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Mere Angne Mein 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya calling Bunty. She says I feel something is going to happen. Bunty asks how are you sure about it. Riya tells that she checked Sarla’s phone, she got to know about Dharamshala number. Bunty says you feel Shanti called Sarla. Riya says its not confirmed, I want you to come with me, we will go there. Bunty says its 8pm, we will go in morning. Riya says fine, everyone will be sleeping here, maybe we can find something. Bunty asks shall we take uncle along. Sarla tries to hear Riya. Riya asks Bunty not to tell anything to Anupam, maybe Madam X will scare us. She ends call.

Riya calls on that number again. Sarla calls Dharamshala and gets number busy. Riya and Sarla could not talk to that man. Sarla says Raghav is finding Shanti, I think he will find her, what shall

I do. She tells Chanda that Raghav and Kaushalya are good people. She says this house has everything by Lord’s grace, just a good valued bahu is needed here. Riya looks on. Sarla praises Shivam and says I m not getting a nice girl for him, I m worried, if you know anyone, tell me. Riya says great Bua ji, you are asking Chanda to find the girl, I thought you got Chanda to make her marry Shivam.

Chanda says no, I don’t have intention to ruin your house, I will go if you want. Sarla says no need to go, think of your marriage. Sarla asks Chanda to come with her. Riya tells Sarla that Shivam will always be her husband.

Amit and Rani are on the way. He drives fast. She gets tensed and asks him to drive well. He drops her home and goes. Raghav is worried and could not sleep. Kaushalya wakes up and finds him worried. Vyom is on the way with Mama and Sharmili. He says I won’t stay with Nimmi, my family thinks I m mad, Nimmi removed sindoor and this is happening. Sharmili asks him to not think anything. They see Sunehri running. Sharmili asks Mama and Vyom to catch her.

Nimmi sees Sharmili coming home and says I have to tell Sharmili before Pari says anything. Pari tells Sharmili that Nimmi went in locked room. Nimmi says Pari took me there. Sharmili asks them not to argue. Sharmili asks Nimmi why did she go there. Nimmi says there is nothing there. Sharmili says I m already worried for Vyom and you are doing all this. She goes. Pari gets glad knowing her plan is working.

Shanti calls Sarla and asks why did you call me, the man was asking about me. Sarla says I just called once, I have to tell something, Raghav got against Riya. Riya takes some money. Bunty comes to pick her. Shanti tells Sarla that I came here to find out about Chanda and make Raghav kick out Riya. Sarla asks her what to do. She sees Riya leaving and thinks where is Riya going. The call ends before she could not Shanti. She thinks did Riya call Shanti.

Riya and Bunty are on the way. Riya asks Bunty to drive fast, we should get any info, I wish we get Shanti, I will fail her plan. Shivam comes downstairs. Kaushalya tells Sarla that Shivam is going to Banaras to find Shanti in Dharamshala. Sarla asks are you going as Riya told you, I got a call, a man was telling about Shanti. Raghav asks her to tell number. She says no, that man is not answering, we should wait. Riya asks a lady about the Dharamshala. Sarla calls Shanti and asks her to leave soon, Shivam and Riya are coming to find you. Shivam takes phone and talks.

Shanti ends call. Sarla asks Shivam why did he talk. Riya reaches the Dharamshala. Shanti runs away before Riya gets her. She calls Sarla and asks what happened. Sarla asks did you leave from there. Shanti says yes, I left. Sarla tells everyone that man said he has seen Shanti in Moghalsarai. Riya meets the man and asks about Shanti. She says she is our Dadi, we came to take her, where is she. He says you came here and she left by her own wish. She shows Shanti’s pic and asks did she look like this. He says yes, she was the one, I can’t forget her.

