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Mere Angne Mein 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some rituals going on in Shanti Sadan. Amit talks to his man and asks him to wait, he will pay the money. Shantiu gets the water pot to send to Riya’s home. Kaushalya’s brother and sister in law come to meet them. Shivam greets them with respect. Shanti asks him to go and give the pot to Riya. Shivam takes it and leaves. Kaushalya plays the shank. Sarla comes to a parlor and asks about Pari. She praises her a lot. The lady says bad about Pari and Sarla gets miffed. She leaves from there angrily.

Riya waits for someone to come, and . Shivam comes there with the pot. Bunty asks Riya to sit in her room. Raghav talks to Kaushalya’s brother. Sarla comes home and Shanti tells her about Bua arguing on phona and she has sent Shivam with the water pot. Sarla is shocked

and drops tea tea, blaming Kaushalya. Sarla starts scolding Kaushalya for making tea fall on her and is tensed that everything will be ruined.

Nimmi takes Mama and Mami with her, so that Sarla does not tell them anything. Shanti asks Sarla what did it ruin. Sarla says nothing. Riya is unable to sleep. Shivam comes inside and says he has to give this water pot. A lady takes him to Bua ji, when Bua is with Riya. Shivam says he is getting late. The lady asks him to stay and talk. She asks about the groom, did he do bachelor party. He says I m getting late. She saks him to come after her.

Riya feels hungry. Bua asks her to stay hungry, as she can’t eat anything till the water comes. Riya says just 2 mins. Bua ji asks Bunty to see the clock. Shivam walks there and Amit does not see him. She smiles. Amit smiles sitting in his room. Sarla tells Amit that Shivam has taken the water pot, you are dreaming here, go and call him, stop him fast. Bua ji says 2 mins are over. Bunty gets sad and looks at Riya. Bua ji jokes and asks Bunty to go and see the work. Amit is tensed and calls Shivam.

Bua asks Riya not to open the window, as she can get bad sight. She looks so pretty. Riya smiles. Sarla is tensed and waits for Amit. Shanti and Kaushalya come and ask what happened. Kaushalya says she got chandan to apply to her hand. Shanti scolds Kaushalya. Even Sarla talks with disrespect and asks Kaushalya to stop acting, as she is fed up of her. Amit calls Shivam and asks him to come soon, as he has work here. He says he will tell Shanti. Shivam says nothing, you can tell her if you want, I don’t care. Amit says calm down, I just want you to come soon, you are my brother. Amit asks did he talk to anyone or see the girl. Shivam says I have come here to give the water pot. Bua asks Riya to wear dupatta on her head.

Shivam asks the lady to give water to Bua. Riya does not see him and music plays……….. as she feels his presence. Shivam leaves. Bua asks Riya to come to get the haldi washed away. Riya asks who was the guy who got this water and thinks. Sarla is tensed and Amit comes there. She signs him, and he signs its all well. Sarla gets happy and hugs Kaushalya. Shanti is shocked. Nimmi comes and jokes on Sarla. Sarla inturn jokes on her and they laugh. Kaushalya and Nimmi leave. Amit signs Sarla.

Shanti says I was tensed, and asks Sarla to tell the truth, why did she do such big drama when tea did not fall on her. Sarla looks at Amit. Amit goes to make a call. Shanti asks whats the matter, tell me if there is anything. Sarla says nothing. Amit gets tensed and leaves. Sarla says Amit did mistake so I was tensed. Shanti asks is this big thing. Sarla says no, its just small thing. Shanti looks at her. Sarla asks why is she seeing like this, did she hide anything till now and says the same thing.

Shanti asks about Amit’s nek. Sarla says yes, he said he will give in tika rasam. Ashok comes to marriage hall and talks to Anupam. He says he has come to return Bua’s phone. Ashok apologizes and says some dohas. Ashok says he will come in marriage and talk in detail. Raghav asks his brother in law to eat well. Shanti asks Raghav to keep some money ready to give to relatives. Raghav says fine. Kaushalya’s brother and his wife check for their money, to leave under the plate.

Shanti asks Nimmi and Shivam not to disturb Amit. Kaushalya picks the plates and gets money. She asks Nimmi to return it to Mama. Shanti scolds her. Shivam looks on. Pari makes reason of stomach ache. Preeti and Sonal laugh. Shanti asks Nimmi to wash all utensils. Nimmi plans to play Antakshari and sends Sonal to call Shanti. Bunty tells Riya that she will put water on her haldi cleaning first. Riya teases her. Bua says Riya is hungry since morning, put water fast. Riya asks Bunty about Shivam. Bunty laughs as she is still dreaming. They all sing Chamkega rang….. and put water on Riya to clean haldi. Anupam and Bua cry seeing Riya. Everyone compliment Riya and makes her smile.

Kaushalya’s Bhabhi asks her to come to her house and speaks about Sarla. Sarla hears this. Shivam asks Amit to change, as he is getting married, the one who does not respect a woman, no one respects him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. poor kausalya and her children.. this dadi and sarla torture them so much and still they are always smiling…

    1. absolutely ryt dr and it was vv emotional wen kausalya took empty salary envelop and kept it….. hope dadi (sarla) realises soon…..

  2. ololnyc episode hope shivri marry soon ………… nd funny show… 😛

  3. Does anyone know about this show’s spoilers

  4. I cannot wait to see sarla n shantis face when riya comes as shivams wife n sorts them out

  5. Just keep wondering how will Shivam marry Riya. Either Riya finds out and stops the wedding, or Sarla finds out that the house does not belong to Anupam and cancel the wedding cuz she does not get enough money. How does it happen? When will this suspense end?!?

  6. I just want ShivYa to unite! Hopefully soon they get married

  7. Sarla & santi are both disgusting…. .

  8. Lovely episode.

  9. It’s confirmed in the spoilers….Riya will marry Shivam, not Amit! Yay!

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