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Mere Angne Mein 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya requesting inspector to leave Shivam. Inspector scolds Shivam. Constable says I know their family, they always do this. Inspector asks Shivam to control anger and leaves him. Amit gets Ashok at home. Ashok gets shocked seeing decorations and asks Amit. Amit and Rani wish him all the best and leave. Ashok asks Nirmala did you do all this. She says yes, why are you annoyed, I will die, I have poison, if you don’t say you love me, I will die. He asks her to have shame, what will Sarla say, is this age to do this. He bursts balloons. She says I worked hard to do this, you are scared of Sarla. He says I m not cheater, I loved just Sarla. She says I gave money to get you, you have to love me.

Sarla and Pari see Amit and Rani leaving. Amit lies to Sarla. Sarla asks

Amit not to do acting, what happened. Rani says Ashok is with Nirmala, that’s why we are leaving. Sarla asks whats happening, how much Nirmala gave you. Amit says nothing, I m going to market. Sarla and Pari take Rani home. Sarla gets shocked seeing Nirmala with Ashok.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that she respects her more than her mother. Shanti says I don’t want to hear your long stories, I feel you told Riya not to have child now, let Shanti die, why to give me happiness, this is your plan. Shivam comes home with Riya and asks for Riya. Kaushalya says she is sleeping in Shanti’s room. Shanti stops Shivam and says Nimmi is resting, she took medicines. Shivam says you did not do right by getting her abortion done. Shanti asks him not to say whats right and wrong, I don’t want your advice, you are not doing what you promised, just leave. He goes. Riya goes after him.

Nimmi heard them and cries. Shanti shuts door and goes. Sarla cries and asks whats all this, are you not ashamed. Ashok says Nirmala and children did this. Sarla scolds Rani and Nirmala. She asks Nirmala to leave from her house and beats her with sweeper. Nirmala thinks I did not get papers and can’t leave. She apologizes to Sarla and makes a story. Rani cries and says this was Amit’s planning. Sarla says let him come, I will beat him, stop this acting now, I will decide everything, everyone has to live on my conditions. Rani agrees. Pari provokes Sarla against Rani. Sarla says I will kick out everyone from house. She scolds Ashok.

Prabha and Bindu ask Rani is she hiding anything. Sarla throws sweeper on them and scolds them a lot. Pari says we will go somewhere far. Sarla slaps Pari and asks what are you saying now, if you got bungalow, I would have not did Ashok’s second marriage, I will not let Amit enter home.

Shivam is upset and Riya hugs him. She cries and thinks she can’t say her feelings being afraid of his anger. She consoles him and says life is not in our control. He cries. Amit asks Sarla to let him come home. Rani takes Amit’s side. Sarla asks Rani to leave home. Prabha asks what happened, why are you sending bahu and son out, will Nirmala make you leave house. Sarla asks Prabha to adopt her. Sarla scolds Amit. Amit asks Prabha to go and sleep. He asks Sarla not to let neighbors know of Ashok.

Its morning, Riya wakes up Shivam saying about some call. He says its accountant’s call, I have to give certificate. She says I was joking, I love you. He says I love you too. She asks about govt job. He says I won’t do govt. job, I will get stability if I get successful, I can’t sacrifice my dreams for anyone, I m doing job and getting salary, what problem Shanti has, don’t discuss this.

Shanti talks to pandit and prays that all problems get solved. Shivam helps Nimmi in work. He hugs her and feels sorry that he could not do anything for her. She asks him not to feel guilty, it all happened for good, I did not understand what happened, Shanti thought something and decided this. He asks did she think for us till now. She says no, when I went to doctor, doctor said baby is not developing, maybe it was not in fate, I did not wish to get abortion done. She cries.

Shanti asks Shivam to sign on govt job forms. Shivam refuses saying I don’t want to do govt job. Shanti gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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