Mere Angne Mein 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya getting shocked after talking to Nandu. Nandu says Shivam, Raghav and Sarla went there. Kaushalya asks Riya why are you acting to find Shanti, you have kidnapped her, don’t call again. She ends call and asks Nandu not to answer Riya. Nandu leaves. Riya tells Bunty that I don’t know its Shanti’s plan or she is kidnapped, we have to get her back soon. She tells what Nandu said, but I have my house there, is Shanti planning to trap me by using my house. She calls Anupam and asks where are you. He says I m going to get keys from keymaker, key is lost and I stayed at neighbor house yesterday. She asks him not to go home, I m reaching. He wonders what happened, why did she say so. Riya tells Bunty that they want to trap me and Papa in Shanti’s kidnapping, think everything

is signing about it.

Sarla confuses Raghav and Shivam, and asks auto driver to take auto to civil lines. Shivam asks her to say one address. Sarla asks him why did he not show this anger to Riya, Shanti would have not gone then. Raghav says stop it, is this time to say. Sarla gets a call and acts. She says fine, follow my Amma, I m reaching there.

Nandu tells Riya that they are going near your house, they feel Dadi is there. Riya calls Anupam and requests him not to go home. He asks what are you saying, I won’t listen to you, its my house, why won’t I go there. Sarla stops auto and talks to the man. He says we reached here, and asks Shivam to talk to the man. The man tells Shivam to walk ahead, he will tell him house number. Chanda prays for Shanti. Kaushalya sees this. Chanda feels guilty and thinks its happening because of her. Kaushalya asks her not to cry. Chanda blames herself. She says I will go to temple barefoot, but send Shanti back. Kaushalya smiles. Chanda sings a bhajan. Riya says we will go home by back door. Riya and Bunty enter the house and look for Shanti. The man asks Shivam to enter the house. Shivam gets shocked seeing Anupam’s house and tells Raghav that the man is asking us to go inside this house. Raghav gets shocked too.

Riya says we have to do something Bunty, find Shanti, go from window. Sarla says this house is…. Shviam says someone is trying to trap Riya, she can’t do this. Sarla tells what Riya did to ruin Preeti and Nimmi’s life. She cries. Raghav asks her to stop it, we don’t know whether they are culprit or not. The man asks Shivam to keep 10000rs there and then he will say what to do. Sarla gives the money. Anupam comes and asks what are you doing here. Sarla says you have kidnapped Shanti, so we came here. Anupam asks what, I did not expect this. Raghav says I will see inside house once.
Anupam asks them to come and see. Rajendra and Bansi tie Shanti to the chair by ropes. Riya comes there and gets shocked. Shanti starts acting and says it means you have kidnapped us. Riya thinks to shift Shanti, else Anupam will lose respect. She gets a sword.

Anupam says I was wrong to get my daughter married in your house, if there is nothing, I will file defamation case. Sarla looks for Shanti inside the house. Sarla says how can this happen, Shanti is not here. Anupam asks did anyone say, or you got Raghav here to insult me with wrong blame. Shivam thinks I knew Dadi can’t be here.

Pari goes to Nimmi’s room and says if Nimmi applies sindoor, how will Vyom get scared, so no sindoor today. She takes sindoor box and goes. Bunty asks them how did they come here. Anupam says they are using our goodness, they should be shame, maybe Shanti left that’s why. Raghav says we have limit to hear things. Anupam asks him to think his pain, when they kicked out his daughter. Raghav says I have also two daughters, who are in pain, I have seen Shivam’s life getting ruined, Riya could not become part of our family, this would have not happened. Shivam says let it go, don’t take things ahead. He apologizes to Anupam. He says maybe that man gave wrong info to Sarla, come, we will leave. Sarla says they kidnapped Shanti, I will go and see in other room. Raghav asks Sarla to stop it and leave. Sarla says maybe they killed Shanti.

Anupam asks what nonsense, Shanti is not here. Shivam says we will go, Papa ji is saying Dadi is not here. Sarla says Riya will not leave you, I m saying. Shivam says we have to report in police, come. Sarla gets worried. They leave from Anupam’s house. Anupam asks Bunty where is Riya, whats happening. Bunty wishes Riya did her work. Riya is on the way with Shanti and tells auto driver that she is doing this for her family, you can’t understand my pain. He says I understood how you risked life to free Shanti. Riya smiles. She asks auto driver to stop the auto. Shanti says help and gets out of the auto.

