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Mere Angne Mein 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti wiping her tears and asking everyone what they are seeing. She gets an idea and says her husband has shown the way. She asks them to go to temples and get the bhandaar orders. Sarla thinks I will not go, who will work for them, I want to buy this house. Shanti asks them to get orders and come fast to help in completing orders. Shanti smiles happily.

Amit and Rani come home. Amit asks her to close door. She says I think no one is at home. He asks her not to tell anything to Nirmala. She says I won’t. He says we will steal money and get Shanti Sadan on my name, once that happens, then I will throw Ashok and Nirmala out. Rani asks why, he is a great man. He says you are great, just decide you want me or family, if we keep Ashok, Nirmala will come along. She

says I want just you, will you make Sarla leave. He says I will ask her to stay right, else we will make her leave, I will show them once I get the house on my name.

Shanti talks to Shivam and says Lord is making us homeless, did you do any arrangements. Riya comes home. She says Bunty is coming, she said she will tell me how much money I will get for jewelry, and that bhandaar people gave me 50000rs advance, we will get 2 lakhs for the order. Shanti hugs her and cries. She says you made my heart light today, I think it will be done, we will get orders, I have sent Kaushalya also to tell about our company, she will also get bhandaar order. Kaushalya comes and says I got an order, we will get 50000rs for it. Shanti praises her. Kaushalya asks will we be able to arrange money. Shanti says yes, and calculates. She says we will arrange money, have focus on doing bhandaar arrangements well. She says we will throw 6 lakhs on that officer’s face tomorrow. Shivam and Riya sign each other and smile.

Nirmala comes home and asks Rani and Amit which movie did they see, Sarla told her about their movie date. Rani says we saw Dharmic movie. Nirmala asks about Ashok. Amit asks Rani and Nirmala to go out and enjoy. Nirmala says I don’t want to. Rani says Ashok told me to get you out, he will make you have chaat pakodi. Nirmala gets glad and asks why did you not tell this to me before. Nirmala and Rani leave.

Bunty gets her aunt home. Shanti shows the jewelry and asks what will they get for it. The lady checks jewelry and asks do you want to sell this. Shanti says just mortgaged, we need money, its such phase of life, do you just take jewelry or house furniture. Riya thinks I did not tell Bunty about house auction.

Shanti shows her swing and says this has good design. The lady says I can’t give much money for swing, I can give 3 lakhs for jewelry, this Chandrahaar is very beautiful. Kaushalya says its my mum’s necklace, she gave me at my marriage time. The lady says I can’t give more than 3 lakhs. Amit looks for money in Sarla’s room. He says where did mummy keep money, I have to think like her. He checks mattress and gets money bundles. He laughs and dances happily after getting the cash. Door bell rings. Amit keeps the money in his clothes.

The lady says I will arrange money and come tomorrow at 10am. Shanti and Kaushalya feel bad to sell bahu and daughter’s jewelry. The lady says you can get the jewelry back in six months when you return money, else you have to sell it. Bunty says you will get your money on time, shall we leave. The lady says yes. Shanti stops the lady and says I don’t want to keep the jewelry mortgaged, I can’t sleep peacefully in this house if I keep bahu-daughters’ jewelry mortgaged. She asks Kaushalya to get Shanti Sadan papers from the trunk.

Sarla comes home. Amit gets shocked seeing her. He asks what are you doing here. She says this is my house, where else will I go. She asks did he clean Nirmala’s house, where is Rani. Amit says Rani is still there. She says Shanti Sadan is getting auctioned, I want to buy it. He stops her and asks how will you buy it, what will you tell Shanti, don’t buy it, Shanti will stay there. She agrees and says I m getting Nirmala’s house, I don’t need to buy Shanti Sadan. Amit asks her to sit in hall and party as they are getting new house. She says we will celebrate when we get the house.

She asks who opened my room’s lock. She sees the broken lock and says someone has broken lock by hammer, did you do this. She scolds him and asks what did you do. She gets shocked seeing her room messed up.

Riya asks why are you doing this Dadi ji, we can give jewelry instead house. Shanti says I can’t sleep peacefully, my ancestors will get angry and our work will not be done, we can save house if we get ancestors’ blessings. Kaushalya gets house papers and gives her. Shanti asks the lady to take house papers, and leave jewelry. She says I m giving Shanti Sadan to you…..

Shanti asks the lady about house mortgage rate. The lady says I can just give 3 lakhs, but more than that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why there is no progress in catching the chor ki queen sarla! I think this show is getting drowned, only way moron writers can save this show is to wash sarla stink from the show.

  2. I hope that sarla or Amit aren’t able to buy shanti sadan and shanti stops the auction.

  3. I hope that sarla or Amit aren’t able to buy shanti sadan and shanti stops the auction. Hope Riya can also help her.

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