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Mere Angne Mein 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam and Riya seeing the room’s decorations. He says dad has made the guy do good decorations and tries conversing. He asks her to move the big ghunghat, why is she shy. She says she has worn saree for his sake, now he has to give mu dikhai to her. He says its not first time I m seeing you. She says then I won’t remove the ghunghat, I have seen Kaushalya gifting something for me. He says why is the rituals just for girls. She asks him to wear ghunghat, then she will give him mu dikhai after lifting his ghunghat. He says you mean I should also come under the ghunghat, and she says yes. He gets in her ghunghat and they have an eyelock. He gets closer.

She says move, this is cheating. He says I was taking my mu dikhai. She asks him to wait and teases him to take

the gift. They fall on the bed and hear papad sounds. She sees the papads and laugh. Shivam opens the doors and holds Nimmi and Preeti’s ears, saying he will make them eat this papad in breakfast. They say sorry and leave. Shivam says Nimmi is childhish. Riya says fine, once she gets married, she will get sense. He asks what does she mean, it means she is regretting after marriage. Riya says no, I did not mean it, I casually said, and they start arguing.

She asks him to come close to her when he realizes her importance. He says you come close to me when you adjust in this house, I m also a son and brother, I have to manage home like my dad. She says I can’t believe you are same Shivam whom I loved, you changed, you don’t love me. He asks her not to be childish, he can’t express how much he loves her. She says every time I express love, this time its my challenge you will express love and come to me. He says you will come running to me. He sleeps on the ground and gets angry.

Its morning, Anupam and his brother talk about keeping his wife’s death anniversary. Anupam says I don’t want to call Riya. His brother says I wanted Riya to come and attend puja. Anupam says we will see. Riya wakes up by the alarm and wakes up Shivam. They recall their fight at night and start arguing again. Shanti reads paper and tells Kaushalya that her dad has done two marriage. Kaushalya says why will he. Shanti calls Nimmi and Preeti and tells about their Nana’s two marriages. Kaushalya says this can’t happen. Shanti shows the newspaper. Preeti sees Kaushalya’s pic. Kaushalya says I know its nothing like that.

Kaushalya says its like my pic, I will ask my brother. Nimmi reads the news. Kaushalya says why did my mum hide this from me. Kaushalya cries. Nimmi says read whats written under the pic. Nimmi reads news about Sinha family function and Kaushalya’s pic. She says this guy is handsome. Shanti asks her to have some shame. Kaushalya asks Shanti is she looking good. Shanti says that’s why I got you, so that I get beautiful grand children. Shanti thinks she wants Pari’s relation to happen with this guy.

Sarla and Rani argue. Sarla throws plate and it hits Amit. He argues with Sarla. Sarla asks him to sit and sends Rani to do work. She asks Amit to frame his Nana’s pic and give in Shanti Sadan. He asks why, this pic was in Nani’s room, where did the frame go. Sarla says frame does not matter, pic is same. He asks for 5000rs. She asks will it need 5000rs, why are you doing this. He asks her to do it herself, 100rs are not enough.

She then gives 600rs and says give the frame in Shanti Sadan. He leaves. Sarla gets Bansi’s call and leaves locking Rani at home. Rani thinks what to do and goes in balcony to call Prabha. Her uncle comes in the balcony and asks about Dambroo. She says someone has locked me, please open the door. He says fine, kids do such things, I will open the door. Sarla meets Bansi who gets a client to buy frame. Sarla sees Rani’s uncle and gets tensed.

Sarla asks who is this man, does he have money or not. Bansi says he is british, he has much money. Sarla asks for 10 lakhs, its antique thing. He says even he can’t pay 10 lakhs if your father was stone age man. Rani’s uncle opens the door and looks for everyone in home. Rani says everyone went out, Pari is sleeping. He gets a call and says I will leave. He goes. Rani thinks what to do and Pari comes to scold her for disturbing her sleep. They start arguing. Pari asks her to make tea for her. Rani refuses. Pari pulls her hand. Rani bites Pari’s hand and runs.

Riya greets Raghav and he blesses her. He asks does she want to go washroom, he will wait. She says no, you can go here, I will go downstairs. Riya greets Shanti. Shanti tells about puja and says its 6am, go and get ready fast. Sarla hides her face and deals with the foreigner, saying its 2000 year old frame. She does not speak English well and he does not understand. She thinks how to explain him and writes 2000. She asks for 10 lakhs. He asks was her dad worth 10 lakhs. Sarla asks what, he knows hindi. The man says 10000 is perfect. He gives her dollars. She asks what dollars, give money. Bansi says take it, it will be 50000rs. Rani, Pari and Prabha come there and see the foreigner thanking and hugging Sarla. Sarla asks what is he doing.

Sarla asks the man to go away and scolds him. He runs away. Sarla gets angry on Bansi. Bansi says foreigners greet that way, give me some money also. She gives him 100rs. He asks just 100rs. She says leave that man far. He says fine, you worry about yourself, the neighbors are seeing this. She scolds him. He leaves. Prabha taunts Sarla about the foreigner hugging her.

Riya talks to Bunty and says she is excited to join office again. Bunty asks her to come soon. Riya gets ready. Prabha scolds Sarla and calls her shameless. Sarla cooks a story and says foreigner regarded her as Guru Maa. They start fighting and Rani comes in between to stop them. Rani sends Prabha. Sarla asks Pari why did she not take her side. Pari says I have seen what happened, its very bad. Sarla lies to her and says she has much knowledge and he was just taking her tips.

Riya tells Shanti that she has to go office. Shanti says I called pandits. Riya says I will go office tomorrow. Shanti asks her to go, and manage everything. Shanti asks Nimmi to call Preeti and tells its her husband’s death anniversary today, Raghav and Sarla were little, I have raised them alone, I do work alone, Sarla comes to wipe my tears. Shivam looks on. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she just make dal rice today. Kaushalya says she is preparing to make all fav food of Shanti’s husband. Shanti says Shivam did not bring the pic, no one cares. Shivam gets the pic frame from his room and gives Shanti. She gets surprised and happy seeing it. They all smile. Shivam says I got this yesterday and thought to keep this in puja. Shanti asks did Amit send this. Shivam says no, I got it. Nimmi taunts Shanti and Shanti stares at her.

Preeti and Nimmi talk about Shanti waiting for Riya’s salary, but Riya will not give salary, Shanti does not know Riya is clever. They see Shanti and get shocked. Sarla comes and hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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