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Mere Angne Mein 20th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Sharmili to see Sonal. She praises Sonal, and says I wish Pari and Sonal marry in same house, it brings prosperity, I was thinking if Sonal and Vyom get married, it would be good. Pari get shocked. She makes something fall on Sharmili’s saree and sends her. She asks Sarla what is she saying, they are rich people. Sarla scolds her.

Shanti asks Mohit and Nandu to note the rules, no need to stare at anyone, and you will get 4 rotis each every day, don’t step out of the room. Don’t use fan and lights much, if you all don’t do this, I will kick you both out. Nandu says don’t worry, I m ready. Shanti takes 10000rs from Mohit and says just 15 days. She scolds Nandu for calling Kaushalya as Mata ji, and asks him to call Chachi ji, and not make any

relations. Mohit and Nandu offer help and argue for the sweepstick. Preeti looks on. Shanti takes their signs on the notes and goes.

Mama gives paan/sweet betel leaves to everyone. Amit talks to Sujeev and asks can I come to meet you. Sujeev says anytime, whenever you like, Pari will be glad. Pari asks Sarla to go home. Sarla asks why, we got ready as per your stands. Sharmili comes there.

Sarla asks Sharmili to give her old clothes, so that she buys utensils for poor. Pari stops her. Sharmili says I understand everything, I will give new sarees. Sarla and everyone leave. Riya waits for Shivam at office. He comes and asks her did she leave Dadi at home. Riya says it was all confusion, its Preeti’s loss, she said she won’t do job. He says don’t get involved in all this. Riya says till Dadi and Bua don’t unite, problems won’t be solved. They have a talk. He smiles seeing her and says you are very sweet. The boss comes there and tells everyone that their company is making new dealers, any of their family members can apply and will get 25% discount, its urgent. Shivam says there is no one in our home. He gets client’s call and goes.

Sharmili asks Pari to clean the table. Vyom gets Pari and asks Pari why is her mummy giving Sonal’s proposal. Pari says don’t worry, I will manage. He says this should not happen again. Pari gets angry on Sarla.

Kaushalya makes food plates ready. Nandu demands things. Shanti comes and asks Preeti not to serve them ghee parathas. Preeti thinks Mohit is eating dry roti, so she can’t eat ghee paratha. Sarla comes home with her family, and asks Sonal to meet Pari often, and go to her home. Rani and Sarla argue. Rani taunts on Sarla. Sarla says you also did the same to get Amit. Sonal says she does not want to marry, and want to study.

Riya tells Bunty that she wants Amit to get this dealership, then Sarla and Shanti will be happy, I will talk to boss. Bunty stops her and asks her to talk to Amit first. Riya says call is not connecting, I will fill the form, its last day today, this will help Amit, its good thing. Bunty says yes, but if anything happens, they will taunt you. Riya says I will be satisfied that I did something good and goes to talk to boss.

Pari is angry on Sarla and gets Sarla’s call. Sarla argues with her. Pari says Sonal can’t marry in this house, Sharmili will never agree, forget it. Sarla gets upset and Rani taunts her. Sarla says I value relations, whats wrong if Sonal gives us some money after marrying there. Rani says fine, get Sonal married there.

Shanti asks Chunnilal how is the food. He says its nice. Preeti and Mohit sign each other and eat. Shanti sees him and asks why is he eating like this. He says its like exercise and lies. Shanti says its looking good as if he is eating by showing anyone. Mohit asks for more daal. Preeti keeps the daal from her plate. Mohit says its superb with ghee taste. Shanti gets shocked. Preeti looks at him. Kaushalya says she did not add ghee for him. Preeti worries. Nandu asks where is the ghee, the faal does not have ghee. Mohit says daal has ghee, taste it. Nandu likes it and says daal has ghee, and asks Kaushalya to give ghee. Shanti says ghee got over. Nandu says I got pure ghee and pickles from village, pass it, its there. Shanti gets glad and asks Kaushalya to give ghee just to Nandu. Kaushalya thinks how did ghee do in daal. Preeti says maybe bowl got exchanged and drops the ghee box to end this matter. Shanti scolds Preeti. Nandu says it was homemade ghee. Preeti says it slipped from my hands, I was thinking this is the root of problems. Shanti says so even you are thinking now and scolds her. Shanti thinks Riya is making everyone like her, she has to do something soon now.

Riya talks to the boss for Amit interested in dealership and says she is ready to take all responsibility. He says all papers should be complete, and think again, you can lose job if he does not run dealership well, it will need 50000rs deposit. She says he does not have it. He says then we can cut it from your salary. She gets shocked. He asks her to think, its just one day left. She agrees to give her salary and asks for formalities. He says the documents needed. She says fine, I will arrange.

Pari thinks of some idea, whether to run away with Vyom, or become mummies of Sujeev’s children, no this can’t happen, give me some ideas Gods, I have to think something. Riya sees Rani on the way and stops her. Rani ignores her. Riya stops her and says I did not wish bad for Amit. Riya explains that she did not know Amit was in danger. Rani says I don’t want to listen. Riya apologizes. Rani says she won’t forgive Riya if the matter comes on Amit.

Pari sees Kaka taking soup to the locked room and follows him. She stops him and asks who is inside. He says let it be. Sharmili comes and Pari drops the soup. She says Kaka dropped it. Sharmili orders Pari to eat fallen food. Pari runs. Sharmili scolds Kaka and says this should be just a secret. Riya says you are my family, listen to me, Rani I was coming to your home to talk, our company is offering dealership, I want Amit to get it, think your problems will end. Rani says you want to trap Amit. Riya says no, trust me, I will not be involved, Amit will run agency and get money. Rani says I don’t want any job for Amit, he has a good job. Riya says he can continue his job and run this agency, you can also work with Amit, you will take chance to spend time with him. Rani says like you and Shivam, and smiles.

Riya gets convinced and plans to make Rani sadan. Riya says you talk to Amit and Sarla once. Rani says they both will agree, come we will take documents from home. Sarla sells torn clothes and gets a small metal bowl. She asks Riya not to come inside. Riya says fine, but I want to talk. She asks Sarla for Amit’s degrees and she wants Amit to get dealership from her company. I have paid 50000rs as deposit. Rani says I will do work with Amit, and earn as Riya, you wanted to get Riya married to Amit, as you wanted working bahu, I will earn now. Riya asks Sarla to submit papers in office, if she does not trust her. Rani hugs Riya and thanks her, for thinking so much for Amit. Riya says I think for everyone. Sarla says enough, and ends Rani to cook food. She says I know who has sent Riya. Riya says Shanti will be glad knowing about this agency, I m keeping this form here, if you like it, submit it in my office, its last date today. She leaves. Sarla says I know Shanti has sent her.

Sarla calls Shanti and says you have sent Riya to get Amit’s certificates and argues with her. Shanti asks is she mad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Think riya loves getting into trouble why does she help them when they hate her

  2. I just hate this seriall…….

  3. Ya.. i too hate dis serial..utterly nonsence

  4. I think that Riya and Shivam should just go live alone I mean litterally this is unreal nothing like this happens in any house I guess some senior citizens are grumpy but never this mean also they should change that every time they have the same song kabhi jo badal barse this song is now so annoying

  5. I love this serial why watch it if you hate it losers and I agree Riya and Shivam should go and live alone and rani and amit fall in love and defeat Sara and shanti with Riya and Shivam and pari has a baby who is vyoms

  6. You guys im the famous riya from mere angne mein and you wont see mere pregnant as i an having a baby the father is shivam

  7. true but its gonna be good episode today

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