Mere Angne Mein 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya getting ready. Shivam makes her wear jewelry and she thanks him. He compliments her. She says we have much work, stop staring at me. Shivam fills sindoor in her maang. He flirts with her and holds her close. She says my makeup will get spoiled. He asks do you care about makeup more than husband. He says yes, I have work and leaves. He smiles.

Kaushalya hurries to get ready. Raghav asks shall I help. Kaushalya says yes, tie the gajra to hair pleats. He asks her to make it simple and gets confused. She laughs. He compliments her on her looks and says I m ready to marry you again. She smiles. Nimmi comes and turns, asking shall I wear this dress. Raghav and Kaushalya get away. Nimmi smiles. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to wear anything and gets embarrassed. Raghav says

your children always come in room at wrong time. Kaushalya says children will come to ask me about clothes. He says you made Gajra complicated.

Sharmili, Sujeev, Pari, Vyom and Mama are on the way to Preeti’s house. Sharmili taunts Pari. She asks Mama did he check the things. Mama says we are going for good thing, don’t scold me. Mohit and Nandu have a fight on the road outside the house. Shivam sees them and says I will not leave Mohit now. Raghav stops Shivam. Shivam says I will not leave Mohit. Raghav slaps him and asks him to just stop him. Sarla worries and calls Bansi. She asks him to come soon near Shanti Sadan and tells her plan. He says fine, I will come.

Raghav asks everyone to be in their limits today, its Preeti’s engagement, her inlaws are coming and Shivam wants to start a fight. Sarla calls Sharmili. Sharmili says we are reaching, the lane is too narrow, we are finding place to park the car. Sarla worries that Sharmili can see Mohit, I hope Nandu will take Mohit away, Lord help me. Bansi and Rajendra dressed as constables stop Mohit and Nandu’s fight. Sarla asks Bansi to beat Mohit a lot and send him. Nandu runs away seeing police. Bansi ties Mohit with rope and takes him.

Kaushalya is worried because of Mohit. Rani and Sarla argue. Shanti asks Nimmi not to tell Preeti about Mohit, and everyone should smile when the groom’s family comes. Sujeev parks the car, and they all go towards Shanti Sadan. Sharmili sees Mohit taking away from police and asks a man. She does not get to know about the love story.

Shanti and Nimmi do final arrangements. Shanti asks Shivam did he get garlands. Riya says Shivam got it. Sarla scolds Nandu and warns him of police. Raghav also scolds Nandu for fighting with Mohit. Sarla asks Nandu to get ready. The letter falls in the garlands basket. Rani talks to Riya and says you got all the house rule in your house. Riya says I did not wish this to happen, I want to give everything back to Shanti. Rani asks what are you saying, I m trying my best to get the rule from Sarla’s hands. They have a talk.

Shanti says this time if anything happens, I will not leave Mohit. Sharmili, Pari, Vyom, Sujeev and Mama come home. Sarla and Kaushalya welcome them. Sharmili asks Kaushalya did anything wrong happened. Shanti says no, we are just tired of arrangements. Sharmili asks about the lover boy taken by police. Sarla says nothing, its just some boys in the lane. Shanti asks them to play music. Sarla starts dancing on Main Naagin dance nachna…….. Mama throws notes on Sarla. Sarla thanks Lord and sees Mama. She gets away. Rani, Pari and everyone dance. Nandu wishes this engagement breaks. Preeti cries and says I did not think Mohit will do this. Riya asks her to forget Mohit. Kaushalya tells Nimmi that Vyom is nice guy, I liked him a lot. Nimmi is hurt and says I will not leave that man, as I got hurt because of him. She goes to give water to everyone. Riya tells Kaushalya that Vyom is handsome, Preeti will be good match. Sujeev angrily recalls Nimmi. Sharmili and Sarla have a talk.

Pari introduces her inlaws family to Raghav. Shivam apologizes to Sharmili and says that time, Pari’s marriage situation was different, I could not control my anger. Sharmili says its okay, we will celebrate happiness of new relation. Nimmi gives water to everyone. Sujeev and Nimmi get shocked seeing each other. Sujeev says mummy you decided Vyom’s relation in this house, his marriage won’t happen in this house. Sharmili stops Sujeev and says you did not meet this girl before. She gets shocked that Nimmi is the girl who has hurt Sujeev. Shanti asks what happened. Sujeev says this girl fought with me on road, she hurt me and my car, she scolded me, she is mannerless, this relation won’t happen.