Sarla blames Riya. Riya tells Raghav to punish her, I will burn myself, kerosene is already fallen on me. She ignites a matchstick. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update amena

  2. Good Morning in ADVANCE JAZ ROZ Noori Fathi Gitz Lovely And Everyone.
    First of All Guys I Didn’t Insult Anyone on 20th May 2016.
    I Only Insulted The Cheap Characters

    I Didn’t Say That The People of INDIA Are BAD.
    I Said The Characters (Roles) of This SERIAL ARE DISGUSTING.
    Kaushalya And Nimmi Also can be Framed.
    I Gave Comments Regarding EVIL CHARACTERS.
    I Didn’t Point Anyone.
    I Just Said that Am Not WRONG.


    1. Haaan Adi, show mein possitive se zyaada negative characters he and hamesha evil wins….Whenever Riya does a mistake ,,small or big ,,it would be soon revealed and they will make it an international issue…lyk in the first part where Riya unknowingly breaks her fast for Shivam and Kaushalya find it and make it a big issue….bt so many things done by Shanthi,Sarla e.t.c still not revealed lyk Sarla Kidnapping as Madam X, creating misunderstanding b/w Preethi and Mohit and their families,making MMs, and all the things Shanthi did against Riya since Preethis engagement wid Vyom…e.t.c

    2. Adu first gd MORN. Why adi you telling like that. No adi you ALWAYS RIGHT.tum khabhi bhi ghalat hohi nahi sakti.TUM ne aysa kuch nahi kaha adu pls.apna moodh karab mat karo yaar.jisse khena hai khenedo adi.

    3. GD MORN. Adi noori fathi roz.&shabe-be raat Mubarak ho. Aap sabku .

    4. Chot lage tujku tu dard muje hota hai.ahnk teri chalke tu dil ye mera rota hai.rota hai.Adi.Adi jisne bhi tume Hart kiya he .mei usse chodugi nahi.tumara comments padkar mere dil rota hai.really I’m crying Adi. Don’t BE upset my friend.

    5. Adi….as Jaz said we didn’t find your comments offensive…U didn’t insult anyone…so just chill yaar….

    6. and whatever u said thumne sahi kaha…….

      1. HI roz Gd afternoon. Roz noori is missing TODAY.

      2. Roz.hum tu srif actors character ke bhare bolte hai Na.tu kuch logo ki ye baat samaj mei kyun nahi athi. Adi ku ayisa ku lagta hai ki usne kisi ki INSULTS ki.usne ayisa khabhi nahi kaha roz. Jase bhi ho muje adi ke comments bahoot acha lagthe hai. Mei adi ki comments ki fan hoon.


    1. Adi.meine tumara ye comments pada tabse mera mood kharab hogaya yaar.pls adu …TUM galat nahi ho. .ayse comments tumei SUIT nahi karthe. TUMare comments tu COMEDY hi ache hai.& I love your comments.Adu you no one thing tumare comments MERE ghar mei bade hit hai. Apne apku gilti feel mat karo.humne srif apna OPINION galat hai.pata nahi adi.TUM kiske comments se pareshaan hogayi ho. Naam batho muje uska. Jisne meri friend ka mood kharab kardiya.

  4. The truth is supposed to be shown expecially the grandmother she is so wicked, the truth is supposed to prevail

  5. Every evening it feels like entering a lunatic asylum willingly.

  6. Amena ji plz update the serial that day itself plz

  7. Good morning Adi, Noori, Jaz,Fathi and all
    I must say this was was such a nice epi…after long time Riya won…..!!
    Shivam was better than Raghav in this epi he didn’t even apologized to Anupam and was blaming Riya,,,,O raghav kiddo it’s nt bcozz of Riya ,your amma is the root cause of each nd evry prblm in ur house….no words for stupid Kaushalya
    and WTH is this Sarla’s prblm…she was saying lyk Riya made Preethi leave the home before mrg and Riya made Nimmi sit at Preethi’s place bla bla……when will this stupid Preethi open her mouth and say that she did all by her wish…

    1. HI Roz Gd morn .roz I think adi ku kisine Hart kiya hai.roz adi ne kisi ki INSULTI nahi ki. Kise ke comments se o bahoot upset hai.tum Adi ki samjavo. Mei kal hi comments de pahogi because I’m going to my sasural. Aaj humari eid hai. (Shabe-be raat) ok kal ka EPISODE was nice. Pls roz adi samjavo PLS.

      1. kisne hurt kiya…mujhe comments padkar kuch nahi samaj me aayi…bt she
        didn’t say anything bad…

  8. If it is possible

  9. hi jaz n evry1
    how r u all… nd yes adi jaz z saying ryt.. u dnt b upset… let d wrld say wteva dey want.. u jx chill yar?

    1. Noori..thum late ho gayi

  10. hehe haan i c

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