friendliness for all of us.

Kaushalya says I can’t manage home alone, what shall I do Amma ji, why do you do this. Shanti says I can’t help you, I left all this house management, your modern bahu will teach you, I have taught you since you came in this house, its so shameful that your husband and son earns, and even then you have to beg money from Riya, I m hurt seeing this.

She says if you like humiliation, then get it, you can also take sanyaas. Nimmi and Preeti come running. Nimmi happily tells them about the treasure in the lane, and digging started by govt people, if we have the treasure, we will get 50% too. She says I read on internet to check land by putting water, bubbles will appear if there is something inside the ground. She says I will check for treasure. Shanti gets excited.

Sarla tells Amit that she will give her sarees to poor people, and gives one to Rani. She asks Rani to keep all artificial jewelry, as she is going to get treasure now. Sarla asks Rani to think like rich people and get English tea. Nimmi starts putting water. Shanti looks on. Some bubbles come. Nimmi says I think we have treasure in our house. Shanti says I have left all relations, I don’t want any treasure, it all rumors. Nimmi says no, its true. Shanti thinks why did I take sanyaas at this time, I would have got treasure.

Kaushalya does not get keys to pay the man for ration. He says he will take money. Shanti smiles as Kaushalya looks for the keys.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s becoming boring and boring everyday. Please don’t drag Mohit and Preeti’s love. She didn’t commit any crime just fell in love with the guy. Make their marriage happens by next week.

  2. Oh nice episode..bewakuf sarla.

  3. Pratikshya Subedi

    srif galat & galat insan ki jeet kyuu dekhata hai issue serial mein pariki harbar jeer hoti hai uuslee aapni choice kee ladkee see sadi karli par preeti lee kyuu nai.plzzzzzzzzz unite mohit & preeti.&don’t plz don’t spoil mohit image.phele ki tara funny & cute mohit chaiyee.

  4. Amazing episode the fantastic was to see sarla greedy for money

  5. Shanti is too much and Kaushalya is too simple, can’t be found now a days. She should have more daughters like Nimmi…..

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