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Mere Angne Mein 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti going to lift Mohit’s ghunghat. Shivam comes and stops her. Shanti gets busy in talk and asks parlor lady/Mohit to make Preeti beautiful. Mohit goes upstairs. Nandu is sad and Kaushalya gives him some work. Vyom says its burning as if someone mixed chilli in it. Sharmili asks who can do this. Pari says mom ji would have mixed chandan, I will get cold water for Vyom. Sharmili says he will catch cold, its his marriage, come here, I feel you added chilli in it, if you did this, I will not leave you. The lady asks Sharmili what is this way to talk to Pari.

Pari tells the guests that Sharmili always threatens her, Sharmili can’t see anyone talking to her with respect. She creates a scene. Pari says Sharmili is blaming me that I added chilli in haldi. She tells

this to Sujeev as well. Sujeev asks whats happening mummy. Pari cries. Sharmili hugs Pari. Pari asks what happened. Sharmili says Pari is worrying for chilli, who mixed it, I was saying maybe chilli was grinded in the same jar in which haldi is grinded. She changes her statement.

Mohit comes to Preeti’s room and shows his face. Preeti gets shocked seeing him. Sharmili says I m your saas and elder, if I scolded you by love, its fine. Vyom says its burning, do something. Pari says I told you to take bath by cold water. Sharmili says that water has to go to girl’s house, she will also get chilli. Pari says let it happen, they will be happiness and sorrow partners. Sujeev says come Vyom, I will make you bath with cold water, this burning sensation will end.

Shanti records everyone dancing. Nimmi makes Kaushalya dance. Prabha tells Rani that something happened in Amit’s shop. Sarla gives them laddoo and scolds Prabha. She defends Amit. She argues with Prabha over nek and scolds Bindu as well. Bindu asks for nek. Sarla says I will slap her now, I gave enough nek in Amit’s marriage. Renu says come for dance, its marriage house, dhol is playing, we will enjoy.

Preeti tries to go out and Mohit stops her. He says I have come to meet you, calm down. He holds her and she cries. Pari puts cold water on Vyom. Sharmili says enough, its done now. Pari asks for nek. Sharmili says I will give nek, stop putting cold water, he will get ill. Sujeev asks will Vyom not do puja, how long will he take bath. Sharmili says see your wife, she is not agreeing and asking for nek. Sujeev finds Pari cute and says she needs nek. Sharmili says I will give. Pari tells her wishes. Sujeev asks what this much… and asks Sharmili to give her necklace to Pari.

Sharmili gives the necklace to Pari. Pari asks Vyom did the burning sensation get less. Sujeev covers Vyom with towel and takes him. Sharmili gives her earrings as well. She scolds Pari and Pari argues being confident that Sujeev is liking her. Sharmili gets angry.

Nimmi tells Riya that I will go and see Preeti, she will not say anything if makeup is improper. Riya says fine, go and see her. Shanti stops Nimmi and asks where are you going. Nimmi says I m going to see Preeti, if she wants anything, I told Riya. Shanti says there are many guests, do the work. Mohit tries Preeti’s mouth and hands. He removes the saree and comes to his real avatar.

Sharmili says water is ready, whom to send to girl’s house. Pari says I m here, I will go and give it. Sharmili says I will send thief, not you, go and do work. She calls Mama and asks him to take shagun water at girl’s house. Sujeev asks Sharmili to help Vyom. She asks Mama to leave. Sharmili goes with Sujeev. Pari asks Mama to apply perfume on his sherwani. Mama says you are right, take care of his pot, I will just come. Pari smiles and says if Vyom got burning sensation, bride should also feel the same. She adds chilli powder in the water and says it will be fun now.

Mama comes to Shanti Sadan and collides with Sarla. She says sorry. He starts staring at her and she gets worried seeing his flirty stare. Makdi Mama………plays…………. She asks why are you standing here, I have to go. He blocks her way. She repeats…..

Mohit locks the door and window by chains and locks. He says Preeti ji, none can stop this marriage now, no need to be scared, our marriage will happen by much love. Preeti cries. Mohit shows red bridal dupatta. Kaushalya asks Sarla to get Mama inside. Mama says I got shagun haldi water. Kaushalya takes the pot. Sarla goes and Mama flies after her. Nimmi greets Mama. Kaushalya introduces Mama. Mama greets Shanti. Kaushalya does his aarti and tilak. Mohit brings a small havan kund, fire sticks and ghee. He keeps all that in a big plate. Mama eats sweets and asks Sarla to eat sweets by his hand. She says thanks, I will eat. Shivam tells Kaushalya that he did all the work, I m going upstairs to make place in my room. He greets Mama and goes. Nimmi tells Shivam that she wants to see Preeti. Shivam says Preeti is already beautiful, she does not need makeup. Nimmi agrees. Mohit says we will get married soon…. He makes Preeti wear the dupatta. She cries seeing him.

Mohit puts garlands in Preeti’s neck. He ignites fire and asks Preeti to come. Nimmi comes there with Riya, and sees Mohit lifting Preeti in arms and taking wedding rounds. Riya and Nimmi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Both mohit, pari sick. Hope Raghav, Sivam beats Mohit well. It’s no way to force a girl.

  2. I feel sad for Preti and Mohit. It was a lovely story between them. I don’t know why the writers have turned it like that ??????

  3. interesting let’s see next…

  4. nice episode awesome show … their comic timing is really very awesome it is best than other emotion meaningless drama series …!

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