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Mere Angne Mein 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Riya being in the same market. Shanti argues with a rickshaw driver and Riya does not bargain. Shanti goes to buy some mangoes and Riya comes there on her scooty. Shanti walks by and the scooty goes through a dirty water pit, which makes all dirt fall over Shanti’s saree. Riya says sorry, it was scooty’s problem. Shanti goes on her dad and scolds her. Shanti throws her scooty down and Riya lifts it. Shanti scolds her and Riya argues with her. Riya leaves from there. Shanti says the house where she goes will be gone. Another guy makes dirty water fall on her and Shanti gets angry.

Pari sees the rich guy’s profile on phone and thinks to message him. The guy and his family come and Sarla does not treat them well. Ashok asks her about the snacks he got

and Sarla says this is fine for them. Sonal says I will bring. Sarla praises Pari and talks to the lady. She says she will call Pari. Pari messages the guy asking can they meet. She gets the reply that he is ready to meet. She dances. Sarla comes and asks what is going on, did she like the canteen guy.

She asks her not to marry him. Pari says I won’t. Ashok asks her to show her face once. The lady likes the chutneys. Pari comes and the guy gets shy seeing her. Ashok says she is my daughter Parineeta. The lady asks Pari to show her home to Sushil. Shanti comes and Ashok gets shocked. Shanti asks whats there to see in four walls and describes the house. Sarla asks Shanti to wash her hands and clean the saree. Sarla asks her to send the guy’s family away.

Shanti does not let Pari go with Sushil and humiliates him. Sushil and his family leave angrily. Ashok gets upset. Shanti asks where is Amit. Few men ask Amit to return their money. He says he will give soon. He sees Riya and says he will give money in 2 days, promise, and he has urgent work now. He follows Riya. Shanti scolds Ashok and tells Sarla that she will go now. Riya comes home and Amit sees her. He tries to look for her and goes near the door. He sees Anupam Mathur name board and asks a paan vendor about Riya.

The man asks him to wait and goes. Amit asks is he going to get paan. The man brings the stick and scolds him for teasing his locality girl. Riya’s dad Anupam comes out and Amit leaves as the people angrily want to beat him. Anupam asks the man. The man says nothing, he was flirty type guy and I have scared him. Ashok says Shanti did not do right today. Pari and Sarla argue with him. He says Pari can marry in wrong home by wishing to marry a rich guy.

Riya is upset because of Shanti and talks to Bunty. Bunty asks about her date. Riya smiles and he is good and praises him. She says but he is not romantic. Bunty says does he have any GF. Riya gets thinking. Bunty says is he married or does he have kids. Riya worries. Its morning, Shanti prays to Lord. A lady calls Kaushalya and asks is she coming today. Kaushalya says yes, I will come, it lightens my heart. Shanti asks whose call was it and checks did the call come or did Kaushalya call her. Kaushalya makes pickles and papad for Sarla. Shanti says its Sarla’s birthday tomorrow. Sonal comes and greets Shanti. She says she does not want money to teach Nimmi. Shanti praises her.

Preeti rehearses as radio jockey and Nimmi teases her. Sonal comes to them and greets them. Nimmi gets annoyed as Sonal has come to teach her. Riya sees Shivam in office and tries to talk to him. She greets him and says she has to ask something. His phone rings and he talks. Riya says how to find now Bunty. He looks at her. Bunty sees him staring at Riya and smiles. Riya turns and looks at him.

Amit tells Sarla that he has found the girl and their poor days will end soon. She gets glad. Pari gets ready and talks to Sarla. The manager gives the form to everyone. Bunty asks Riya to see Shivam’s filled form and know is he single. Amit says the girl is very rich, she has bungalow and vehicle too. She says she is only daughter of Anupam and best thing is she does not have mother, we will get everything. Pari meets the rich guy and likes him. She praises the restaurant and he says ambience is not good, shall we go in any five star. She likes his class and agrees to go with him. She thinks she needs to shop for new dress.

Riya thinks to get the form. Shivam gets a call and goes. She asks the peon for her form and fails to see Shivam’s form. Bunty makes the peon fall and he falls on her. She asks what is he doing. They pick up the forms and Shivam too helps them. Riya smiles seeing him. She gets the form and tells Bunty that he is single. They get glad. She stops Shivam and asks why is he always in hurry, and asks does he have any GF. The manager and staff looks on. Riya asks does he have to reach his date. Shivam says no. Riya and Bunty laugh.

Shanti listens radio and Sarla calls her. Shanti says she is restless as she did not see her today. Sarla lies that she is tired working in kitchen and sits on bed to relax and having grapes. Sarla tells her about finding a good girl for Amit. Amit joins Sarla. Riya and Shivam get ready in the company’s uniform and its very funny that they wear a pink and green bows. Her uniform has message Socho Nahi, Aage bado and his uniform has message that Lagao Gale, Enjoy Karo. They both laugh. Bunty comes and says she loves her uniform. Shivam gets a call.

Riya and Bunty come out and leaving. Bunty gets her mum’s call and says sorry, I have to go home Riya. Riya gives her scooty’s keys and says she will manage. Riya gets Anupam’s call and says she is coming home now. Shivam comes to her. She hears some goons and gets worried.

Shanti scolds Nimmi. Nimmi cries. Riya gets jealous seeing Shivam and Bunty.

Update Credit to: Amena

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