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Mere Angne Mein 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupam saying I will not leave you. Shanti asks what will you do, will you call police, do anything, till my girls’ lives get better, Riya can’t come inside my house. She asks him to leave. Kaushalya says you don’t understand what happened with us, you are selfish. Anupam says you are selfish, Riya is sad and favoring you all, I would have send you all to jail. He levaes. Shanti sends Preeti to her room. Bunty asks Riya to spend time with Shivam, I will take you both on field trip. Riya asks her to call Shivam, and make her talk to him. Bunty calls Shivam. Riya takes the phone and asks him to listen. Shivam ends call.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that it will be good if Riya leaves forever, its time to take a tough step. Kaushalya says do anything, I m with you. Shanti

asks will you change then, I need your help, Anupam has gone mad, he threatened us of court and police. Kaushalya goes. Shanti starts acting infront of Shivam and cries. She says Anupam came and threatened us of police. Shivam gets angry. Shanti says Anupam just worries for Riya, he said if we don’t accept Riya, he will file dowry case, ask your mum. She asks Kaushalya to say how Anupam insulted them, and threatened of court. Kaushalya says yes, Anupam and Riya did limit, he insulted us.

Shanti says we will not keep any relation with Riya, you can go to her, I can’t see Kaushalya’s insult. Shivam says I don’t know what to say. Shanti says don’t do anything. She acts and packs his bag, asking him to leave Riya or go to her. She says we are old and can’t go to court, I request you to go to Riya’s house, become Ghar Jamai. Shivam keeps the bag and says sorry Dadi, I will not go anywhere and Riya won’t come in our house. Kaushalya gets relieved.

Shivam says I did mistake to get modern girl in this house. Shanti asks him to rectify mistake. He asks do you want me not to meet her. Shanti says I have seen you today meeting her, if you meet her daily, she will cry and say new story every day, one day your heart will melt and you will go, its better that you go today. He says sorry, I won’t go. He goes.

Shanti thinks Shivam is not hearing anything, I have to make Sarla do the work. Riya says I will convince Shivam, he loves me and will give me a chance, he is angry and not talking, he will talk to me soon. Shanti calls Sarla and says Asur had come, that Anupam. Sarla says I asked the man to make the papers. Shanti says get it written that Riya’s family does not want to keep the relation, we will show Shivam the papers and say Riya has sent it. Sarla asks how to take Riya’s sign. Shanti says I will manage that. She ends call.

Kaushalya calls Preeti and asks her to help her. She sends Preeti to get tomatoes from market. She asks Shanti to let Preeti work again. Shanti says no need, once we had sent her and see what happened. Kaushalya says fine, we have to inform Nandu’s parents about marriage. Shanti says we will tell them on right time, its not necessary right now.

Pari sees Sujeev coming home and starts the drama. She sits crying. Sujeev asks her why is she crying. Pari says nothing. He asks did anyone tell you anything. Pari says I will not say anything, I want to meet my mum, drop me my home. He asks why. She says I told Nimmi to make food, she is fighting with me, she said she will not cook as I m your wife and you are ill mannered, I felt bad. Sujeev gets angry and says stop crying, I can’t see you crying, Nimmi has to agree to you if she has to stay here, I will talk to mummy. He goes. Pari says now it will be fun and smiles.

Preeti sees Nandu working and helping a lady. The lady gives him some change and says I know your house runs by this money. Preeti cries. Nandu and Preeti come home. She asks him not to talk to her. He asks why. She says you look like joker, look at yourself, you look a servant, I m ashamed to call you my husband. He asks what to do that you like me. She says you can just become a peon, nothing else.

Sujeev looks for Sharmili. Sharmili asks what happened. Sujeev asks why is Nimmi not listening Pari. Pari says food is not made. Sujeev asks what will you feed everyone now. Nimmi says I have made food, I agreed to Pari, see all the food is ready on dining table, I told mummy ji to call many people. Pari says how is this possible. Sharmili tells Sujeev that Pari always fills your ears, you just agree to her and forgot I m your mum, you insulted me, do I have any respect or not, stay with Pari, I will leave from here. Sujeev stops Sharmili and scolds Pari for lying. He asks her to pack her bags and he will drop her home. Pari says relax, I was following traditions. Sujeev says it will happen what mummy says. Pari says fine, I will check did Nimmi cook food well or not. Sujeev says sorry and goes. Sharmili thinks Mama said right, I have to wait for right time.

