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The Episode starts with Shanti seeing Preeti resting and her phone on charging. She goes to check the phone and her phone rings. Preeti asks what happened, do you need phone. Shanti makes excuse. Nimmi looks on. Shanti goes. Nimmi teases Preeti. Preeti says she has got all frustration out and now she feels relieved.

Nimmi makes her say that she loves Mohit. Preeti says I love Mohit ji and blushes. She checks her purse and says the money is not here, 25000rs was office amount. Nimmi tells her that Pari was here and she makes some plan. She takes Preeti with her. Shanti is on phone and sends Preeti. Nimmi goes with Preeti.

Shanti asks Riya about forms. Riya says we came in market, but we did not get forms filled. Vyom laughs and tells Mata ji about Pari. He says we have to act as

we have planned. Shanti calls Sarla and says Sarla Sadan will be made, we will give instalments by Riya’s salary. Shanti says she will call her when she gets layout. Nimmi and Preeti come there and greet Sarla. Sarla asks why did they come here, am I dreaming. Preeti says we had to come. Sarla asks why. Nimmi says we came to meet you. Preeti asks how is she now. Sonal welcomes and hugs them.

Nimmi asks Pari to make her friend ready for marriage, she can get good amount. They go to Pari’s room and checks the room for money. Preeti says I remember you took the money, return it, its office money. Sarla calls Shanti and asks did you send Preeti and Nimmi, you should have sent food for me. Shanti says they are clever, I was busy on phone and they went, fine I will send food, we are arranging for Kanya pujan function now. Nimmi argues with Pari and pushes her. Sonal says I have seen money in Pari’s bag and tells Preeti to take it from bag.

Pari says leave my purse. Nimmi says its our money. Sarla comes there and asks whats happening here. Nimmi tells Pari that she will tell this in parlor if anything is known to Sarla. Nimmi hugs Pari and says good news. Sonal says Pari has kept Preeti’s office money safe. Nimmi thanks Pari. Pari says yes, I kept money safe. Pari returns money unwillingly. Riya and Shivam come to get customer feedback and tell the people about survey. Riya says they can get free sample after filling survey forms.

Sonal says Preeti thanked me by love and sends Nimmi and Preeti. Sarla gets thinking. Shanti asks Kaushalya about girls visiting Sarla. Riya and Shivam go to other place to get survey forms filled. Shivam tries similar thing. The lady calls the servants and says someone has come like this before, get lost. Shivam tells Riya that he was thrown out by the lady.

Riya laughs and he asks her to help him. She falls on him. The people taunt her for romancing here on the road. Shivam says I not so bold to romance here. Riya starts crying and says don’t open eyes Shivam. The man asks what happened to him. She says he fell by sunstroke. The man gives her water. She sprinkled water and says you got conscious. Riya says she will drive the bike and take her husband. She lies that she knows driving, if she can keep fast for her husband, she can drive bullet for his good health too. Shivam nods and asks her to come before anyone catches her.

Nimmi and Preeti come home and say she has gone to meet Sarla. Shanti says she is tensed about Riya’s work. Kaushalya washes the girls’ feets for Kanya pujan. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Riya did not get her salary yet, and Shanti is expecting money. Kaushalya does the kanya pujan. Riya says she can drive and Shivam is scared. She drives the bullet bike well. They smile.

Sujeev tells Mata ji that he will manage everything. She asks really, I m fit and fine now, thanks. She says I will go now. Vyom asks her to come. Sujeev stops them. Sujeev asks Vyom to play chess with him, and Mata ji cries as her plan is flopping. Shivam and Riya get forms filled. The girls stare at Sivam and hold him. Riya gets jealous seeing them. She takes forms from the girls and sends them.

Riya gets Shanti’s missed calls and calls her. The battery goes. He says we will go home in some time, leave it. Vyom makes excuses and says I have to go. Sujeev does not let him go. Vyom says we can play hide and seek. Vyom acts like fainting. Mata ji asks Vyom to come soon. Sujeev asks Vyom to take rest and takes him to the room. Pari comes there and looks at the grand looking lavish house. She gets impressed. Shanti gives bangles and 11rs to every girl. Nimmi takes video. Shanti asks her not to take her pic as she is upset.

The boss asks everyone to submit forms. Riya and Shivam look on. Sujeev makes Vyom have water. Vyom says thanks for bringing me to your room, I m feeling peaceful. Vyom tells Mata ji that he is in Sujeev’s room. Mata ji and Mama see the live feeds of CCTV. She says our work should be done today, we worked hard for this day. Mata ji sees Pari stealing the things and asks Mama to do anything to get Pari in their home. The light goes and they worry as their plan is flopping. She asks Vyom about powercut. Vyom says I don’t know, Sujeev is not leaving me. Pari leaves from there. Shanti waits for Riya and Shivam. They come home. Shanti looks at them and asks about forms.

Shanti dances expecting salaries. Nimmi says you won’t get anything. Shanti gets annoyed as Riya gives her a letter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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