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Mere Angne Mein 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Raghav getting Sarla to doctor. Rajendra in doctor’s disguise checks Sarla and does not tell about cancer stage and type. He says he has checked reports, did they bring money. Shanti gives Rs 25000 and says just make my daughter fine. Rajendra says he has shown reports to 25 doctors and they all said Madam X has this disease. Sarla stares at him. Shanti asks how did Madam X come in this matter, do you treat her, then you will not treat Sarla. Raghav asks who is she. Shanti says she is dangerous woman, she kidnapped Anupam, Shivam and Sarla, we will not be here. Raghav goes to attend call. Sarla says this is best doctor.

Shanti says she has seen him, he is animal’s doctor. Riya told about best doctors in Banaras, we wll go there and takes Rs 25000

back. She goes. Sarla scolds Rajendra and starts acting like fainting. Raghav lifts Sarla and makes her lie on the ward bed. Shanti asks Rajendra to check Sarla. Rajendra talks silly and Sarla worries. She thinks to do something. Raghav says this man was waste, he did not tell about cancer type, what will he do treatment. Sarla says he is good doctor and asks him to explain Raghav. Rajendra says her entire body has cancer, if she is not treated, she will die in 2 months.

Raghav tells Shanti that this doctor is waste, he will not treat Sarla, we will go where Riya said. Rajendra holds Sarla’s feet and Raghav sees him. He asks why is he holding Sarla’s feet. Rajendra says I m treating her. Raghav asks Sarla to come, they will show reports to another doctor, Riya was right. Sarla gets angry on Riya. She asks Shanti to give money to doctor. Shanti scolds Rajendra. She says she will show Sarla to good doctor and goes. Sarla slaps Rajendra and removes his wig. Rajendra asks what will we do.

Sonal asks Ashok to have some food. Ashok says I m not hungry, where is Sarla. Sonal says she went to Nani. He says I m going temple to pray for Sarla, even I m sad and worried for her, but no one regarded me part of Sarla’s life. Sonal asks him not to get sad of Nani and Sarla’s words. He says I m helpless and unable to do anything for Sarla. Sonal pacifies him. He asks her not to cry. She says she will also come with him to temple barefoot till mummy gets fine.

Mama shoos off bad sight from Sharmili. She gives him one rupee. Pari argues with Sharmili and asks for gold coins. Sharmili gives her 10rs and asks her to do shopping. Pari says nothing comes in 10rs. Sujeev scolds Pari and asks her to say sorry to mummy, she is bad Pari. Vyom stops Sujeev and asks her to leave Pari. Sharmili asks Vyom why is he saying between husband and wife. Pari apologizes to Sharmili and cries.

Raghav and Shanti bring Sarla home. Sarla acts like she is really unwell. Kaushalya asks what did doctor say. Riya says Bua will be fine, we spoke to city doctors. Raghav says this doctor was waste. Shivam says we will take Bua to Delhi doctor, don’t worry. Raghav says yes, we have to take Sarla, I will take Shivam and Riya, they are educated. Nimmi says we have to learn this from Riya, how to play band and then make everyone hers. Sarla says won’t get saved now and is worried for Amit.

Sharmili calms down Sujeev. Sujeev forgets everything and asks Pari why is she holding ears. Pari says you told me. Sujeev asks when did I say, and asks Vyom to fix appointment with doctor, they will show Pari. Sharmili shows the gifts to them. Pari says I knew mummy loves me. Sharmili says this is special chain, this is Kamarbandh. Pari likes it.

Sarla brings white cloth and everyone ask what is she doing. Sarla eats tulsi and asks Nimmi to get gangajal, do my final rites. She lies down on the white cloth. Sarla cries and says let me die. She says no one believes my disease and doctor. Shanti says they all want your good. Raghav asks Sarla to be quiet. Sarla says its related to money, don’t know what children think. Sarla insists that she will get treatment done by doctor she chose, as city doctor will cost more lakhs. Raghav and Shivam pacify her. Pari tries taking selfie with Vyom, and Sharmili scolds her. She asks her to serve 50 people food, as its ritual done by elder bahu.