Nandu talks to tea stall vendor and says look at the guys these days, no one sees men like us. The vendor asks him to change his style and look. Anupam comes home. Riya asks where did you go. He says I went to Shanti Sadan. She asks why did you go there, I told you not to go, I will handle. He asks what will you handle, they are blaming you for everything. She says its fine, they are angry. He says how can they blame you for everything. She says sorry, calm down, I will apologize to them. He asks her not to apologize, its their mistake, you will just your rights there. She asks him to listen. She thinks whats happening, Anupam and Shivam are not understanding, and asks Lord to help.

Rajendra comes as Riya’s lawyer. Shivam asks what is the matter. Rajendra says about divorce. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kiran jab os buddi shivam ka bag packs karahithi I notice kaushalya face she looks like a bayankar chudell

  2. Oh my… the pain of joint famlies…how tough!!

  3. Same old story how can be shivam so stupid why preeti silent is it not responsibility of elders to understand riya who is new in the household

  4. Are yaar is riya ko koyi mentos dedo yaar dimaag batti jaljayegi humesha off jo reti hai keheti hai jake maafi maaglegi idiot kahiki anupam bechara os buddi se jo paghga leliya os bekar shivam koto dekho kehetha kis time par shadi karli osse bhi mentos dedo shayad bholgaya hai

  5. Shanti and Sarla plans to take advantage of the situation and instigates Shivam against Ria.Shanti presents divorce papers before Shivam and instigates Shivam that Ria has sent these papers.Shivam is angry and signs divorce papers, Ria is heartbroken knowing that Shivam wants divorce.:@
    is serial me kuch accha nai hora….bakwas he sab….:-!

  6. I think kiran is buddi ka band bajane keliya ek New entry chahi ye I don’t trust dumb riya what about you kiran

    1. who is kiran can you tell me please?

  7. Forget it guys…the makers of the serial have lost all logic..the actors don’t demand a better script and yessss kaushalya is worst mother in law you can get…she is neither good nor bad …she is stuck in a time warp..she is like a car without headlamps..I hate shivam and riya is so stupid..nayi nayi shaadi hai and she acts so foolishly..what are they showing? which bhabhi will let her sister in law meet her lover on the marriage day?

  8. It’s time to turn the story around! The writers should give Riya a stronger and dominating role! Riya should be revengeful and expose lying Shanti and her evil daughterSarla . Kaushaliya the fool should stop patronising that ugly Shanti and start supporting her children and Riya. The writer of MAM should use his common sense. Make Shivam a man rather than a coward! Riya should give Shanti tit for tat so that the lying and bullying of the mother and daughter duo are suppressed! How long are we going to endure negativity from arrogant Shanti,Sarla and Kaushaliya? On the other side Pari’s wings are really trimmed by Nimmi and Sharmili. Well done by Nimmi and Sharmili! Please writers, bring in more challenges for positive characters. Simultaneously show us the concepts of good overcoming evil. We don’t want to see evil shanti winning!

    1. Well said…..!

  9. Chalo Now Everything is Done And Dusted.
    The SERIAL Finally LOST it’s TRACK (BEST to WORST). One SIDE These PEOPLE Are Damaging RIYA-SHIVAM Characters
    On The Other Side These PEOPLE Started Showing NANDU MAHARAJ As RABNE BANADI JODI SRK.
    Main kaie RAHE TOH Tumko ACHA Lagoonga?
    I Didn’t Even Believe That These PEOPLE Would Damage THIS SERIAL to This Extent.
    VERY BAD Very BAD.

  10. Why you asking hawa

    Don’t SPOIL The VIRGINITY Of GOOD People Like PREETI RIYA etc By Making Story UGLY.

  12. Its time Sarla exposed got ruining Preeti ,Mohit marriage and Mohit be punished for brutalizing Preeti. Nothing about that? It’s very bad,bad people getting away with anything.

  13. JAZ Actually RAANDI SHANTI DEVI KA Band RIYA hi Bhajasakti HAI.
    Lekin Jaise jaise SERIAL Progress HUA HAI,RIYA KA Character VAISA hi WEAK Kiye MAM staff.
    BAD Sign.
    Ab Dekho BUDDI yeh Dono KI Divorce Bhi Karvaari.
    Subanallah Kitni b Taarif KARO Kum Hai.

