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The Episode starts with Bansi and Rajendra getting reports for Sarla. Sarla says so many reports, how will I know whats written in it. Bansi says he got a foreigner too. The foreigner flirts with Sarla, and she beats him. The foreigner apologizes to her. Sarla asks him to check files and tell him about info in it. The foreigner calls her darling. She says just tell me what is there. He asks whose file is this, who is dead. Sarla beats Bansi and asks why did he get reports of dead people. She gives other file. The foreigner says its brain disease file. She says check more.

Shanti calls Sarla. Sarla says she is fine, she does not know when will she faint. Shanti asks her to come soon. They have to arrange money and meet doctor. Sarla gets tensed and makes excuse. The foreigner gets the

cancer file and asks whose file is this. Sarla says I m going to get cancer. He looks at her and says poor baby girl. He goes to hug Sarla and Bansi stops him. Prabha sees the foreigner, and says he is Sarla’s lover. Sarla comes there and says see everyone, Prabha is becoming this foreigner’s lover. Prabha says she was asking about you. Sarla asks him to take Prabha. She goes. Prabha beats foreigner with her slipper. He goes.

Rani is worried and thinks what to do, if Sarla gets Amit remarried, I will die, Lord help me. She gets an idea to call Riya. She calls Riya and cries. Riya says calm down, tell me is everyone fine. Rani says Sarla is fine, and tells about Amit’s new wife. Riya is shocked. Rani asks shall I do police complain. Riya says no, it will be big problem, wait for some time, I will come with you to find Amit, don’t cry. Rani says fine, and ends call.

Shanti is anxious and talks to Kaushalya. She refuses to have food. Raghav comes home and says he has asked everywhere, he got same answer, he can’t arrange 5 lakhs, now there is one last option, where are Shanti Sadan’s papers, we will keep house mortgaged for Sarla’s treatment. Shanti and everyone get shocked.

Sarla cries seeing Amit’s pic and applies black dot on it. Rani comes and asks where did she send Amit, will he come back today or not. Sarla slaps her and scolds her. Rani gets knife and Sonal stops her. Sonal asks is Rani mad, Sarla is already ill. Rani says Sarla has hidden Amit. Sarla cries and says Rani won’t understand mum’s pain. She gets call from the man. The man makes her hear Amit’s voice and asks her to arrange money. Amit asks Sarla to get him freed soon. The man says he will sell off Amit’s kidneys if she does not get money. Sarla says don’t do anything to kidney. Rani hears this and thinks whats happening, does Sarla have kidney cancer.

Shanti says this house is our last support, how will we give this to someone. Raghav says I tried hard to arrange money. He recalls Sarla and gets sad. He signs on the legal papers to mortgage house. Shanti looks at the house and does not apply thumb impression. She cries holding the pillars. She recalls children’s growing years in the house. Kaushalya cries seeing Shanti. Raghav tells Shanti that this is necessary to save Sarla, we are not selling house, we are keeping it mortgaged. Shanti says yes, we will return money. The man asks her to apply thumb. She applies the thumb impression and asks for money. The man says we will give tomorrow. She does not give papers, and says we will handover papers when you get total money. The man asks them to keep 25000rs, and they will get rest of amount tomorrow.

Sarla gets file to show Riya. Shanti calls Sarla and says she arranged 5 lakhs. Sarla gets glad. Sarla says she is coming there. Riya gets a call and goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make Sarla’s fav food. Riya talks to Bunty and tells her about Sarla’s cancer. Bunty says there is no cancer doctor in Moghalsarai, even my aunty had cancer and she went to Banaras for treatment. Bunty tells her that tests won’t cost 5 lakhs. Riya gets doubtful and thinks why did Sarla say so.

Rani sees Sarla leaving and asks where is she going. Sarla scolds her and leaves. Riya goes to help Kaushalya in kitchen. Kaushalya says you already did a lot and is annoyed with her. Pari says Sharmili made her work so much. She sees Vyom coming and falls on him. Sharmili comes there and scolds Pari seeing her cheap tricks. She asks her not to do these characterless things here, do preparations for puja, remember just puja, nothing else.

Shanti says Raghav has done a lot for family, she thanks Lord to have son like Raghav. She blesses him. She says she has seen how Raghav made this house. Shivam comes home and hears about house getting mortgaged. He gets shocked. Raghav says its long story. He says we still have house with us, don’t take tension. Riya says yes, we will not let this house sell off. Raghav asks Shanti to have strength as Riya. Riya says we can take Bua for second opinion, I don’t trust fake doctors. Shanti asks did we ask for your advice. Riya says yes, I m saying we have 25000rs of token amount, we can go for tests. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Riya will get away from Shanti now.

Raghav agrees to take Sarla. Riya says she will find good doctor in Banaras. Riya says she is right. Sarla comes there and they all ask her to walk slowly. Sarla hugs Shanti. She says she will go to meet doctor. Riya says take Raghav along, he will take Bua to big hospital. Sarla shows the file to Riya and asks her to check it. Riya checks the reports and says its Dr. Anand’s reports, yo named someone else. Sarla says people have nicknames. Shanti says we will get Sarla to doctor. Sarla takes file and asks for money to give doctor. Riya says but your doctor went Delhi. Sarla says he came back.

Raghav says I will go with Sarla and meet doctor. Shanti says yes, we will know doctor’s opinion. She asks Riya and Shivam to get other doctor’s info. Sarla says doctor will not let us come without money. Shanti says I will beat him, first treatment and then money, money will come tomorrow. Sarla says how will we go then. Shanti says we have 25000rs, come. Sarla cries and says she is getting dizzy. Raghav says we will go to doctor, else you will faint here. Sarla says I will go and wash face. Riya checks reports again.

Shanti sees Riya and asks what is she checking. Riya says I was thinking about my office. Sarla is tensed and calls Rajendra to call some actor for doctor’s role. Rajendra says he wants 2000rs. She says fine, work should be done well, no mistake should happen. Amit sees the phone left out there and goes to take it. He calls Sarla. Sarla tells him whats happening here. Amit asks her to come soon and take him. Sarla says I m arranging money, don’t worry, I will save you. Sarla worries.

Shanti, Shivam and Raghav take Sarla to hospital. Riya calls Rani and Rani tells about Sarla’s trick. Sarla was happy to get money. Riya says I have seen reports, it looked genuine, Raghav and Shanti took her to doctor. Rani says I have seen her meeting two men, I feel she is cooking some big thing, is she planning to run away again. Riya ends call and says she won’t let anything wrong happen, this is her house, she will not let it get mortgaged, she will find the truth.

Rajendra acts as doctor and tells Raghav and Shivam, about Madam X having disease. Shanti asks who Madam X, you treat that bad woman. She scolds him and says she will not get Sarla treated here. Sarla worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sarla is the height how can she stoop so low just tell the truth and perhaps they will all get togother to help Amit.

  2. shalini sharma

    plz shivam or riya ke love seen jada se jada dikhae OR shivam or riya ki love story ko aage kare

  3. Selling gold was a better option

  4. Looks like the entire show is based around Sarla and Amit. No good story line. What a shit show. Everyone getting fooled by Sarla who acts really stupid.

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