Mere Angne Mein 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Sarla why did she do this, and says all the things she has done to keep Shivam away. Sarla denies everything. Renu goes to hear and Kaushalya brings her back. Renu says you are a patience Devi. Kaushalya asks her not to see, hear and say anything. Renu asks why are you becoming Bapu monkey here. Kaushalya says its your mistake, you taught me all this these things. Renu says I remember. Shanti says Sarla you are not innocent, I know everything, I m your mother, why were you in hurry for marriage, you wanted to get marriage done soon before everyone knows what you did.

She says I have seen everything and still did not say, as I love you and can’t insult you, but I m seeing you are insulting me since yesterday. Sarla cries. Shanti says this is your mistake.

Sarla says I don’t know anything, you cheated me, and denies everything. Shanti says I know everything, so you won’t admit it like this. She gets a wooden stick to beat Sarla. Kaushalya comes there and Sarla asks her to leave. Renu looks on. Kaushalya smiles and says nothing, and goes. Renu gets sad seeing Kaushalya bearing this.

Shanti asks Sarla to say now. Sarla says I was saying I can get hit by stick. Shanti says then tell me you did all this, you knew Riya loves Shivam, not Amit. Sarla cries. Shanti asks her not to cry and just answer you said its my mistake when its your mistake. Kaushalya comes to Raghav and laughs seeing him resting in store room. She jokes. They have a talk. He asks her to get sweets from Amma’s room. She thinks how to tell him whats Mahabharat going on there. She says no need to go now, you can leave in evening. He flirts with her and they smile.

Shanti asks Sarla to say the truth. Sarla says she forgot the names of Riya and Priya. Shanti confronts her. Sarla says I don’t know anything. Shanti says you said they are twin sisters, tell me the truth, else I will tell everyone. She raises the stick… and Sarla says I knew it, but I came to know later. Shanti says I understood, I did not know you will cheat the bride about the groom. Sarla says I did this for my son. Shanti scolds her and asks why did you not tell me, I took this decision because of you, and you are blaming me now, Amit is first grandchild, he made me Nani. Sarla asks why did she forget it at time of marriage. Shanti says Raghav asked me to do justice, I knew the truth, I did this to save you, I always loved you more. Sarla says you could have made Amit and Riya marry.

Shanti says new Mahabharat would have started, which I could not stop and fell in Raghav’s eyes. Sarla says I got insulted. Shanti says I did not like Riya, you took her side, she is very sharp and opposite of Kaushalya, why are you crying now. Sarla says you ruined Amit’s love. Shanti says she wants Riya to be in her hand. Sarla smiles. Shanti says she will start new Shanti Pudaan.

Shivam is restless and messages Nimmi asking about Riya. Nimmi asks him to come and meet Riya. He replies he wishes to come, but can’t. Nimmi says we are in dad’s room. Nimmi and Preeti tease Riya. Shivam comes there and smiles. He says he wanted to ask Sonal about newspaper, as dad wants it. Nimmi says we will find it. Riya smiles. Kaushalya comes and says Raghav has the newspaper. They ask what, and ask Shivam. Kaushalya smiles seeing Shivam and Riya, and says Raghav has habit, he keeps it and forgets, He would have asked him to get paper, tell him its under his pillow, go. Shivam goes. They all laugh.

Sarla acts annoyed. Shanti makes her wear some bangles. Sarla asks whats this, gold bangles, I don’t want it, is she buying forgiveness. Shanti asks what forgiveness, Raghav got bonus and I made nek for you as you became a mum in law. Sarla refuses. Shanti insists. Sarla thinks she wants to give me two bangles and take my 5 lakhs, but I will take my 5lakhs.

Bua and Sahil’s mum have an argument. Sahil says his mum’s lines and laughs showing Anupam. Riya says she wants to talk to Papa, and asks Preeti can she talk. Preeti asks why are you asking me. Nimmi gives the phone, and Riya says your message came. Shivam messages Nimmi can he meet Riya. Nimmi tells Riya that Shivam wants to meet Riya. Rani says Shivam is good, but I will also make Amit habituated to me.

Riya calls home and tells Bua that Shanti gave nek and managed everything. Bua asks what, how did she get big hearted, we are fine, you tell more about Kaushalya, is she happy with you, and Shanti? Riya says there is no problem here and Rani thinks she is innocent, she will know it soon. Riya tells the whole matter and sees Sarla. She says she will call later. Bua says maybe Shanti has come to her and cries worried for Riya. Sarla asks Rani to come, its bidaai time. Riya touches her feet. Sarla blesses her. Riya apologizes to Sarla. Sarla asks is she sorry from heart.

Riya says I know its my mistake, I should have been careful. Sarla says whatever happens is for good, we went to get one bahu and got two. She leaves. Riya touches Rani’s feet. Rani stops her and says we are of equal age. Riya says I know, but you are elder in relation. Rani says be happy, take care. Sarla taunts Rani. Riya sees this and asks Rani to take care.

Bua tells Anupam that she is worried for him, he will be alone here, how will he manage. She says I m thinking to call Radha and everyone here. Sahil’s mum asks Bua to leave, she will stay here if needed. Bua taunts her. Anupam says don’t worry, I have to stay alone now.

Amit gets angry seeing Riya and Shivam smiling. Kaushalya smiles and asks them to take Bua’s blessings. Sarla blesses them. Shanti starts crying and says no one has taken her husband’s blessings and takes all of them. Sahil’s mum says she will wind up Riya’s things. Sahil stops her. She says Bua is eyeing this house, don’t know what to do.

Amit asks whats all this. Shanti asks where did the pic go. Raghav shows his dad’s pic in his wallet and everyone take blessings. Shanti cries and says her radio is gone.

Renu gives 20000rs to Kaushalya and Shanti sees this. She says Kaushalya is smart to keep money, I know to get money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think they want to started rubbish again after marriage bcos yesterday spoiler said they separate them

  2. I think they want to started rubbish again after marriage bcos yesterday spoiler said they will separate them(shivam and riya

  3. Ohh no what a dream queen leady
    Both sarla & her mom’s are just ridicules but one thing that show interesting..

  4. RIya+SHIvam=RiShi

  5. reply abr my previous request of adding Tarak mheta ka ooltah chashmah…… as soon as possible..

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