Riya thanks him. Bunty says I feel Shanti got to know about your coming. Riya says yes, I think Sarla told her, they maybe planning something big, she would reach home and do big drama, we will also leave. Sarla gets call again and acts. Sarla tells Raghav that Shanti would come in half an hour. Raghav asks did Shanti get kidnapped, I will call police. Sarla says don’t call police, that man will harm Shanti. She cries and does drama. Shivam says fine, we will not tell anyone, the man was asking for 10000rs, as he is saving Shanti. Sarla thinks how to talk to Shanti now…

Kaushalya gives her 10000rs. Raghav asks Sarla to leave, he will sit here at home and wait. Sarla asks Raghav and Shivam to come along.

Riya is on the way with Bunty and keeps trying the number. Kaushalya tells Nandu that they all left, you can’t reach them on cycle, take scooty. He says no, I can’t drive. Preeti taunts him. Kaushalya scolds Preeti. Preeti argues with her. Riya calls Nandu and asks about Shanti. Nandu tells her about Shanti seen in the market area near Anupam’s house. Riya gets shocked.

Riya tells Bunty that I know they want to trap me and Papa in Shanti’s kidnapping drama. Shivam talks to the man and says he is asking us to enter this house. Shivam and Raghav get shocked seeing Anupam’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi guyz gud mrng…

  2. HI Adu.noori.roz.fathi.fGd MORN EVERY ONE.

  3. Adi.such.mein I’m quitting the mam show yaar. Pochuna kyun. Kyuki mera ek hi bheja hai. Pore ek saal se ye show ko dekhakar Aada bheja kharab hogaya yaar.TUM hi batouna .isse dekhkugi na pura bheja kharab hajayega na….meri sala maano GUYS TUM log bhi ye show choddo. Warna meri haalat hojayeghi aapki.(hum pagal nahi hai bhaiya humara dimagg kharab hai.)

  4. Bekaar …..ka….DRAMA…….hai……….jooti…..kahani…hai…is….show…ke….WRITERS….ki…kharaab…..hogayi…javani….hai….(jotose maro yaar)first…eng…ok..(dog)..Tamil…(naaeee)TELUGU. (Kokka). Malayalam.( patti)..Arabic.. (kalab)…Hindi…(kutte…) kamine ..sala WRITERS MAKERS tereliye sab ..

    1. hehe Jaz…u knw malayalam

      1. YA muje koracha koracha Malayalam ariyum.because my relatives are there. Enda moule unkku Tamil ariomo. Roz. Breakfast kalicho. Unde achcan .amme.chechi.cheta perr WHAT.u drink vellzam. Poykoda.irki

  5. Good morning Noori, Jaz, Adi, Fathi and all…….
    Riya came to knw Shanthi’s plan,,,hope this time she will act smart and make some bigger pan to fail Shanthi,,,varna me ye show chod dhenge….bt y they reached Anupam’s house

    1. Roz. My favorite actor in Malayalam (mammuti) I’m big fan of him. HE ACT so much tamil film s also. HE s son (dulkar sulaimaan) you speak Tamil kya roz.I love to speak Malayalam. I LOVE KERALA..

      1. hehe Jaz….enakkum tamil koncham koncham theriyum….coz I watch too many tamil films….can’t speak well bt understands well….,and also I love all those tamil songs,,,,,I have a big collection of Tamil songs..,,,and amng Tamil actors Surya,Jayamravi,Vikram all are my fav….my bro is Vijay fan…..also Jaz I too luv TamilNadu,,,neighbours na,,,,,, Jaz DQ is my fav

  6. GOOD Morning JAZ Roz Noori Fathi And Everyone.
    Roz That is Not Anupam’s House Right?
    I Don’t Know Where Did They Go?
    BUDDI KA Gaand Putvaana ROZ.
    Mast Rahega.

    1. YA ADU. You right. Os buddi ka ghandd zaroor putna.mirch namak lagake os buddi ke aur randhi ghand mei lagakar pura mughalsarai pagaluki tarha bhagna aur un do rhandiounke piche pagal kutte bhagana. Tab mazaya yega. Adu o anupam ka ghar nahi kya. .ab riya kya kareghi adu.