Riya asks Sujeev to meet Preeti once, why to break this relation. Sujeev says what I said is final. Raghav scolds Nimmi. Nandu thanks Lord. Nimmi says it was Sujeev’s mistake. Raghav asks Nimmi to apologize to Sujeev. Preeti thinks whats happening downstairs. Nimmi apologizes to Sujeev and asks him not to leave, don’t punish Preeti for my mistake. Sujeev argues. Riya takes Preeti with her.

Sujeev refuses to listen to Nimmi. Preeti comes and asks what happened Nimmi, why are you crying. Nimmi cries. Preeti says I don’t know what happened, why is Nimmi apologizing to you, please forgive her, if you go like this, my mum and dad will lose respect. Shanti will be hurt as well, please don’t leave, our house got happiness after a long time. Sarla asks Preeti not to cry. Sarla says I will explain Sujeev. Sujeev’s anger melts down and asks Preeti not to cry, as he can’t see anyone crying. Sarla sends Preeti to her room. She apologizes to Sujeev. Riya says Preeti is a nice girl, forget what happened with Nimmi, we will make a new start. Sharmili says yes, and convinces Sujeev saying Vyom likes the girl. Vyom looks at Pari and says yes, I like Preeti, I want to marry only her. Sujeev says fine, if Vyom likes her, I also like her, but I m saying one thing clearly, that Nimmi will not step in our house after marriage. Shivam asks Sujeev what is he saying. Sujeev gets angry and Vyom calms him.

Sharmili worries and says Sujeev is getting angry. Mama says I gave him medicines. Sharmili asks Raghav not to worry for children’s fights, everything will be fine in few days. Sujeev says I said that seriously, this girl won’t come to our house. Nimmi cries. Sharmili asks Sujeev to come with her, and takes him. Kaushalya says we got a lesson, don’t know what fate Lord wrote for us, everytime hurdles come in good work. Sarla blames Nimmi and says she is out of control. Kaushalya scolds Nimmi. Shanti says leave it, she apologized a lot. Nimmi says I will talk to Sujeev. Shivam stops Nimmi. Riya says we will wait for Sujeev’s decision.

Preeti and Vyom get engaged. Sharmili sees the ring and says the ring size is not right, why did you not ask me. Riya says I asked Pari. Everyone look at Pari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fantastic drama

    1. In which sense.

    2. Superb drama …. acting is double kkkkk… I think vyom will marry nimmi,….chotte or chotti rani… kesa he,ha?….I think so….

    1. I do not think so it needs more improvement from every angle.

  2. Episode was okkkaaaay

  3. I think they shd make show of 1/2 hr instead of dragging it.

    1. Yes I totally agree with this comment. Good thinking.

  4. Nice episode

  5. I think full blame will be on pari

  6. V nice serial….i just love it

    1. I agree the serial itself is nice but not moving just stuck on one point from the last three four months which is extremely boaring for the audience to watch in the coming episides. I think it will good that we give some positive suggestions to the writer about this serial.

  7. Its really bad, how can nandu pray to break preeti’s engagement ? This is really sick, there is no diff between Mohit n nandu. Preeti deserves better, she shud get good groom. I feel preeti will get married to nandu lal vch is too bad. Writers shudnot do this.

  8. I really njoy this show. Lots of drama n today’s dance was too hilarious except nandu’s n mohit’s drama.

  9. I wish this preeti’s marriage drama closed quickly because I think that it will go for the next three or four months too. This is really boaring. It looks like to me that the writer has nothing new to add in the serial to make this show more interesting, exposing the cunning minds. I agree that the whole blame will be on Pari and now Pari blame matter will take another month or so to slove the issue. This dragging thing is getting a headache now for the audience.
    Now talking about Nandu, i do not want to agree with other comments about Nandu that preeti deserve better. If we examine the character of preeti there are several drawbacks in that character as a girl with less confidence, no good educational background, not social, not goal oriented so it looks like to me that the writer here is on the right track fixing Nandu with preeti because I found the character of Nandu more strong then preeti as she likes to live in dreams and do not want to face the reality or challenges of life.
    Another important thing for the writer to keep in mind the character of piya to make it more strong and appealing for the audience as Shanti is trying her best to create hurdles for Riya in every step of life I think Riya needs to face her cunning attitude more confidently by recording the movements of shanti on this way the real face of shanti will be in front of the audience. I wish that the writer will take these suggestions on Board and bring some positive changes in this coming episodes.

  10. Its really fun n entertaining to watch sarla n ammaji.

  11. You know what the writer is not be fair on preeti and mohit relationship because those two truely love themselves,if not sarla that ruin their relationship. Or those it mean love marriage doesn’t happen in india

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