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The Episode starts with Shanti talking to Kaushalya and Riya about the fasts. Shivam gets a call and his friend tells him about the job, there is one way, you could not participate in cricket tournament last year, you can play and earn 40000-50000, if you come back in team, team will shine, you are a star. Shivam says I have played much time before, fine I will think and tell you. Shanti is worried and Nimmi spies on her. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to make Shankar Lord idol, where are you lost. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Dadi is in tension, see she is murmuring. Kaushalya asks her to do work. Shanti hears a man saying people take loans and then don’t repay, what will govt. do then.

Shanti imagines the man locking the house and making everyone leave from the house. Shanti thinks I will make

Shivam realize his responsibilities, I won’t lose Shanti Sadan. Kaushalya asks Shivam to come home early, its Teej fast. Shivam gets friend’s call and talks about match. Shanti laughs and says house is getting locked and he is going to play.

Rani asks Sarla what to make today. Sarla asks her to cook for Amit and Ashok, we will be keeping fasts. Nirmala says this is my house, and asks Rani to cook for three people, there is a guest Sarla. Sarla asks what do you mean, I will keep fast. Nirmala says you don’t have your husband now, how will you keep fast, and taunts her. Sarla says I will get Ashok back. Nirmala says I will not let you get Ashok. Ashok cries seeing them. Rani tells Ashok that they both are fighting for you. Sarla says I will celebrate Teej with my husband and son, I will keep fast for my husband and family.

Pari says I will not keep fast. Ashok holds Sarla. Sarla realizes her mistake. Nirmala sees them and gets angry. Raghav works at a clothes shop. Shanti calls him and tells him to meet him, they have to go to lawyer. He asks why, what happened. Shanti asks will you ask everything on phone, reach there and meet me, I will tell you. Raghav tells the man that he has to go, there is problem at home. The man says this is private job, not govt. job, you have to work. Raghav says its imp, I have to go, you tell me do I need to come tomorrow or not. He leaves.

Kaushalya asks Preeti to make Ganga ji idol. Nimmi says Preeti is not at home since morning. Kaushalya says she does not worry for anyone, she will regret like Sarla some day. Nimmi asks what did you say. Kaushalya says I did not say anything. Kaushalya gets Rani’s call and asks her to come soon. Nimmi asks what happened with Sarla. Kaushalya asks her to go and get ready.

Shivam is playing cricket. He gets Riya’s call and asks is there anything urgent. She says no, its imp, I called to say I will be with you in every decision, I love you. He smiles and says I love you too, I will come home early. He ends call. The man says we are playing friendly match today to practice for tomorrow’s fast, wives keep fast, we have to play with energy. Shivam says I m also fasting, I have to go home early today.

Kaushalya asks Riya to go, I will prepare puris. Riya says I know I did big mistake, you are elder and my mum, you have forgiven many things, forgive me one last time. Kaushalya says I got much hurt, its not about forgiving. Riya says I love you Maa.

Sarla and her family prepare to go. Nirmala stops Sarla and says you can’t take Ashok. Sarla says he is my husband too. Nirmala says I will do his puja, he is my husband. Ashok says you can’t stop me forcefully, I want to go with Sarla. Sarla smiles. Ashok says I love you a lot. Sarla asks Ashok not to give Gyaan more. Rani says Sarla did not change till now.

She asks Sarla how did she keep Ashok with her. Nirmala breaks bottle and says if Ashok goes out, I will not leave anyone. Sarla laughs and says do anything. Nirmala keeps bottle at Sarla’s neck and says I will guarantee that you die, I will tell everyone that Sarla has sold her husband and died. Sarla asks Nirmala not to get so hyper, I don’t want to take Ashok, you can do puja. She asks Ashok to decide, its his test today, with whom will he do puja. Nirmala says I will do puja and see who stops me. Sarla leaves with Pari and asks Rani to stay at home.

Preeti waits for Lucky and calls Nandu. She asks why did he not come till now. He says I m in fast. She says I kept Teej fast for you, how will I break my fast, I messaged you. He says I m away, I did not get message, I will meet you outside your house at night. She says I will wait for you and ends call. Nandu says you will do puja with Nandu, not Lucky.

Shanti and Raghav are on the way. Raghav tells her that he could not save much money last year, there was Shivam’s marriage. Shanti asks how will we get money. He says we can’t rely on Shivam, his job is not stable. She says we will go for Ganga isnan, what will cure our problems. Raghav sees Shivam playing cricket and asks driver to stops rickshaw. Shanti says I got you here to show him, Shivam is married and not responsible, he can play, but not by leaving job. Raghav gets shocked.

Raghav says I have to start some questions to Shivam before starting puja. He asks Shivam from where is he coming. Shivam says office. Raghav slaps Shivam and says he lost job and does not say truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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