  7. Some ladies identified themselves with MAM story. Feeling sorry for them. Are they from any rustic village? Whatever, Wherever, please wake up and raise your voice ladies against such suppression. Let it be from anybody.

  8. Gd aftrnoon all……..
    ADI….I too think it’s not Riya’s house,,,,,,house name was ‘Madhur nivas’,,,,and house was locked…. may the twist be in Riya’s favour

  9. I Don’t Know Some People Are feeling Uncomfortable.
    Even Yesterday some Comments Came in an Uncomfortable Manner.
    But Here We People Give Comments Regarding PEOPLE Who SPOIL THE SOCIETY By Their Evil THOUGHTS
    By Ruining The. Lives of Other People.

    Take for Instance SHANTI DEVI SARLA SHARMILI AMIT,to Some Extent NANDU Maharaj
    If The People Are BAD Then Definitely We I’ll Treat Them.
    Even if They Are BAD And Still If We people Support Them
    It Shows Our Character.
    Judging Character Doesn’t Require SOCIAL OR FINANCIAL STATUS IF A PERSON.

    1. Adi.Good afternoon. Who said that

  10. JAZ Read All The Comments of 20/5/2016(FRIDAY)

    1. Adu. Who is she amoula. She is telling us you don’t like the SHOW. Tu mat dekhuna.aysa keherahi.yaar.yaar muje eng itni nahi a athi jaise TUM log likthe ho..ha but I can understand eng.issena tum hi samjo vo. Ye INDIA ki nahi hai. Warna meihi boldughi I THINK she can’t understand Hindi.

      1. No jaz I didn’t say you don’t like the show. I said If “someone” doesn’t like the show he doesn’t have to watch it. I gave my opinion. If you don’t understand english you can tell someone to translate you. I m not Indian but I just can speak english, french or arabic

  11. me tooo agr is baar twist ria k favour me nai hua na… me show dekhna bandh kr deti hu….
    har baar lgta hai k abhi ria ki jeet hogi but har baar haar haar haar… har baar evil wins?

  12. I repeat my comments. If someone doesn’t love this show he doesn’t have to watch it. I love this show. I’m not indian but I don’t judge the people of India in relation to this show. I like it because of their acting and I think it’s a good entertainment. That’s it

    1. AMOULA.FIRST I UNDERSTAND eng ok.Amoula we also LOVE the SHOW.BUT the greedy WRITERS butchered the SHOW. So we are comments like that.sarla.shanti.pari.sharmili.they are bad people.amoula.they toucher the good people.

      1. Don’t be agressive I thought you didn’t understand what I said. I did not speak about you about the fact “Hating the show”. And I completely agree with you. Sarla, Pari, Shanti are witches and don’t give good values to the people. And this Preeti oh my god I wanna kill her lol

    2. Amoula.ARE you from (UAE)

      1. I’m tunisian but I live in France

    3. O WOW YOU LIVE IN FRANCES. (Paris) It’s a beautiful CITY.Amoula did you Hindi.BUT how can you understand MAM SERIAL.IF YOU DON’T MIND I ASK ONE.ARE YOU MUSLIM.And pls don’t MISTAKE ME.Amoula.

      1. No I live in Nice and not Paris. It’s in the south of France. It’s called the french Riviera by the English. And yes I’m muslim. Tunisia is a muslim country

  13. Amena y r u updating soo late.plz update with in 11pm.plz

  14. shivam is potrayed as the biggest impotent fool .

  15. Dirty and Stupid serial ever…….Serial consists of only fools….it is worst serial than any other containing full of negative characters…i cant understand what the director is about to say…….does they know the relations in family??????every time plotting against some one….either pari or shanthi or sarala….please please stop the dirty show

  16. Helo evrybdy.the show mere anganme,its just an act know.y u people taking it to minds.fndz! If u feel that the show is giving entrtnmnt means u just enjoy the shw,otherwise don’t mind it na.OK anyways hpy Sunday HV a fun.

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