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Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu defending Preeti. Shanti asks him why is he becoming collector, and tells him what Preeti did to trouble Nimmi. He gets shocked. Shivam asks Preeti what should I do to make yourself normal and leave this bitterness. She asks are you Lord. Shivam shows her mirror and says you are not the old Preeti, I apologize to you, will this behavior make things fine. Preeti says fine, I m problem for you and goes to hurt herself. Riya and Shivam stop her. Shivam leaves. Preeti cries.

Shanti asks Nandu to do justice now. Nandu says I did not know this, I m sorry. Shanti asks him to control his wife, else take her from my house, I don’t want all this problems in my life. Raghav comes home and asks who is creating problems now. Nimmi cries seeing him. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get water for Raghav. Shanti says there will be problems, we are big family, I wanted to see you. Nandu greets Raghav and leaves.

Riya takes care of Shivam’s hand and asks him to control his anger. He says I m not in mood to listen to lecture. He goes. She smiles and puts light from mirror on him. He asks her to stop it and gets angry. He runs after her. She smiles. He asks her does she want to see his anger. He gets closer to her. She takes Kaushalya’s name and runs. Raghav gives something to Nimmi and asks her to open and see her fav thing. Nimmi sees jalebis and cries. She hugs Raghav. Preeti comes there and looks on. Raghav consoles Nimmi. Nimmi says you did late to forgive me. Raghav says parents can’t stay annoyed with children for long time. Shanti and Kaushalya cry. Raghav asks Kaushalya to make Nimmi eat well, she got slim.

Shanti says she is already healthy. He gives a dress to Shanti, and says I got this from Jaipur, Chaudhary gave this, check it, if you can wear it, keep it, else give to anyone you want. Shanti says size is good, Nimmi will wear this. Preeti thinks no one will ask about me, they all just give everything to Nimmi. Preeti goes to her room. She says I forgot to meet Lucky, I will message him.

Shanti calls Nimmi and asks her to wear that suit and show her. Nimmi gets the dress and says I will just show it. Shanti looks at her. Preeti goes out. Shanti says you can mix and match with any blue dupatta. Preeti silently leaves from home. Sarla is worried and says love for Ashok ended in heart, but why am I scared seeing him with Nirmala. Ashok gets conscious and greets her.

Sarla says you were doing a lot of things after drinking wine, you got married. Nirmala comes and asks Ashok to bless her. He gets shocked and shouts, asking Nirmala to leave. Amit says she is your new bride. Ashok says you will go to hell. Amit says why, i will go to heaven. Ashok leaves. Sarla asks Amit to catch Ashok, else anyone can ask why is he wearing sherwani today. Kaushalya talks to Shanti.

Riya hugs Shivam and asks him not to get angry, else how will he manage their baby. He looks at her and asks what did you say. She smiles and says tell everyone to wait for some time, I will give you a football team. He laughs and says I m understanding your emotions. He hugs her and asks what happened. She says nothing, when you are happy, you look really good, I get scared when you become angry young man, throw your anger forever. He says fine, promise. They smile.

Kaushalya asks Raghav did he get anything for Preeti, its her birthday tomorrow. Raghav says I forgot this. Kaushalya says you don’t remember anyone’s birthday. He says don’t taunt me, tell me what to do. She asks him to go to market and get something. He says I just came. Nimmi hears them and says we will buy gift for Preeti. Shanti says no need to worry, I got this saree for Preeti. Raghav says Amma saves me always. He checks saree and likes it, saying this is final.

Kaushalya says but this came from Riya’s home at her marriage time. Shanti says yes, I kept this aside. Kaushalya says fine, its good. Shanti asks Nimmi to use her designer mind and do something, Preeti should not know its old. Nimmi goes. Shanti asks Raghav to take some rest. Raghav says I travelled for many days and I feel like I m still in train. Amit and Rani stop Ashok. Prabha sees Ashok in sherwani and questions him.

Kaushalya and Nimmi tell Shanti that they want to surprise Preeti. Shanti agrees for it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode .Raghav & Nimmi scene was nice which was fully emotional.Riya -shivam scene was soo cute &funny.

  2. Very nice episode. Riya and shivam scene was too cute and lovable.

  3. I think they should show some feelings towards preeti becos she is feeling like a scapegoat

  4. Ya very nice and sweet episode, hope raghav so called maaalik knows the facts what happened to nimmi life. Preeti is always jealous about nimmi, she always want to be on the top and have lot of attention given only to her. Riya is looking very beautiful in sarees.

  5. Lovely episode.

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