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Mere Angne Mein 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav and Kaushalya thinking to leave for Sarla’s house, as Shanti did not come till now. He says mahurat is close and pandit will come for puja. They start leaving and see Shanti bringing Sarla. They get worried and Shanti says Sarla is in stress, she came here for puja. Amit asks Sarla to have water and makes her rest on Shanti’s swing. Amit asks Sarla to take money today. Suman and Bua argue over making tea. Sahil and Bunty ask Anupam to send Bua and Suman. Anupam says he can’t ask Bua as she helped a lot in Riya’s marriage.

Sarla says she is dizzy. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get food and raises on her. Nimmi and Renu go to get food. Renu says Sarla’s drama never ends. Pari comes to have lunch and orders food. She thinks she will save her job today

and leaves. Sahil says we will do some drama and Bua and Suman will run from here. Bua asks what. Sahil says nothing. They all sit to have tea. Bua asks Anupam to call Riya. He says he can’t call so soon. He explains that Riya’s inlaws can get annoyed if they call again.

Shanti sees Sarla and Amit signing and asks her what are they upto. They refuse for it. Amit gets a call from guy asking money and gets worried. He hurriedly leaves to meet them. Rani tells Amit that she can’t see him worried. Amit holds her and scolds a lot. Kaushalya comes to Rani’s rescue and scolds Amit. She sends Rani inside and asks Amit where is he going. He asks her not to worry, he will come on time. He leaves. Pari comes to parlor and does not take Vyom’s call. She cries and tells the lady that she is getting doctor’s call. Vyom thinks to go to parlor and see. Shivam comes in room and Riya asks why did he come without knocking. He says he did not have habit to knock his own room door. She asks him to go, she has to wear saree. He smiles and shuts the door. He says he won’t go, its his room, he will sit here. She asks him not to trouble her. He refuses. She says she does not know to wear saree. He asks her to wear suit. She says Dadi told me to wear this saree. He asks shall I help. She refuses and asks him to send someone to help me. He says everyone will laugh on me, I won’t go.

She says please request anyone to help me. He says no, I can help. She asks how does he know. He says I can try. Music plays…………….He ties the saree to her. They have an eyelock. She thanks him and asks him to go now and send someone. He says fine, I will send. She smiles. Kaushalya tells Renu that she wants Riya to wear gajra in the puja. Renu asks her to do as her wish. Shanti comes and asks Renu to give two nek to two couples and work soon. She goes. Renu calls Nimmi and asks her to get gajra for Riya. Nimmi says mum does not love her. Kaushalya says she loves Nimmi a lot. Nimmi says you will tell this to Preeti too. Kaushalya says yes, and laughs. Renu asks Nimmi to get many gajra and gives her money.

Shanti asks Shivam to call Riya soon. Shivam asks Preeti to help Riya in wearing saree and sends her. The goons threaten Amit asking for money. Amit says he will give money, he has respect her, if anyone sees, its not golod. Nimmi buys gajras in market and comes there. Amit sees Nimmi and talks to those men as his friends. They ask him not to make them wait for long, Nimmi goes. Amit stops Nimmi and asks why did she go ignoring him. She says she was scared. He asks why, they were my friends. He asks her not to tell anyone. She says I won’t and goes. He says once he gets 5 lakhs, he does not need to answer anyone. Shivam asks Preeti to just go and waits outside the room. Riya asks Preeti to help her. Preeti says I don’ t know, but I will try. She says Nimmi is our designer, she knows to tie saree, I m sure. Nimmi comes there. Shivam asks her to help Riya. Nimmi asks for nek. Shanti asks did Riya get ready. Nimmi goes to help Riya. She asks her to request her. Riya says please, my lovely talented sister in law, make me wear saree right way. Nimmi asks for nek. Shivam says I will give you nek, shall I throw you from here. Nimmi says no, sorry. He asks her to say sorry, and she won’t take nek.

Nimmi says his character changed after Riya came. He goes out. Nimmi ties the saree. Nimmi shows the gajras. Shivam waits outside. Rani hears Shanti and Sarla talking. Sarla tells Shanti that Shivam is not being away from his wife. Shanti says this is good, I want Shivam to be with his wife, he will be away from his mum, Kaushalya will feel bad and become a saas. She says then Kaushalya and Riya will fight. Kaushalya fixes gajra to Rani’s hair. Rani thinks to use Kaushalya’s love to make Sarla jealous. Rani compliments Shanti. Sarla taunts Kaushalya. Rani asks Kaushalya to come and sit here, she will do everything. She taunts Sarla.

Amit comes home and is angry about Shanti having money. Sarla asks Rani not to tell anything. Amit asks Sarla to come and talk to her. Sarla passes some taunts to Kaushalya. Amit asks Sarla to come. Sarla scolds Rani and asks her to just sit silent here. Amit sees Nimmi taking to Preeti.

Amit asks Sarla to come, he has to talk. Sarla asks what happened. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode …..that pari scene was nyce…………

  2. Really shivam & Riya eye look & closeness time very romantic..
    Day by day the show going on a interesting track .
    I know sarla was a negative character but her acting really fabulous…

    1. u r ryt riya butt hope sarla nd shanti conspiracy fails

  3. Yeah sarla is doing great acting..good job sarla…keep it up. Shivam and riya make a good couple,
    .shivams sister s are also Sweet

  4. Just fedup of this serial 2 slow..please show evrything little fast..dont knw for how long this pooja vil go on

  5. no doubt sarla nd shanti are gud actor ,, bt the episodes are going on tooo slow,,

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