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Mere Angne Mein 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansi and Rajendra telling Sarla about their new work. Rajendra says we are making divorce papers. She says great, you have done good progress, how much are you charging, give me some money, think what to do, I m your boss, I m head, you give me money and touch my feet. She takes money and goes. Shanti makes blankets by using old sarees. She takes Kaushalya and Nimmi’s help. Riya comes and asks Shanti do you know this work. Shanti says yes, that’s why I made this Shanti Sadan, you don’t know poverty, you were born with gold spoon in your bag.

Shivam looks for keys and checks Riya’s purse. Riya asks Shivam not to check the bag. He asks why is cupboard locked. She says Shanti did that to stop us from spending money. He says Shanti thinks anything. She gives

keys and feels sorry to hide this big thing, but promises to tell him everything true soon. She hugs him and apologizes. He asks don’t we have trust in our relation to touch each other’s belongings. He goes.

Sarla comes home and talks to Ashok. She is happy to go to new house. She shows her name board to Amit and asks him to go to new house and get cleaning stuff. He says my name is not written on this. She says you will get everything after I die, once Nirmala dies, we will get the house. Nirmala thinks they can get happy, but once I get divorce papers, I will see them. Pari tells Sarla that she is going to Shanti Sadan for making Lord Krishna idol sit on the swing. Sarla says I will see how Kaushalya looks beautiful in poverty. Amit asks her to think, if Raghav loses job, what will happen of us.

Shivam gets surprised seeing the beautiful decorations in the room. He smiles and goes to Riya. He asks whats today which I forgot. She says when we are together, then everything is special, why are you smiling, your angry young man look will get spoiled. He holds her and kisses her. They unite romantically.

Sarla scolds Ashok and Nirmala. He asks Ashok is he trying to go close to Nirmala. He asks her not to misunderstand him. Rani tells Ashok that she will cook food for him, Nirmala and Sarla’s fights happen daily. He says I m glad that anyone thinks for me selflessly, I don’t want food. She says I will get milk. He goes. Amit tells Rani that he will take revenge from her. She asks him to take revenge, as she is his wife. She smiles.

Its morning, Shanti talks to family and asks them to do arrangements well. Preeti asks when will matki come, Sarla called me. Shanti says it won’t come, why did Sarla call you. Preeti says I was talking to Preeti that time. Shanti says Krishna leela is not happening here for the first time. She reminds Kaushalya her first Janmashtami, and then Shivam was born, I thought to make Riya do Krishna leela, she will get a baby next week, its fine, we will dance and sing bhajans. Shanti gets dizzy and everyone hold her. They make Shanti sit. Shanti says I won’t die soon, go and do the work.

Sarla calls Bansi and Rajendra to do the work, else she will take fine from them. Bansi says no, I will do the work. Nirmala gets the papers and says thanks, this looks real, when will real papers get ready. Lawyer says I told you, that will take 2 months. She leaves. Bansi and Rajendra in disguise follow her, and go to kidnap her. Nirmala beats them and they run away. The papers get spoiled.

Nimmi makes Kaushalya ready. Kaushalya says Krishna wants everyone to look beautiful, I want Krishna Lord to fulfill my wish, Shivam and Riya get a child. Nimmi says it will be fulfilled.

Shivam says this is my baby too. Riya says I don’t want child now. He says you have hidden imp thing from me, I won’t say anything in your life’s decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. End the suspense what is wrong wif Riya kaushalaya should srsly take a stand for herself y is her character so dumb a bit to respective towards her ama g Preeti ran away from mandap herself so obviously this is what’s going to happen hope pari has a bad husband dreaming is good but dreaming that much is madness I love nimmis role hope she gets a rich husband who respects her

  2. Riya is taking contraceptives and hiding from Shivam cos she doesn’t want a baby for now?

  3. Nimmi is great and acts well. a nice episode.

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