Mere Angne Mein 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari and Nimmi arguing. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to come with her. Sarla looks on. Pari asks Sarla about her plans. Sarla says don’t take tension, everything will be fine, your and Varun’s special relation will be made, none should know this. Kaushalya says Varun wants to get engaged to you today itself, he knows everything about your past. Nimmi gets surprised. Kaushalya says Varun is rich and good mannered, you think and give answer, you can decide yourself. Shanti says I have to put sarees in sunlight. Sarla comes to Shanti and gives good news that Varun wants to get engaged to Pari today. Shanti asks why, I will faint, why so hurry. Sarla says after Shanti Sammelan, he will be in demand, all mothers will want their daughters to marry him, we will fit Pari with him

soon. Shanti says fine, it means Rishi told wrong, I can see happiness coming in my house.

Nimmi says my wish is what you say, if you want me to get married to Varun, I have no problem. Riya comes and gets shocked. Kaushalya smiles and hugs Nimmi. She blesses her. Riya says its good, but don’t you think its happening in hurry, you have to keep some relations all life. Kaushalya asks did I ask your opinion, why are you jealous. She goes. Riya says I m glad you like Varun, but I m scared, we should know and check relations well, I just want to say take your time and don’t take wrong decision in hurry. Nimmi says but I like him, its happening in hurry, I think life is giving me second chance. Riya says as you find right and goes.

Shanti says we will invite everyone. Sarla says no, Pari don’t tell this to Kaushalya, she has bad sight, she will feel sad for Nimmi. Shanti says Kaushalya is not like that, do what you find right. Nimmi checks clothes to wear in engagement. Riya gifts her dress and jewelry. Nimmi asks is this for me. Riya says yes. Nimmi asks are you angry on me. Riya says I wanted to see if you are sure about your decision, I was in tension, if you are happy, I m with you. Nimmi says I m feeling something for the first time. I m sure I will be happy with Varun, so I said yes.

Riya says fine, if you are sure, then I m with you in every decision, I will make you look beautiful. Nimmi asks where is Shivam. Riya says Shivam is not answering. Nimmi says try to call him, I will not like it if he does not come in engagement. Riya says fine. They laugh. Riya sends her to get ready. Kaushalya hugs Sarla, when Sarla fools her. Shanti comes and asks them to do arrangements. Preeti comes. Sarla thinks if Preeti names Pari, it will be problem. Pari asks Preeti to talk later, where is Nandu. Preeti says she went out. Shanti asks Pari to go and get ready fast, Riya has good sarees. Shanti calls Riya and asks her to give good saree to Pari. Riya says fine, Nimmi is getting ready. Pari says Rani will get saree for me. Kaushalya thanks Shanti for agreeing for this relation.

Nimmi comes and hugs Kaushalya. Preeti asks why did she get so much adorned. Shanti says she is beautiful, but whats the need that she has become bride, its Pari’s engagement. Sarla smiles. Everyone get shocked. Kaushalya says no, its Nimmi’s engagement. Shanti gets shocked and asks what. Sarla starts acting. She says its Pari’s engagement, not Nimmi’s. She starts blaming Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks what are you saying. Sarla says I told you if I see any good girl, I will get after him for my children. Kaushalya says yes, but you said about Nimmi. Sarla says is Pari not from family. Kaushalya holds her head. Sarla cries and acts.

Pari scolds Nimmi. She says you were seeing Varun. Nimmi says no, Kaushalya asked me to meet him, I did not know your planning. Pari asks my plannings, are you a kid to not have mind. Nimmi says yes, I like him. Pari says I like Varun, I will not bear this, you all want me to die. She asks Kaushalya and Nimmi to kill her. Shanti asks Kaushalya what did you do, poor Nimmi also got hurt, and Pari is crying. Sarla says you all can’t see my children happy. Shanti worries.

Nimmi says when Varun comes, he will decide, I want to see to whom will he get engaged to. Pari asks Varun to make Nimmi wear the engagement ring. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can Pari remarry when her husband is still alive, and not divorced him yet? lol and hope Nimmi refuses the engagement as Shanti will shout at Nimmi for bringing Varun and spoiling their lives as Varun is an imposter, get married to the real one, get Pari married to the imposter. lol

  2. Yes Average girl! Pari should marry the imposter and Nimmi the real one! Hope the writers listen to us and make the story interesting! It’s irritating to watch Pari & Sarla and their stupidity! Writers are neglecting the main leads; Shivam &Riya. Even Shanti is not given much role. Shanti who was the award winner last time has nothing much to do. Idiot Sarla and her ugly duckling Pari are always shown in every episode! Looks like they are the story writers ! Even in today’s episode that brainless and irritating Preeti joined the witches Pari& Sarla. The writers are full of negative ideas and making us audience to tolerate their negativity through these ugliest looking characters Preeti, Pari & Sarla. Sarla’s overacting tells us that the director is allowing all these stupidity!

  3. half an hour passed where is today’s episode

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