Mere Angne Mein 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shanti that she made list and has to go, as Kaushalya got strict these days. Shanti asks her to remember everything. Riya says yes and leaves. Shanti sees the swing and imagines Kaushalya making Riya work as servant. Kaushalya sees Nimmi’s finger bleeding and faints. Shanti says no, Kaushalya is wax hearted, she can’t manage my house, I have to do something.

Nirmala has head ache. Rani gives her sugar salt water and says it will be problem if you die. Nirmala asks her to have some shame. Rani laughs. Sarla comes home. Rani tells Sarla that if you were at home and saw the movie, your life would have got completed. Sarla asks what happened, did Nirmala die. Rani says no, she got saved, Shanti Sadan’s three Devis Shanti, Kaushalya and Riya came

and have beaten up Nirmala. Nirmala says enough Rani, I will never leave from this house. Sarla asks what do you mean, you will die and leave. Nirmala says I will see. Sarla says I will slap you and your teeth will fall. Rani smiles.

Nandu asks Preeti to come and have her fav Pani puri. Preeti asks won’t you have it. Nandu says no, I had food. Preeti eats pani puri. Nandu asks her to be careful. She smiles. He asks her to tell Pari not to be with Ramesh, he does not like it. Preeti says why, Ramesh looked happy, its good if they marry, Pari will support our marriage first, you also support her. He nods and thinks things are going too far, I have to do something. He asks her to come for shopping.

Riya lights diya and does puja to impress Shanti. Kaushalya thinks Riya has become very much discipline these days and doing things so well. She says great, you did everything. Riya says I made the 9 girls list. Kaushalya says you should have asked me. Riya says its my duty also. Nimmi comes and says I invited the 9 girls. Riya says you should have taken list. Kaushalya says you should have asked me. Nimmi says why, I do this work every year and its my duty to do work. Shanti thinks they are doing this work to show me, I know, I will not give in so easily. Preeti comes home. Nimmi says I think Shanti gives money to Preeti. Shanti says I will never give money for shopping. Nimmi asks how did Preeti do all year shopping at once. Preeti hides shopping bag. Shanti asks Preeti what did she get, show.

Nimmi checks the bags and shows costly saree. Nandu comes. Preeti lies that Nandu gave her saree. Shanti asks Nandu did he give this. He nods. Nimmi thinks why is Preeti scared if Nandu gave her saree, Preeti is hiding something, I can’t believe she went with Nandu on shopping. Shanti asks Kaushalya will she not do aarti. Riya hears this and runs to do aarti. Kaushalya sings.

Sarla asks Pari from where is she coming. Pari says I went for work. Sarla scolds her and says I have seen you with a guy. Pari denies. Sarla says you are lying. Pari says fine, I was with a guy, its my life. Sarla asks her to go her home, else do as she says. Pari asks Sarla when did she think of respect when she sold Ashok. She tells about Preeti who is having affair despite being married. Sarla asks who are you talking about. Pari says Preeti. Sarla smiles.

Preeti keeps saree in cupboard. Nandu comes. Preeti says don’t think that you did favour on me by supporting me. He asks do you care for what I think. She says I don’t care. He says I m happy that you bought saree for festival. She shows saree and throws it. She goes. Nandu keeps saree and says keep it safe, you got it, wear in festival. He goes.

Sarla asks Pari is she saying right. She says maybe its neighbour guy. Pari says no, his name is Lucky. Sarla says you gave me good news, else I was going to beat you, I m glad, I will use this news and burn Shanti Sadan. Pari asks for fees to get good news. Sarla says you are staying in my house, adjust this in the rent. Pari says these taunts have become old, money will come to me on own. Sarla smiles.

Sarla says I will snatch peace from Shanti’s family, I got insulted there, now its your turn to get insulted, I will start with Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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