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Mere Angne Mein 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla crying and doing drama. Shanti sits worried. Sarla says Kaushalya never wished good for them. Pari says I will die. Sarla asks what are you saying, you give sacrifice for Nimmi. Pari asks why to give her my love in charity, did she think of me, let Varun come, we will know whom does he want to marry, me or Nimmi. Riya asks what are you saying, you want to make it an issue, I think he likes Nimmi. Pari asks how can you say this. Riya says I think he likes Nimmi, I can’t confirm. Kaushalya asks her to shut up. Pari says fine, let him come, we both will stand infront of him, and he will make the girl wear ring, whom he likes. Kaushalya consoles and hugs Pari.

She says if you love Pari, I promise you will marry Varun. She apologizes to Sarla. She says I misunderstood

that you said about Nimmi, stop it now, I was wrong, its good time, make things fine, Pari will get engaged. Nimmi asks why will you decide, I want Varun to decide, I want to see whom will he choose, with whom will he get engaged. Sarla and Pari worry. Pari says you also want this house peace to get ruined, when Varun refuses Nimmi, I will be glad. Sarla smiles. Shanti says Sarla told me, Kaushalya did wrong. She asks Nimmi to come to room. Nimmi refuses. Shanti asks her not to make it an issue. The peace plant falls by Nimmi. Shanti gets angry seeing that. Sarla smiles and makes Shanti worry.

Varun and Laxmi come. Nimmi goes to Varun. Kaushalya stops her and asks her not to say anything. Laxmi asks what happened, is there any problem. Sarla says nothing, Nimmi was saying Varun likes her. Pari says Varun ji, you got engagement ring? He says yes. Pari asks him to make Nimmi wear the ring. They all get shocked. Preeti asks what are you saying. Varun asks why Namita. Pari says they know you proposed me, but they feel you like to get engaged to Nimmi. He sees Nimmi and thinks where did I get trapped, I can miss both of them. He says no, you are mistake, I will get engaged to you if I m marrying you. They get shocked. Sarla and Pari smile. Pari asks did everyone hear it, did misunderstanding get cleared. Nimmi cries and goes. Riya goes after her.

Laxmi says I think Nimmi had misunderstanding. Sarla says leave it, come, give me ring to do puja. Kaushalya takes ring to do puja. Sarla says peace and happiness is gone, if prosperity goes, if human sacrifice is needed then… Shanti worries and recalls Rishi’s words. Riya sees Nimmi crying. She says I told you to take some time. Nimmi says Sarla has taken revenge from me. Riya says we can’t change it, stop crying. Nimmi cries and says I have liked someone for the first time, leave it. Riya asks what, you have spent time with Pari and did not learn anything from her, love can happen many times. Nimmi asks can you love often.

Sarla acts sweet. Laxmi asks about Sarla’s family. Sarla lies about Ashok. Shanti looks on. Sarla lies to Shanti as well. Shanti says relation will end if they see Ashok in canteen. Sarla says these are rich people, I understand, but will it look good to say what Ashok works, I will say truth after marriage. Shanti says what about big truth, Pari’s marriage, her husband is in mental hospital. Sarla says he will never get fine, I m thinking of Pari’s happiness. Shanti asks her to do what she finds right. Sarla says fine, I will say truth to them. Riya says I can love again and again, if the guy is like Shivam, I can love him many times, but did you see Varun. He is so strange, I felt he is strange, the day you get someone like Shivam, if you lose such guy, then cry, this guy does not deserve your tears, you forgot you don’t cry and make others cry. She encourages Nimmi. Nimmi hugs her. Riya asks Nimmi to wipe tears and fight, we will fight. She thinks Sarla planned this, I have to see her.

Shanti says fine is Sarla is getting happiness by lying. Varun and Pari exchange rings. Kaushalya looks on sadly. Sarla blesses them. She asks Kaushalya to bless them. Shanti says I did not get new notes, take 100rs shagun. Pari says you have 500rs note, give that. Shanti says yes, I did not see that, so take this 500rs. Varun says no, I want something more. They look on. Shanti says I m not that rich. Sarla says we will give whatever you ask. Varun says I want help in catering, I want to give order, I got cheque. Shanti calls Riya to see. She blesses Varun. Sarla smiles seeing Kaushalya sad.

Shanti tells Riya about Shanti Sammelan catering. Riya says budget will be around 20 lakhs. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. LOL,,,Kaushalya just knows to shout at Riya…good for nothing

  2. Pari kabhi nahi sudheregi bas naam ki pari hein but actually mein bahut chalak hein..Sarla ne toh ek teer se do nishane mare..Nimmi ko dukhi kiya Mahan mahila kaushalya ko dikhaya ki varun ka rishta nimmi k liye aaya tha but actually it was for Pari and varun ne 20 lakh ka cheque diya for shanti sammelan catering…wooow good deal.Lets see whats next

  3. Characterization of kaushalya is too weak…..every mother gets stronger for their daughters …but here she is too weak…. No one can be this much weak

  4. lol I am just happy Pari is getting married to the imposter, when she find out he’s not the real Varun and not rich than her face reaction will be funny. Nimmi should marry the real Varun. She deserves to be happy. Pretti is such a bad sister, instead of supporting her sister she supports Pari? yeah give her a shoulder to cry on when she finds out it’s not the real Varun but an Imposter, that house is not theirs but the real Varun’s whose still in America and will come to town and find out what’s going on where he hears from the local people since they love to gossip, Pari is getting married to Varun from America. He will be shocked and will see Nimmi and get married to her. Happy in Shanti Sadan and misery in Sarla’s family. Do bad, your kismat will be bad to. lol 😛 Happy Nimmi is not marrying that imposter. Riya is like a good sister-in-law plus good friend and sister. Kaushyla, is so annoying just knows how to cry and shout, shouts at Riya, but not at Sarla and Pari for manipulating her and saying she wants Nimmi to get married to Varun. Doesn’t support her daughter who went crying in her room but Pari? and Preetie deserves the tortures she gets from Nandu, hope he teaches her a lesson for being rude to her sister.

  5. Koushalya is a crap mother, does’nt know to defend her children and keeps shouting on her bahu. I am waiting to see her to be strong, and teach sarala good lesson from her wicked tricks. Let pari and sarla face the situations of fake varun LOL. Nimmi shd deserve the best, shez looking stunning in the blue dress.

  6. Nimmi is pretty and beautiful at heart! Her sister Preety and cousin Pari are ugly and their deeds are ugly too. Hope Nimmi ends up with someone rich and handsome! Then what will demon Sarla and her demonic Pari will do?

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