Mere Angne Mein 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla meeting Preeti. She asks her to get Riya’s documents. She says Riya will be making me win elections. Preeti says Riya is acting, its her plan. Sarla says no, she wants to see Shanti losing, go and get papers fast. She insults Preeti and sends her. The voting process goes on. Shanti says I m scared, don’t know what’s written in my fate, what will happen. Nimmi tells Shanti that you are getting more votes. Shanti says its good, I have to win, don’t know Riya will get proof or not. Nimmi says proof is important for Riya also, she will get it. Riya comes. Shanti asks for proof. Riya says just wait for 2 hours, I will get proof.

Preeti comes home and says so Sarla is getting love on Riya, Riya ruined my life, I can’t let her win, Sarla called me fool,

now I will show my smartness. She checks Riya’s documents. She says not so easily Bua, you have hurt me a lot, you should also feel pain. She takes the documents.

Sarla waits and thinks what to do. Amit meets her and asks her to come, leave everything. Sarla says Preeti has all proof of Riya, Preeti is not getting proof, what shall I do. Amit says what do you mean. Sarla thinks to lie. Amit says tell me about Riya’s proofs. Sarla tells him everything. He gets shocked. He asks why did you not tell me before. She says I told you now, get documents from Preeti, Riya can make me lose. He asks are you thinking to make Riya secretary. She says I have to win first, go and get proof.

Riya calls Sarla and asks where are you. Sarla says proof is on the way, you reach there with sweets, you wait for me. She ends call. Preeti locks the door and answers Sarla’s call. She says I m leaving, meet me there. Sarla asks her to come soon.

Amit stops Preeti on the way and asks her to sit on the bike. She says I will come myself. He insists and asks her to sit. He takes her bag and makes her sit. They leave. He takes her home. Riya is on the way and waits for Sarla. She thinks this will work or not, Sarla please get proof, its about me and my family’s lives.

Sarla asks Preeti to give her the documents. Preeti burns the documents. Sarla and Amit get shocked. Sarla asks what did you do. Preeti says I will not let Riya go easily. Sarla asks what will I answer Riya. Preeti says tell her I burnt all proof, I want to ruin the family, I m happy, they all will go jail. Sarla scolds her and asks her to just leave. She says we will lose elections because of your foolishness. Preeti says you will lose a lot, I have recorded your words, you can’t get rid of me, if you win, make me secretary, else I will make everyone hear this. She goes.

Sarla gets Riya’s call and says what to answer her. Amit says you should have told me everything before. Sarla and Amit worry. Shivam asks Riya did Sarla not come. She says no. He asks her to come, we have to go to Shanti. They leave. Kaushalya asks Shanti to come and have food. Shivam and Riya come there and do not see anyone. Shivam says I will come along, we will go to Sarla. Riya says no, I will talk to her alone. Amit tells Pari that Riya is fooling Sarla, when Riya comes, lie to her. Riya comes and asks for Sarla. Amit says she is not here, why did you come to find her, did anything wrong happen with Sarla. Pari calls Sarla. She says her phone is switch off, we will go to police station. Amit says no, we can’t trust anyone. They both do drama. Riya thinks Sarla did not tell anything to them, but where is she.

Preeti says Sarla won because of Riya. Shanti and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. I thought spoiler said shanti will win elections?

  3. Star Plus show Mere Angne Mein has now turned a Political drama, with Sarla and Shanti standing up for the election.
    Riya finally decides to support Shanti and campaign for her. Riya’s effort will finally pay off when Shanti will end up winning the election.
    It would be interesting to watch what more does the show have in store post Shanti Devi winning the election. How will the relationships now change between Shanti Devi and Riya shall be an equally interesting watch.

    Is this spoiler false then?

  4. Ria will die soon and show will end in March.

  5. Posted on Twitter:

    Sarla’s loss assured amid elections with Preeti on Riya (Ekta Kaul) and Shanti’s (Krutika Desai) side in Mere Angne Mein

    Sarla is damn sure to loose the elections with Preeti strongly supporting Shanti (Krutika Desai) in Mere Angne Mein in Star Plus.

    Shanti and Sarla are fighting like cats and dogs for the elections but the win is decided of Shanti.

    Sarla is just getting tortured by Preeti as Shanti and Riya opens Preeti’s eyes against Sarla.

    Preeti thus burns all the proofs that would have stated Sarla innocent and now the result would be that Sarla would have to loose the campaign.

  6. Are all these spoilers false, does anyone know?

  7. As we all know riya,and sarla are leaving the show good go them may be. That why riya left because her main lead role has no power she always get blamed by everyone may she tired of listening of all the family members taught and decided to leave show and now preeti is gonna cover up for sarla because she gonna more negative then before because she hate her family and writers are favored sarla preeti now and riya getting blamed again by all family members good that she left

  8. This show lost the plot a long time ago. How can media allow such an awful negative n degrading show run so long. It potrays in laws n son in laws in a very poor light. In our country its called abuse. Why coudnt Shanti n Kaushalya put Preeti in her place. She is responsible for her actions. But she just blames.Riya n Nimmi. Dont blame Riya for leaving. The men are wimps in this show. Shanti..Sarla..Pari are bullies.

  9. Rishneee

    Spoilers r confusing… some say sarala wining n some say shanthi

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