Raghav tells Sarla that he will do as she says and calms her down. Raghav asks Riya to convince Sarla to show to any good doctor. Riya promises him that she will convince Sarla. He leaves. Sarla asks Riya what did she promise. Riya asks her not to worry. Sonal walks barefoot and Rani’s uncle Madhav sees her. Sonal tells him about Sarla’s cancer. He goes to meet Ashok. Sonal comes home. Rani sees her crying and gives her water. She says Sarla will get fine.

Prabha asks Rani about Sarla, where did she go. Rani tells about Sarla’s cancer. Prabha is glad and thanks Lord for hearing her prayers. Rani asks did she get mad. Prabha says don’t act, you can’t become my daughter. Rani argues. Kaushalya asks Sarla to have her fav food. Sarla refuses. Riya sees Sarla’s file. Shanti feeds Sarla. Pari sees Vyom and fake cries. Pari says I love you, that’s why Sujeev did not touch me till now. Vyom asks really, then what happened that time, did it not happen. She says are you doubting me, I will miss you and pass my life.

Sarla eats food and finishes everything. She gets a call and goes. Riya thinks to show the reports to other doctor. Riya takes the file and hides it. Pari says I shall leave. Vyom asks her to answer, she lied to him about Sujeev, she loved him, then why did she leave him. Did she like Sujeev more? Did you feel Sujeev has property? Why did you blame Sujeev for wrong thing? Pari asks what shall I do, you did not marry me, Sujeev was brave. She cries and says I did wrong, you should have stopped me. She thinks she did drama and Vyom did wrong, she will get him soon. She smiles and leaves. Vyom gets thinking.

Sarla says I will leave now. She asks where are my reports. She asks everyone about the file. Riya takes pics of the reports to show to any good doctor. Preeti and Nimmi get sad seeing Sarla. Preeti gets Mohit’s call. Nimmi teases her. Preeti says she is upset. Nimmi asks her to talk to Mohit, if he really loves you, he will understand you, if he is good, you should go ahead. Preeti is scared and tells her dilemma. She gets Mohit’s message. He writes if she does not come to meet him outside house else he will come inside house. Preeti tells Nimmi and worries. Nimmi asks her to call him and inform about problems at home. Preeti says call is not connecting, do something. Nimmi asks what shall I do. Shanti calls Preeti. Sarla asks who has stolen my reports. Shanti asks who will steal it. Sarla says its very important papers, and cries panicking. Sarla asks where is Riya.

Kaushalya says Riya is in kitchen. Sarla goes to kitchen and shows Riya with the report. She says she is finding reports like mad, and Riya is here. Sarla takes reports and scolds her for doubting her. Riya says I was shooing off bad sight of reports, sorry, Sarla was on phone so I got reports. Sarla says you are lying, I don’t trust you. Sarla says I will not stay here, she will die. She leaves. Riya is relieved and thinks to find about reports soon.

Riya shows reports to doctor and asks for second opinion. The doctor says this patient will die, this report is wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sorry to say that this serial is one of the worst in hindi soaps.people like sarla should die in shame .god knows what the indian audience is learning from this sh-t.

  2. most of the characters in this serial are merely morons that have been created by the worst script writers and the production team .rate 2 out of 10.stupid morons.

  3. I reserves my comment. Please the writer of this film should the story the storyline before you lose all your fans .

  4. How can sarla escape every time n how does her family believe her n getting fooled , worst serial ever ….. Pari’s is worst role too

  5. Where does Kausi’s loyalties lie ?. When Shanthi tells Raghave about Pari, Kausi seems to agree. Is she hiding truth from Raghave to be loyal to Shanthi ?. To me Kausi is the worst person. No backbone. No self respect. She is a slave to Shanthi. She reminds of women who tolerate abusing behaviour of husbands. Only difference is Kausi tolerates Shanthie. She is very harsh on her children and Riya.

  6. nicole ionescu

    I feel really , really sorry for the actors – they are playing well, but the script is awful and non educative. Im loosing time and nerves watching it.

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