Mere Angne Mein 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu getting his mum’s call. She asks are you fine. Nandu gets glad and says yes, I m fine. She asks him to go temple with Preeti and do puja, also buy saree for bahu. He says fine, I will take her temple and give saree. Preeti hears him. He tells the same to Preeti. She refuses to him and leaves. Lawyer tells Sarla and Ashok to tell reason why she wants to stay with Ashok. She says he is my husband. Lawyer says you have to prove it. Sarla says I m saying it, what to do. She asks Ashok to say it. Ashok says yes. Lawyer asks what was the reason that she did not want to stay with him before. She says his marriage, I mean fights.

Lawyer asks her to state reasons well. Ashok says I m her husband, we want to stay together. Lawyer says we want proof, not just statement.

Sarla says whats this problem, I m saying I don’t want divorce. Lawyer says I will explain and tells senior lawyer that we should take divorce stay. Senior lawyer says if madam does not prove, court will stamp on divorce. Sarla thinks what will I answer Amma.

Pari is with Ramesh. She calls Preeti and says I m going on shopping with Lucky’s brother, join us. Preeti says great, I will come. Pari says get Lucky along. Preeti sees Nandu and leaves. Nimmi asks what happened, is anyone there at home. Nandu says no one is there, I m going out for work, I will come in some time. Nimmi wonders where did they go, maybe they went to Sarla’s house. She calls Rani. Nimmi asks did anyone from here come there. Rani says no one. Nimmi says I will see when they come back. Shanti comes to Sarla’s house and slaps Nirmala, saying I m Yamraj for you, I will send you to hell.

Rani says I did not do anything, Sarla is not at home. Shanti says get water, till then I will see Nirmala. Nirmala gets tensed. Nandu gets Preeti’s call, and thinks why is she doing this, she has no shame, she does not tell anything to me, she never respects me. He answers call as Lucky and says I will take you for shopping today. She gets glad and says we will meet, I m waiting. Shanti scolds Nirmala. Kaushalya comes and says you here. Shanti asks why did you come, you are flying, how did you come when I refused you.

Kaushalya says I thought to get Sarla home to make you happy. She asks Shanti to bless her, she will make everything fine. Shanti blesses her. Kaushalya slaps Nirmala. Rani gets shocked. Shanti smiles. Kaushalya scolds Nirmala and asks her to go. Nirmala says I m Ashok’s legal wife. Kaushalya asks Rani can’t she support Sarla. Rani says I always supported her and I promise I will support her even if she refuses to take help.

Shanti asks Nirmala to leave from the house. Sarla asks lawyer to get proof, shall I marry Ashok again. Lawyer says no, get proof you want to stay with him, you will have children, show your children are happy, what you do, like going for movie. Sarla says its your work to get proof. He says fine, give me some money. Sarla says you give me money, first do work. Ashok says I will give money, keep this, stop divorce. Riya comes to Sarla’s house and goes to scold Nirmala. Nirmala faints. Shanti says why did she faint. Kaushalya says if she dies by slap then. Shanti says she got scared, so she fainted. Riya sprinkles water on Nirmala and asks her to get up, and see how our family is united.

Kaushalya thinks I should have said this, I can’t let Riya go ahead. She asks Nirmala to go in few days. Shanti asks why, leave right now. Nirmala faints again. Shanti says get up, I m giving just 2 days, send Sarla to my house. Shanti, Kaushalya and Riya are leaving. Riya asks Rani to support Sarla. Rani says I will support her. Rani calls Ramesh sweet and they do shopping. Preeti sees many bags with Pari. Nandu says I will buy shop for you, tell me what you want. She says you know what I want. He asks what you want now, saree, salwar suit, first we will do Preeti’s shopping and then have cold drinks, come.

Sarla and Ashok are on the way. She says I had two dreams of a car and house. He says I got canteen back and will make your dreams true. Their rickshaw stop and Sarla sees Pari with a guy. Sarla does not let Ashok see Pari. She makes an excuse.

Nimmi asks everyone where they went, I was taking care of the house. Riya thinks to please Shanti and says we will send auto to take Sarla, I will decorate auto. Nimmi says fine, I will go and get Sarla. Shanti says yes, everyone is saying good, I m seeing, everyone is becoming mature. Nimmi says I m doing this for Shanti’s happiness. Riya says I will handle everything. Shanti thinks they are fighting to become head of family, its good they are giving respect to Sarla, I have to see who takes care of Sarla well, I will make her the head.

Riya says I made list of 9 girls. Nimmi says I already invited them. Shanti thinks I know they are just doing this to show me, they are doing work on their own.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope nirmala teaches these people a lesson. Especially shanti. She should have told shanti that she taught her daughter to be greedy and she sold her husband. Nirmala should ask for her money back.

    1. magic tum boy ho???

  2. Now, this is getting too much. It should finish soon unless the writer want to scare away all the viewers who loved watching this show so far.

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