  14. Well said kiran ye serial ko bagvaan bacha saktha hai I hate ekta kapoor serials uske serials mein to story nahi mili tu divorce & marriages karado

  15. Either put this serial’s script in dustbin or revamp all characters in a positive way. Actors ko paise do toh koi bhi character karenge unki roji roti chalti hei na. Viewers shd post comments on star plus website tabhi akkal aayegi team aur channel ko. Itni ati dikhaakar accha dikhane ka koi fayda nahi hpga kyonki tab tak log dekhna chod denge. Ek taraf Siya ke Ram chala rahe Hein aur ek taraf yeh shanti roopi manthara ka serial. Accha hei?!?!

  16. I’m sure now Riya will be pregnant ( her dizzy spells) and Shivam will want his wife back…..but Shanti Devi will be against it and will go ahead with divorce. This will surely anger Raghav and Kaushalya as they will want their grand child.

  17. Rose RIYA is Not Pregnant
    Because These PEOPLE Didn’t PLAY CRICKET.
    That’s Why No Chance of PREGNANCY.

  18. Now rab ne bana di jodi track will be played nandu will change his stylea and preeti will begin to love nandu

  19. Writers of MAM should learn from the writers of DABH and Dehleez. Fantastic episodes are emerging from DABH and Dehleez.

  20. Shivam koto dabh ke suraj se kuch sikna hoga suraj ne apni patni ka saat khabi nahi choda lekin shivam jo kal kaha it’s just ridicules ayise koyi bolta hai kya apni biwi ko o ladki yaha nahi ayegi shadi koyi khel nahi cvs& mam ke so called writers kuch to brain do shivam ko saraka sara brain tu os evil buddi kojo dediya

  21. After viewing MAM again, it made me wonder why Riya is so desperate for that useless man Shivam. Shivam lacks charismatic qualities ! Look at other episode heroes! Suraj and Adarsh are worth all the respect but Shivam can only make ugly faces! Kaushaliya today looked like another Shanti devil in the making!

  22. Well said singh the cvs made shivam very dumbest hero pati hi apni patni ka saat dena chahiye agar pati ne hi saat chodiya tu patni kaha jayegi

  23. Jab leads meihi dum nahi hai tu show kaise chalega kisiko tu hona chahiye shivam nahitu riya lekin dono bekaar hai I waiting kab shanti & sarla expose hoge os buddi ki tu aisiki teisi ji chata hai un 3 idiot s ko goli mardu devil sarla gandi buddi shanti gatiya aurat kaushalya un teenoko rasise baankar ips sandya rati ke pass lejayo riya I want to see him jail

  24. Jaz CVS means What?

  25. Cvs means creatives kiran

  26. Dumb lead pair (so called new generation). Riya can’t even tell the truth that it’s all preethi’s fault. Why is she crying all the time instead of fighting with for her innocence. If she did nothing wrong why is she doing nothing about it. Jab sab uss pe chilla rahe the, kya usse ke muh mein dahi jamm gaya kya……., zor zor se chillake bol nahi sakti thi ki usse ne kuch nahi kiya, preethi ghar se bhaag gayi aur uss ko dhoondne keliye woh ghar ke baahar gayi thi……. ( Agar mere ghar mein aisi budiya ya sarla jaise koi hoti toh, usko tho mein din mein taare/narak dikhaati thi) and this retard Preethi…….., nandu pe tho bohat gusse se chillathi hain par uske ghar waalon ke saamne sach bolne ki himmath nahii hain, hakli kahiki….. Shivam such a namard….., can’t even raise his voice in his own house…….., bilnd fellow can’t even see what’s happenin’ and doesn’t even have the guts to call a spade a spade…., jo galath hain woh galath hain chahe woh koi bhi ho ghar ka buzurg ho ya sab se chota family member….., kisiski ghalathi uthake dikhane se uski insult karna nahi hota.

  27. Well said nisha

  28. I hate shivam dumbest acting jab jab ghar mein rehetha hai kise maro kiska sar phodo is ke alava kuch nahi atha osa isiliye riya kuch nahi keheti osse idiot kahika

  29. You call them lead pair? Lead pair is Shanti & Sarla.

  30. Started hating this show.why they are showing riyas character as weak.kaushaliya the worst mother in law. Kuch tho kokila modi se seeko.she looks like chudail.shivam the worst husband jo kabhi Riya ko support nhi karta Kuch suraj rathi se seekho. Nimmi was Gud. Bt I don’t knw y she is blaming Riya Fr preetis mistake. Preeti stupid girl.humesha nandu pe shout karti hai.nimmi and Preeti worst sister in laws. Sarla shanti evil planners. Nothing is there in the story now. Always showing Riya as weak others as strong

  31. Please end this serial. It teaches bad family values …end it

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