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Mere Angne Mein 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Kaushalya not to talk to Raghav. Riya thinks to call Shivam or not to ask about which saree to wear. Bunty teases her that she has made her love story succeed and asks her not to call Shivam to surprise him. Rani sees Sarla sleeping and goes to Sarla’s room silently. She gets the photo frame. Sarla catches her and says I knew you will try to get this frame. Rani says she has come to get this cleaned and do dusting. Sarla scolds Rani and says she has got thief in her house. Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to come home. Sarla asks her to come at the icecream shop and ends call. Sarla is worried and calls Bansi to get rickshaw for her.

He says he is doing acting in Ramleela and his role will end. She says she is giving him villain role in real life,

come in same getup fast. Shanti sits murmuring alone and checks the trunk. Rani keeps an eye on Sarla and hides. Sarla sees Rani and runs fast to hide. Rani comes out and looks for Sarla. Sarla then scares her and asks is she spying on her. They have a saas bahu argument, with sweet taunts and fake emotions. Sarla asks Sonal to keep an eye on Rani. Sonal says Rani is my Bhabhi, not thief, and I have to go to tuitions. Sarla asks her to go.

Riya makes the thaali plate ready for the Teej. She clicks a pic and sends to Shivam. She wishes Shivam happy Hartalika. Sarla locks the room and asks Rani to take care of home. She says I will be back soon and leaves. Shivam smiles and messages Riya. Bunty teases Riya and asks did she not tell Shivam about her fast. Riya messages Shivam that she is keeping fast for him tomorrow. Shivam says fine, heart and stomach will also take his name. Sarla comes to the icecream parlor and meets Shanti. Bansi says Sarla has made her mum join her gang also. Bunty asks Riya to not call Shivam then their love will increase. She says if you keep distance, you will always be close to him.

Riya says she will try, but she can’t maintain distance with Shivam. Bunty says you both got married because of my ideas. Riya says how can I forget and reminds her what wrong went. Bunty takes the credit. Riya smiles and says let me call Shivam. Shivam does not see the phone. Riya says he will call me back, I will answer if he calls, now we are husband and wife. Shanti and Sarla meet and wear black goggles meeting secretly. Shanti says you wanted chandrahaar, now Kaushalya will not talk to Raghav till Deepavali, I will make you wear the Chandrahaar. Sarla thanks her. Shanti says she had to return 5 lakhs because of Raghav, and tells whats Amit’s rate for marriage, 15 lakhs. Sarla asks who is giving 15 lakhs. Shanti says pandit has said Amit for 15 lakhs, Shivam 15 lakhs and Raghav 18 lakhs, such a big loss. Sarla starts crying and says I was just asking 5 lakhs, Riya made our loss and I got Rani. She asks about Ashok’s rate. Shanti says no one will take him for free.

Shanti says I will make Kaushalya and Riya get a good lesson, Riya is modern girl, she does not know rituals and will make mistake, I will show different color of Kaushalya. Sarla says I m excited to see it. Kaushalya talks to Raghav’s pic and says she can’t live without talking to him and cries. Riya and Shivam rest to sleep and think about each other. Shivam hears Riya’s voice message and smiles. Riya asks him to come soon to take her, as she is missing him a lot, sorry to complain again. He sends the voice message that it was his mistake. She sends her I love you message and he replies he will say when times comes. She asks will she need to have rebirth to hear this, she is ready to have 7 births. He replies don’t you think 7 births are very less. They smile.

Its morning, Nimmi does the arrangements in the house for the Teej and talks to Shanti. Kaushalya asks Shanti about calling Riya and explaining Riya the rituals. Shanti says no, Lali is there to explain Riya, and it means you don’t trust Lali, fine I will call Lali and come. Rani thinks Sarla is troubling her. Amit comes and scolds Rani for meeting in the market. Sarla says that was not Rani. Amit asks was it her twin sister. Sarla says yes, it was Tani. Rani says yes. Sarla says Lord will make us meet Tani some day. Amit asks Sarla to know the rate of the land Prabha gave. Sarla says yes, we will know it in few days.

Bua says Shanti did not call to tell about the fast. Anupam says its good, we will get more time with Riya. Shanti calls Lali and asks her to see that Riya’s teej goes well. Bua tells Anupam that Shanti will never change, you talk to her, Shanti said she will come when she wants. Amit talks to Sarla and gets angry on Rani. He says he wants some land near Ashok’s canteen. Sarla asks him to talk to Ashok. Ashok comes and asks Amit to do some good legal work, and its not his land that he can give to Amit. Amit argues and says he wants half share for the canteen. Ashok says its not my canteen, I have just contract, it will get shut if you do anything.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to invite guests tomorrow. Kaushalya says Renu and Pradeep can’t come again so soon as kids have exams. Nimmi asks Shanti to call Bindu also. Shanti scolds her. She says Raghav will come now, don’t think to make any issue. Kaushalya says we will need some items and did you tell Riya about Teej. Shanti asks her to just go now. Kaushalya says sorry and goes. Shanti says she got educated bahu so saying sorry to me.

Raghav tells Shanti that his relation with mum and sister can’t break ever, and if anyone does not agree, then she can go to Maayka. Kaushalya looks on and gets sad. Shanti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell is going on
    Fool Raghav doesn’t understand the relationship between wife and his own children’s. Really it’s enough
    Riya plz come back hurry and teach a good leation…..

  2. Raghav u r really hopeless pls marker change story line it’s really high time …. I like serials but not insult of khuslaya by shanti and now form Raghav also ….. do some thing but pls fast

  3. How come hartalika teej is coming on next day of raksha bandan?

  4. ragav is an impotent fool ,mother sucker

  5. ragav should throw himself in front of the train where he works

  6. the production team are the biggest morons

  7. I actually stoped watching this serial change d story otherwise u vll loose d audience..

  8. Rita is going to break her fast due to her brother and kaushalya is going to taunt her becbecause of shanti n shivam falls dwn the stairs causing further problems shivriya shriya rivam

  9. finly stoppes watching this serial…i liked this serial bcoz of d talented star cast they had but this slow and boring storyline makes dis serial more worst….a normal life can run more faster then dis serial

  10. Oh come on!! What the hell is that?? Don’t show that the relationships are just so materilistic. I never saw a husband could be so dumb as Raghav, sister as sarla could be so selfish and a devil mother as Shanti devi. Please change the story line. Should stop this nonsense….????

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