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Mere Angne Mein 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit and Pari being angry and talking against Shivam and Nimmi. Nimmi and Preeti bring Riya and Rani to Raghav’s room. He blesses them and asks them to smile and forget that happened. He asks them to rest, have food, and leaves. Sonal says she will get food for them. Sarla cries. Shanti sees her and scolds Bindu a lot. Sarla thinks she won’t melt if Shanti takes her side now, she won’t forget Shanti did not support her. Renu and Kaushalya look on. Kaushalya takes food for Amit. He says I m not hungry. She asks did she have food. He says yes. She asks him to have juice. He says I had it. Pari says she wants tea, she has headache. Kaushalya says I will get it.

Pari says they are afraid to have anything, as it can have poison. Kaushalya hears this and apologizes

to Amit. Amit says its fine. Kaushalya says I regret for this. Amit says I got what was in my fate, everyone is not lucky as Shivam. She says whatever happens is for good, and leaves. Amit asks Pari to call Sarla fast. Raghav comes there and asks is he not happy. Amit cries and hugs him. Amit says I know you decided by thinking, but Sarla did not listen to me. Raghav asks is he mad to say this, whats the use to marry the girl who does not love you, loveless marriage does not work, marriage is not a joke, you can’t force anyone to marry you. He leaves.

Amit tells Pari that he will not forgive them. Shivam recalls Amit’s anger. Kaushalya comes and asks him to have food. He says he is not hungry, and apologizes to her for all the issues. She hugs him and says its fine, you did not do this intentionally. She says Sarla and Amit had bear a lot, wrong happened with them, don’t do anything that hurts them, I did not see them so sad till now. He says I just … did this for Riya… She says you could have told to me before, this knot in relations will never open, your dad and I regret a lot. He says I did not wish this. She says yes, don’t do anything that hurts them. Raghav comes there and looks on.

Kaushalya asks him and Riya to behave as they are loved by them. Raghav says he will try his best to not let Sarla’s hopes break, this time I felt I did injustice with Sarla, what to do, its not anyone’s mistake. Kaushalya says what can we do now. They all feel sorry for Sarla.

Raghav says we got old now, as our son got married. He asks him to make his relation with Riya strong, and asks him to take family along always, and not hurt anyone, we will not be there after some time, you have to take family ahead. He says he will get rest now, the bahus are in his room, he will rest on terrace. He leaves. She asks Shivam not to get sad now, as his dad said a big thing, he has to see everything now. She teases him and he says I love you maa, and hugs her. Shanti calls Kaushalya. She leaves. He smiles. Riya asks Nimmi did Shivam had food. The girls tease her. Riya apologizes to Rani. Rani thanks her, as she loves Amit a lot, and did not wish Riya to marry Amit and fought a lot. Rani says it will be easy for Riya and Shivam to keep marriage as they love each other, but Amit does not love me, so its tough. Riya asks her not to worry. Rani says I don’t need anyone’s help, I m Rani and can help myself.

Kaushalya talks to Bindu. Sarla asks Bindu to leave now. Ashok comes and asks whats this way to talk. Shanti asks him to ask Bindu, she di everything. He asks what did Bindu do. Bindu cries and says she did not say anything. Ashok says calm down, I will drop you home. Sarla says take her, I don’t want to see her face. Ashok asks Sarla to stop it now and leaves with Bindu.

Shanti asks Sarla to sit and talk, she has done all this. Sarla says she won’t talk, she will go home. Kaushalya asks her to calm down, rest for a while. Shanti taunts Renu and asks why did she not spend much. Renu says she will send nek for everyone. Shanti says you felt I m asking for nek and scolds Kaushalya. Renu says Sarla has not give nek for Shivam’s marriage. Sarla says my bahu got a small necklace, will I give nek, its fine, we are poor. Sarla cries and does drama. Shanti gives her some money. She sends Kaushalya to cook. She hugs Sarla and Sarla acts saying she is heartbroken. Sarla taunts her that she did not support her, she is mistaken to think you can be with me. Shanti is shocked and gets angry.

Renu talks to Kaushalya about Sarla’s drama. Kaushalya says we did not know Shivam will marry Riya, we could not celebrate for his marriage. She cries and Renu cheers her up. Kaushalya says she will make Shivam and Riya’s relation strong. She worries seeing the family situation. Renu pacifies her and asks her to stay strong in this house. Sarla cries and says I did not get anything, it all landed in Kaushalya’s fate, you did this joke with me, you chose Shivam over Amit, you are biased, you preferred your son’s son.

Shanti holds her hand and drags her to the room. Renu says it looks very silent at home. Kaushalya says leave it. Shanti asks is this my mistake. Sarla says yes, you did this. Shanti asks who was tensed in tilak mistake, you did function cancelled. Sarla lies to her. Shanti says you did all this drama, I m your mum, I have seen everything, you were scared of tilak rasam. I know you have created this misunderstanding. Sarla asks what are you saying. Shanti says I know the truth. Sarla asks what did she do. Shanti says you won’t say truth, I will show you who did this. She says you have done all this. Sarla is shocked.

Shanti scares Sarla and asks her to say truth, what about Priya and Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. manmarziyan fan

      Yes I also want them to add updates of tarak mehta ka oolta chasmaa

  2. Worlds no. 1 drama show
    am happy for Shivam & Riya and also happy to know that santi devi knows all the truth about sarla…..

  3. Dear story writter what crap are u showing for 40 mins and at last 5 minutes you showing intresting thing.seriously fedup all the time nak nak money money
    And 15 mins add

  4. How can Shivam blame himself and feel sorry for Amit? by now he should’ve known Sarla,Amit,Pari behind all this? Time to put his foot down on those venomous snakes.

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