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Mere Angne Mein 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prabha firing questions on Ashok. Rani and Amit lie that puja was going on and take away Ashok. Prabha says I understand what was going on. Nandu as Lucky waits for Preeti at the garage. He sees Preeti and starts talking like a RJ. She smiles and says RJ is not like this, did you not hear RJ Mohit. He asks do you like him. She asks him where is his elder brother. He says he has gone out, I will make you meet my owner. Nandu gets the boy Rohan. Rohan greets Preeti and compliments her. Nandu asks him to go and get tea. Preeti smiles and asks Nandu what is he seeing. He asks which car does she want to buy. She tells about two wheeler, and he laughs. She says I will go. He stops her and says you have a good smile, but what is the matter that your pain does not hide even if you


She says some pain are such which do not hide, do you have a family. He says yes, a big one, they love me a lot. She says I can see that love on your face, but no one loves me at my home, I m alone. He says I don’t agree, which family will not love their daughter, its misunderstanding, clear it. She says its my birthday tomorrow, my Papa got gifts for my younger sister, not for me, now did you understand why I m sad. She says I m getting late and leaves.

Ashok asks Nirmala to wipe her sindoor, he can’t accept her as his wife. Nirmala says I can’t, I m your wife now. Bindu calls Ashok and asks him did he marry Nirmala. He ends call and says Bindu has got to know everything, what will we do now. Bindu calls again. Sarla attends call. Bindu says you did not do this right for money sake. Sarla denies it. Ashok asks Nirmala to just leave. Nirmala leaves. Ashok says you can cry, but I will not accept you as my wife. He goes. She says he will accept me some day. Sarla says you have few days, be happy. Nirmala asks did I marry just for name, I married to stay with Ashok, I think I did mistake. She goes. Amit argues with Sarla.

Nandu goes to talk to Shivam and Riya. He says its Preeti’s birthday, she feels no one loves her, and no one will celebrate her birthday, I was thinking to surprise her with party, she will be glad. Riya says its good idea, but did Preeti say that we don’t love her. He says no, she was complaining. Riya says we will surprise her and all the bitterness from her heart will go. Shivam agrees to give a surprise birthday party to Preeti.

Nimmi says Dadi told me to design this saree to surprise Preeti. Nandu says its nice saree, Preeti will look good in it. They smile. Nandu asks how will we tell Shanti. Shivam says that’s tough thing to talk to Shashikala. Riya and Nandu ask who is Shashikala. Nimmi says Shivam means to say Shanti. Riya asks what, you were calling Dadi as Shashikala. Shivam asks them to forget it. They think who will talk to Shanti. Shivam says I won’t. Kaushalya comes and they all ask her to talk to Shanti. They all take Kaushalya to Shanti.

Shanti asks why did they come. Kaushalya says they all want to keep party at home for Preeti’s birthday, by not telling Preeti, surprise one. Shanti laughs and asks Kaushalya to teach her english from tomorrow. Shanti does not agree. Riya says Nandu planned all this, please agree. Shanti says we don’t celebrate for grown up person’s birthday, who has money, its month’s end. Nandu keeps the money. Shanti says I don’t need you charity. He says I will be happy, keep this. Shanti refuses. He takes money back. Shanti says fine, we will celebrate, make food at home, do decorations, it will be just our family and Sarla’s. Riya, Shivam and Nimmi hug Shanti. Riya asks Kaushalya what will you cook. Kaushalya says Preeti’s fav food. Shanti asks will she not cook for Sarla. Kaushalya says I will.

Nimmi asks where will we send Preeti. Shanti says Sarla’s house. Riya says no, Pari is there. Shanti asks what do you mean. Nandu says I will try to keep Preeti busy. Shanti asks him to do it if he wants to get beaten up, you will get missing in party. They all smile and thank Shanti.

Riya and Nimmi dance, and Shivam and Nandu dance. Kaushalya comes and smiles seeing them. Riya takes Kaushalya and makes her dance with them. Raghav comes there and sees them dancing. They all stop seeing him. Raghav asks whats happening, Kaushalya told me she has work and she is dancing here. Kaushalya says we are practicing dance. Raghav asks why. Kaushalya was saying, and Shivam asks him not to say aloud to Raghav. Kaushalya says its Preeti’s birthday, we will go and talk in room. They leave.

Riya asks Nandu what will he gift to Preeti. He says I will ask Preeti and get what she wants. He leaves. Riya says Shivam, if Preeti asks for costly gift from Nandu, how will we arrange money. He says let Nandu arrange, if he can’t, then we will arrange. Riya thinks there can be drama in her birthday because of money.

Nandu asks Preeti what does she want. She asks for three tier cake, does he know its price.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Nandu!!!!

  2. I think nimmi will help nandu…

  3. yaar Nandu ko itna space kyuu deraka hai.joker

    1. But he loves his wife truly….i would say he his better than shivam….who gets angry on Riya….all the time..!

  4. Did you say he loves his wife a lot, Comrade.
    This is the same Nandu who played dirty tricks in Mohit’s name and joined hands with Shanti and Co to ruin her marriage with Mohit.
    Now again he is playing tricks again with her and pretending to be Lucky and Preeti is so stupid that she cannot see that. And can’t believe that she is so stupid. Wants to br friends with Lucky instead of making something of her life and and kicking Nandu out but no the CV’s want to make a love story of these too.

    Seriously mismatched Nandu not cutting it at with Prietty.

  5. Nandu is better than preeti she always treat him like animal selfish girl she is one who make mistakes by running from marriage so irritating girl

  6. Nandu is selfish.sari problem ki jaad yehi hai.2 waqt ki roti dene ki aukat nai thii thoo sadi kyuu ki iska so called payar sabki barbadi ki jaad hai.chii

  7. Shruti Malik Arora

    She really insults Nandu a lot…. Very bad Preeti………

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