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The Episode starts with Shanti listening Radio. She hears RJ Mohit telling about new generation girls doing multitasking, and they should regard them superwoman. Shanti says what am I then, I will make new bahu like Kaushalya. Kaushalya comes and thinks Shanti is affected by scorpion bite. Shanti asks did Raghav go. Kaushalya says Raghav asked me before going, don’t you remember. Shanti asks do you think I got mad. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go and cook.

Vyom says Mata ji that we should have not let Pari go. Mata ji/Sharmili says we will make her helpless to come here, Vyom meet her and then do as I say, why did Sujeev not wake up till now. Vyom says don’t know what did Pari make him food. Sharmili asks them to do the work of Mata ka Darbar. Pari is on the way and takes a rickshaw. Pari

tries calling Vyom. Bindu and Prabha see Pari going, and think she won’t go to Mata Ka Darbar, as just rich people go there.

Few ladies talk to Raghav about Ashok’s canteen getting shut, they got sad hearing it. Raghav gets wondering and leaves. Ashok argues with Sarla as Pari did not come at night. Pari comes home and asks why are they staring at her. Sarla asks where was she. Pari says I m ruined. Rani says I was saying right, where did she go. Sarla says I will slap Rani. Ashok says no, Pari did something wrong. Amit comes home. Sarla asks Pari to say what happened. Sharmili sits as Sunehri Mata. Bindu and Prabha come there to solve their problems. She says they both look troubled by same soul. Bindu and Prabha think of Sarla and praise Mata ji. Mata ji gives them sweets and asks them to make that person eat it, then all their problems will be solved.

Sujeev gets up and sees lipstick marks on his shirt. Vyom goes to him. Sujeev says he has to tell this to mummy. Vyom tries to stop him, and informs Sharmili to end Darbar, as Sujeev is coming. Mata ji sends everyone. Vyom and Mama take Sujeev back to his room. Sharmili rushes to change. Pari says she was working hard on Karwachauth, she earns for this hand, she is so tired and no one understands. Ashok says I went to parlor and it was shut, where were you. Pari asks why did he not call. Ashok says I called, tell me where were you. Pari says I went to client to apply mehendi. Rani asks Ashok not to worry and call parlor lady. Sarla scolds Rani.

Ashok asks Pari to call her boss. Pari says I did not think my dad will doubt on me. She rushes to kitchen and checks for a useless knife. She says she will commit suicide and acts. Rani says this is useless knife to apply butter, take the real one. Amit asks Pari not to do this small drama, and asks her to burn herself. Sarla cries and stops Pari by slapping her.

Sarla says I m alive, no one can tell anything to my daughter. Pari gets Vyom’s call. Sarla stares at Pari and signs her angrily seeing her phone on. Shanti calls Riya a superwoman, as she manages office and home. Shanti acts that she is in pain and makes Riya massage her legs. Nimmi comes there. Amit asks the man about the jewelry he gave him. The man says it was 5 lakhs gold. Amit asks him to return money. The man says boss is happy and wants to give you prize. Amit says I m coming. Nimmi tells Shivam that Shanti is acting and making Riya massage the legs. Shivam says Dadi maybe really unwell. Nimmi says I have told you, don’t ask me if anything happens later. He says you won’t change and asks her to think about gift for mum and dad.

Shanti tells Riya that she got ill since Riya got medical insurance. Riya says she will take leave form office if Shanti does not get well. Shanti thinks she controlled her. Kaushalya says she will make tea for Shanti. Shanti asks Riya to take leave if salary is not getting cut. Riya says don’t worry, I will talk to boss. Mata ji comes to Sujeev and aims gun at Sujeev. He says sorry. She keeps the gun and sits crying. She tells about Pari who came yesterday, how could he spend the night with her, she cried and went, I told her my Sujeev can’t do this. He says I did not do anything. She says fine, I agree, but what when people say, I will die. She leaves. He says I did not do anything.

Riya gets ready to go office. Nimmi says you should go office on time. Kaushalya looks on. Riya says relations are more imp to me, you are younger, don’t say wrong, it does not look nice, I know what I have to do. Kaushalya smiles. Riya leaves. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to help in kitchen. Preeti gets a call from radio channel and says she is selected as contest winner, she is invited to come in part, radio staff will be there. She gets glad and asks will RJ Mohit be there. He says sure. She gets very happy.

Amit comes to meet the men and ask for money. The man asks Amit did he think he is fool, the jewelry was fake. They beat Amit. Amit says I don’t know, I have stolen jewelry from my mum’s room. The men blacken Amit’s face and laugh.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to make kachoris and chutney for her. Kaushalya says you are unwell, have khichdi. Shanti says I m fine. She asks Nimmi to help Kaushalya. Sarla asks Pari where was she at night. Pari says I will die. Sarla says fine, you can die, but tell me truth. Pari says I don’t lie to you, I was in parlor. Sarla asks her to take some rest and then say the truth. Bunty calls Nimmi and says she will come there and give her money. Nimmi says no, stay outside, I will come there. Rani thinks to bring out Pari’s truth. Sarla asks her to sweep the house. Rani keeps her phone in the sweeper and sweeps the house. She goes to Pari’s room and keeps sweeper there with recording on. Pari kicks Rani out of her room and shuts the door. Pari thinks whim to call, Sujeev or Vyom.

She thinks she will talk to Sujeev first else Vyom is there for her. She calls Sujeev. Sujeev takes the call. He says I m so sorry, its all my mistake, don’t cry. She asks does he know what he did with her yesterday night. He says I don’t remember, I m ashamed. Sharmili, Vyom and Mama hear Sujeev. Pari says what will happen about my life now. It all gets recorded. Pari asks him to talk to his mum. Sharmili goes to Sujeev and he ends the call. Rani thinks she could not hear anything. Sujeev’s call connects Pari. Pari hears Sharmili asking Sujeev to be away from Pari. Sharmili asks Sujeev to swear on her that he won’t talk to Pari. Sujeev promises her.

Rani tells Sarla that Pari is having affair with two guys. Sarla gets shocked. Raghav tells Shanti and Kaushalya about Ashok’s canteen getting shut.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’ t like that riya’s character…she is not trying to keep a good relation with her mother-in-law and sis-in-laws…she is only concern about her grand mother-in-law..that’s ridiculous… :

  2. Sunita Singh

    when I saw the promo of this show that Riya will so her strong character and make her mother in law stronger, but her character looks pretty dull and makes the serial very boring.

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