Mere Angne Mein 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla fuming on Mohit. She goes and beats him for putting posters of Preeti. Shanti hides the posters and tears them. The people beat Mohit and tie him up. Sujeev and Vyom are on the way. Vyom asks Sujeev why did he buy costly gift, what will Pari say. Sujeev says nothing, I take care of Pari’s every need, we will send this gift by Preeti’s family members who are coming to see the card.

Nimmi and Shivam come to Sinha house. Nimmi likes the lavish house, and Pari starts insulting Nimmi. Nimmi says I will not sit here. Pari says your inner snakes are dancing seeing my big houses, right. Nimmi reminds that Preeti is also becoming bahu of this house.

Sarla puts Mohit in the auto. Sujeev and Vyom stop there seeing the crowd. Shanti gets shocked seeing them.

Vyom asks Sujeev not to get angry, I will see them. Shanti runs and stops Vyom from seeing Mohit. Vyom asks whats happening here. Sarla sees Vyom and worries. Sujeev greets Shanti and says I will drop you home. Shanti says no, I will go, I have to go shopping, I can’t come, my friend Lalli died, Vyom is groom and so he can’t come, it will be abshagun, you guys go. Sujeev and Vyom say fine and leave. Sarla leaves with Mohit till then. Shanti runs. Mohit asks Sarla to leave him. Shanti reaches Sarla and pulls Mohit’s hair. She says I will not leave you and take you to your parents. They leave.

Sharmili tells Shivam and Nimmi that she has a list to give gifts to guests, she will talk to Raghav and then decide to divide the expenses, don’t worry I will not loot you. Nimmi asks when did I say. Sharmili says I know reading faces. Mama comes there and talks to them.

Amit comes home and gives bangles to Rani. Rani is upset and asks Amit for his bitter words. He asks her not to do drama infront of them. He says don’t get happy, I gave you bangles as you created scene. She says I will not give bangles to anyone, as you got it for me. He asks her to do anything and goes. She smiles.

Raghav talks on phone and sees Kaushalya crying. He explains her to forgive Riya, as she is managing everything and she has no experience. He asks her not to cry for gold, I know it was your mother’s, but listen, I will make another Chandrahaar for you, Amma and Sarla are trying hard to get that Chandrahaar. She cries. He says its Preeti’s marriage and you are crying for Chandrahaar, if Nimmi and Preeti did this mistake, what would you do. Riya comes and hears them. Kaushalya says you are right, I should forgive Riya, she is like my daughter, I will cry at Preeti’s bidaai time now. Raghav laughs. Riya cries hearing them. Kaushalya says I will miss Preeti a lot, I m happy that she is getting a nice life partner. He asks will Preeti be able to manage. Kaushalya says Sharmili is good lady, everything will be fine. He asks her to finish the work and compliments her for understanding. Riya goes.

Shivam gets a call and asks his friend did he arrange money. His friend says I can give just 1 lakh. Shivam says fine, give me that money. Nimmi gets angry and argues with Pari. They both fight. Shivam sees them and gets worried. He asks Pari to stop it, as she is married and more matur than Nimmi. He asks Nimmi to go to make her hair, and says rude behavior does not suit you. Pari says don’t teach me. Pari sees Sujeev and Vyom coming and goes. Sujeev and Vyom greet Shivam and sit to talk.

Riya sees her mother’s jewelry and cries recalling Anupam’s words. Kaushalya asks Riya to take this list, I have sent Shivam to Sharmili’s house, Shanti is not taking call, she maybe in trouble now, listen to me. Riya turns and Kaushalya sees Riya’s mother’s necklace. Kaushalya says its beautiful, don’t lose this, wear this on marriage day, I know it hurts when mother’s last sign gets lost, keep this careful. She asks her to decide the song for sangeet, and call DJ, make arrangements. Riya cries and says I love you. Kaushalya asks what. Riya says I love you and hugs her. Kaushalya asks her not to worry. Renu comes and Kaushalya gets glad that Renu will help her in every work now. She goes. Riya looks on.

Riya goes to jewelry shop and gives her mother’s jewelry to sell. Sarla and Shanti look on, and worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. By watching today episode i think that when nimmi married to vyom it will be funny as she and pari doesnt like each other i will wait for that scene to happen

  2. Total dramatic…….boring

  3. Plz update SWARAGINI

  4. Good relief to the one is is writing the updates as the show time is now reduce to half hour. Anyways they use to air one hour of nothing

  5. Nice episode. Specially raghav and kaushalya scene

    1. yes i also liked raghav kaushlaya scene very much. lov them both a lot !!!!!

  6. At last there’s an interesting turning point happening in the show! Thank you writers! Continue with more positive vibes like Riya, and her in-laws.

  7. Good that Riya and Kaushalya united again. Now tough time for Pari as Nimmi will hv answer for all her nautankis. Preeti’s character is a Dumbo. Good that her screen space will reduce after her marriage and moreover in real life she is also getting married to her Bf the person who plays Amit.

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