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Mere Angne Mein 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti calling Riya. She asks Riya to take the catering order. She asks how much will it costs. Riya evaluates and says 20 lakhs, Pramod/Varun can pay 5-6 lakhs advance and remaining later. Varun says why later, take total amount now itself, I don’t like getting work done by loan. He gives 50000rs to Kaushalya too for bhajan mandli. Sarla says I have always done good to this family, see they got 12.5 lakhs now. Shanti asks Varun to write her name on the cheque. Varun makes cheque. Pari asks Varun why did he not give diamond ring instead gold. Nimmi smiles and congratulates Pari and Varun. He says sorry for misunderstanding. Nimmi says no, its my mistake. Sarla asks Kaushalya to get work done well. Kaushalya gets happy seeing Nimmi behaving fine. Shanti thinks what did

Riya explain Nimmi, that Nimmi is smiling, shall I make Riya my heir.

Shivam fights in the boxing ring. He wins the match. Varun checks harmonium so that program is done well. Pari stops Nimmi and asks her not to become assistant, Varun is my fiance. Nimmi asks Pari to go to him. He asks Pari for some cloth to clean the dust. Pari goes to get duster. He damages the harmonium. He says this is broken, check this string. Kaushalya gets shocked and says how can this happen.

Amit stops people from taking Shivam’s pic and says I m his manager. Amit takes pics with them and sends them. Shivam is hurt. Amit says I have heard you won and came here to meet you, you are getting famous, see what I got for you, check this watch, you got rich now, and these are proteins, you need strength. Shivam says I don’t want this, I want money. Amit says you will get money soon. Shivam says I have to give money to Shanti, else I will feel useless. Amit says I have spent money on watch and proteins, what are we earning, small amounts, they will not be happy, you are fighting well, I will fix fight with big fighter, you just fail the last fighter in this city, then you can get more fame. Shivam asks who. Amit says MLA’s son. Shivam says then fix fight.

Amit says its not easy, he is rich. Shivam says I m confident I will win. Amit asks him not to have overconfidence. Shivam says I have to earn lots of money that family gets glad, Papa worked hard, now its my turn. Amit says come, we will go home and say you became a star. Shivam goes to get ready. Amit hides the money Shivam earned and smiles saying how will I enjoy if I give money to you. Shivam you just dream and be happy with proteins box.

Varun says string will not be repaired soon, I have a friend, he has music shop, that get repaired here, I can help, anyone of you have to go. Sarla says I will go, don’t worry. Laxmi says we shall leave now. Pari asks shall I come along. He asks where and why. She says we got engaged, fine marriage did not happen. Varun takes Shanti’s blessings and leaves. Amit and Shivam come home. Varun greets Shivam. Amit sees Varun and thinks. Laxmi and Varun leave. Amit says Varun is MLA Badri’s son, you should introduce me also. Shivam asks him why is he getting friendly with Varun, when you have to fix my fight with Shanti Kumar’s son. Sarla says I will introduce Varun to Amit, as he is your would be brother in law, Pari’s marriage got fixed with Varun.

Amit and Shivam get shocked. Sarla asks Shivam to tell Kaushalya to practice singing. Amit asks what. Sarla says Riya got catering order of 20 lakhs and Kaushalya got bhajan mandli order of 50000rs. They get shocked. Sarla says its profit. Amit says its good news, another good news is Shivam is getting famous. Shanti says great Shivam, did you not get money. Amit says not much money, Shivam bought watch and proteins, I will give this money from my share to Shanti. Shanti blesses Amit. Shivam says you will never change. Amit says what, next time you save money. Preeti says I will go. Shanti asks who will cook for 2000 people, stay back.

Varun tells the man that we did all this to ruin Shanti Sammelan, I had to do engagement with Pari. The man says the harmonium will blast, just see. Varun says we are not terrorists to kill people. The man says I meant, this harmonium will blast, not the people around, but the one playing harmonium can die. Varun says fine, they can just small sacrifice as I m marrying Pari, Shanti Sammelan will be ruined. Preeti says Nandu will not like me working here. Shanti asks her to show attitude to someone else, I will talk to Nandu and take permissin, go and start cutting vegs. Preeti goes. Sarla says we shall also leave now. Shanti says keep ring safe. They leave.

The man says harmonium is ready, shall I deliver it now itself. Varun says no, it they anything, it will blast, just get this in Sammelan. The man agrees. Varun (Pramod in reality) talks to his dad and says all things are done, you leave Badri’s son Varun Kumar. His dad says I want Badri to see this along with his son, I heard Jagga lost to some guy. Pramod asks who is he, I will find out. Shanti Kumar says he is Shivam, I have sent his pic. Pramod laughs and says our days are good, all ways are going to Shanti Sadan. Shanti Kumar laughs. Pramod smiles and calls someone.

Pramod hides face seeing Shanti. Shanti gets shocked seeing real Varun’s pic at Shanti Sammelan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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